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message 1: by Zaara (last edited Dec 30, 2017 12:51AM) (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments I'll play! But I will be heavily customizing this to my bookshelves,

message 2: by Zaara (last edited Dec 29, 2017 11:50PM) (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments The Official Categories

I really don't care about the letter of the law on these. More about fun. You could find an interesting take on some of these.

Nothing before Jan-1-18 counts!


Banishing - could be a spirit or somebody exiled from a kingdom.


Demons -





Interstellar - Anything outerspace.


Kraken - Sea monsters in general.

Lucifer - Hades, doesn't really matter just something dealing with the underworld.


Necromancy - Could be zombies, talking to the dead, the white walkers, etc.


Phoenix -

Quest -







Xenmorph - A fancy way to get aliens in and get rid of X

Yeti - Any type of snow monster or bigfoot type.


message 3: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments Reserves first 13 letters mashup

message 4: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments Second set of 13

message 5: by Zaara (last edited Dec 30, 2017 12:50AM) (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments (view spoiler)

message 6: by Zaara (last edited Dec 30, 2017 12:33AM) (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments MASHUP LIST 1

(view spoiler)

message 7: by Zaara (last edited Dec 30, 2017 12:34AM) (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments MASHUP LIST 2
(view spoiler)

message 8: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments RESERVED FOR THE POST OF SHAMELESS STEALING OF IDEAS. I WILL GIVE CREDIT HERE. i really don't know what's out there. Apparently demon and alchemy are really fukkin easy as are many of the categories but I am severely stumped and stymied. So Doofus will be stalking @all you on this challenge.

message 9: by Siobhan (new)

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7579 comments Your category ideas are great Zaara!! :)

I'm going to try and update my thread with the books I want to read for each category. I sat for ages and went through my shelves looking for things that fit. Some a lot harder than others.

Don't know when I'm going to be able to read them what with all the buddy reads like... XD

message 10: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments Yeah I just did that...its all I've been doing these last coupla days (+oh I finished Malice 😂) I just sat and stacked books and made lists, racked my brains on how the heck this happened....I have 175 unread books in ONE location, Siobhan. Now its not much compared to Ron or Niki, say but when you consider the pace at which I read...for the next five years...I jezzt don't need to buy books and we all know that's never gonna happen...
And this is AFTER the fifty or so trashy pulp books I just
Yeah, I will SOOO be mashing...

message 11: by Siobhan (new)

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7579 comments I totally feel ya. I have enough books to last me roughly 10 years at my pace... Yet I keep buying /acquiring more. The overflowing challenge is definitely my friend.

message 12: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments I swear I was just about to go to your challenge and ask...that overflowing challenge just means you have to read ANY five books you own before buying another lot of five, right? And the masher challenge and all...when I see numbers I just shut down...

message 13: by Siobhan (new)

Siobhan (poi5ongirl) | 7579 comments I have a three for one set up. So I read three to earn a new book. I should probably extend it to five, but it felt too hard at the time!

Other than that, I'm just challenging myself to use books I own for the A-Z and cover challenge, and pledging to read 5 owned books every two months roughly. I should probs make that a bit harder too, but don't want to be too rough on myself.

message 14: by Anni (new)

Anni | 5020 comments Wow, love your ideas Za! Maybe I'm going to steal some of them :D And where do you get Götterdämmerung? haha!

message 15: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments Anni wrote: "Wow, love your ideas Za! Maybe I'm going to steal some of them :D And where do you get Götterdämmerung? haha!" asked me to cross the I upgraded...

Go right ahead and steal since this challenge (and ergo) this thread is SOOO dedicated to yooooo anyway...
And I expect you to haunt it IN A WAY! Thischallenge...Anni...inside I'm freaking out already.
Heh, Fimbar will prolly finish it by Feb.

message 16: by Shaitarn (new)

Shaitarn | 1865 comments Psst, hey Zaara, that Lies of Locke Lamora you want to read? (view spoiler)

If you have a silly sense of humour you may find Bloodsucking Fiends a good way to tick off 'V is for vampire' - no horror, I promise (tell me to stick my suggestions where the sun don't shine, if you wish).

message 17: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments No no get a gold star 🌟 and thank ye kindly, my Laaaady.
*curtsies with panache*
I'm never touchy + my lack of knowledge in this genre is truly stunning and should be celebrated. Or if you wish....Celebrimborated (ha, couldn't resist a LoTR pun) by the mass and ramdom sharing and stealing of ideas + general community outreach.

So pls keep on bringin' em, Khaleesi (#dragongal)...its the whole point of a group like this + Sauron will be pleased.

I swear I racked my brains for hours and came up with scads and dozens of alternate categories from my bookshelves (as you can see) but couldnae think of even one book under any of the legit categories (like elves = duh! LoTR but since I just re-read that last year...that killed its eligibility)...

And then there were the necromancers and demons and I was like all dumstruk...which is, of course, the WAAAAY cooler and correct way to spell dumbstruck...(view spoiler)

Anyway...a short whiles after our very own #ASOIAFbhan (Siobhan) came up with her list...with almost every letter filled in + LEGIT...
When I saw, I was all laughing so hard....I swear... 😂😂 and I was like where are Ahdam and Ron?
Shivaaan's challenge page needs an epic GIF...

Now my current #cunning strategy (view spoiler)will come up with. So I can steal be inspired by her and y'all +
if we all reading the same demon book, that will be an epic BR, no?

Ok now *serious face*
Thanks, Shai!

+ Khaleeeeeeeeesiiiiiiiiii.....

message 18: by Shaitarn (new)

Shaitarn | 1865 comments You know that Laura will come up with some books that'll be so brilliant and obvious we'll all be reduced to slapping our foreheads in frustration, moaning "Why didn't I think of that?!", don't you?

I might well change some of mine: I have too so many books about elves/werewolves/vampires...

message 19: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments Sorry Khaleesi, my notifications are wonky.
Yeah...I have no doubt...the lovely Laura also doubles as Industrial Strength (Reading) Detergent.
And yep...
:-D I TOTALLY agree. No such thing as too many books!

message 20: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments A for Alchemy
The Lies of Locke Lamora
Jan 31, 2018

message 21: by Anni (new)

Anni | 5020 comments Your first book in 2018? :) Congratulations!!!

message 22: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments Anni wrote: "Your first book in 2018? :) Congratulations!!!"
Tks. I don't have the time right now to do what I intended but chk bk on this thrd later for a surprise :-)

message 23: by J.J. (new)

J.J. Yay Zaara! You deserve a big delicious cupcake, if you don't want it I'll eat. lol ; p

message 24: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments Tks J.J. Post a pic of one. I promise to drool at it, if not actually eat it.

message 25: by J.J. (new)

J.J. I'm not tech savvy I just tried and failed, my bad. : (

message 26: by Sha (new)

Sha | 1522 comments i like the categories!

//eyes covetously
//remembers i'm already overbooked for buddy reads

message 27: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments J.J. wrote: "I'm not tech savvy I just tried and failed, my bad. : ("

Heh, no worries...I'm equally bad but I practised uploading pics. Repeatedly.

@Sha, but nothing beats your tracker!

message 28: by Anni (last edited Feb 01, 2018 12:20AM) (new)

Anni | 5020 comments Let's see... How about this one? :)


message 29: by Zaara (new)

Zaara | 4143 comments Oh Anni! And with a cherry on top...the best kind...
Y'all spoil me, you do!
I'm not complaining...
Oh and my digital self/avatar goes bk to *demolishing the fake cupcake*

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