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Sakurasou | 302 comments A medium sized regular office room. In the center there is a large wooden desk with various drawers that include papers and standard office supplies. There is a bookshelf on the adjacent side with numerous textbooks and notebooks and a closet by the back that contains research material. Color wise, the room is pretty simple with beige walls.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Kiun sat behind the rather large desk in his laboratory, a stack of papers before him. They were the files containing information on all inmates' abilities within the prison, pretty confidential. Normally such information would be kept under lock and key, but being that Kiun was one of the lead researchers on inmates abilities at the place, it was only natural that he'd be assigned the role of reviewing files and noting most abilities. He diligently read through each and every paper, completely focused, occasionally writing notes here and there.

Usually, this section of the building was pretty quiet. There really wasn't a lot of activity going on. Today, however, it was unusually rowdy outside, and though Kiun was curious, it didn't sound loud enough to be a problem. He decided he would check once he had finished his paperwork, assuming it was probably just some guards chatting and walking by. Even if it were something requiring his attention, his door was not locked, so one could always step in and seek assistance.

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Well, Ayeka was minding her own fucken business, going to get food when suddenly there was a bunch of amateur punks rioting in and out of cells. They were right in her way and as soon as they noticed her, they seemed to fucken target her. For no reason besides that she was pretty. Well, Ketsu knew that probably wasn't really the reason. At this point, the idiots were fighting with anyone and everyone that happened to pass by. They were unfortunately one of those people. Ayeka had been frozen in shock, unsure what to do when the barreled down towards her, thus, for a second time in too short of a time period, Ketsu took over. After whipping their foot against the guy's skull, he turned and headed back the way they had came. He knew after he drop kicked the guy, it would be enough to draw some more of their attention. He was unarmed and against a group of criminals attending this prison, he needed something besides his feet and fists.
He heard footsteps following them and looking around, he darted for the nearest door that fortunately was unlocked. In a rash and quick motion, he entered and closed the door behind him. Flipping the lock he paused to hear outside of the door to see how close they happened to be. He was aware that someone else was in the room but at the moment, he didn't deem them as a threat at this very moment.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Kiun's gaze shot up to the door as soon as it flew open, and locked on the figure by the door at the same time that they clicked the lock in place. If he was surprised, he didn't show it; he stayed where he sat behind the desk, studying the intruder silently. His attention left his work, for the moment, for them, whom he soon recognized.

"Miss Ayeka," he spoke nonchalantly, in a soft tone so as not to surprise her, since she hadn't glanced back yet. He gave her a nod of greeting, and the faintest hint of a smile. "Long time no see. I did not expect to run into you here. May I help you in any way?"

Her behavior was different from the last time he had seen her, but he figured it was just because of whatever situation she was in. Appearances didn't matter much when one was in risk.

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Ketsu could hear that they had slowed down in search of them but knew it wouldn't be long before they were searching every room. They were itching to cause mayhem. It made him wonder what the fuck could have triggered them. Maybe it was someone's ability cause it was unusual even for criminals. He needed to grab some sort of weapon to use against them until he could safely manoeuvre away from this mess. It didn't help that this body was hungry and clearly needed food. There she went again, neglecting herself foolishly. The girl would be dead without him around.

However, as soon as he deduced this and moved to search the room for something, anything, the person he'd been aware of before spoke. Normally, questioning who he was would have been a given. Instead, they spoke her name as if they were familiar. Enough so to recognize her from behind. He had frozen for a moment, tense and fighting his initial instinct to kill the fucker. He was someone that Ketsu didn't recognize meaning that he had met her while Ayeka had been at the pool. It was her most vulnerable state and that alone made the guy deserving of a punch in the face.

Ketsu couldn't help but bitterly laugh. The one thing he never did was pretend to be Ayeka. He knew he would never be able to pull it off so he never tried. He could be pretty and classy if he wanted to, charming even but he wasn't going to bother. The man was now a threat.
Ketsu turned around, his body and appearance exactly the same as Ayeka but he held himself differently. He stood with confidence, a smug attitude that looked down on others. His posture was slouched a bit and the way he stood wasn't proper or feminine. He stood owing everything he was, something Ayeka could never do. Along with that subtle change, it was his eyes that was the most significant difference. Ayeka's eyes had been big and soft, a nice colour and kind. Ketsu's eyes were sharp, narrowed and even the pupil dilated. The colour even changed slightly to mimic rings of dark purple within the iris.

His lips curled into a sneer, "unfortunately, you've got the wrong fucking person," he drawled, his eyes scouring the room to look for anything he could use to defend himself with. "Miss Malayeka is currently sleeping. And I doubt you would be of any help... besides passing me those writing utensils," he finished with a sadistic grin. He purposely added her full name to emphasize that it should be what he referred her to. "You see, I have a message I have to pass out to the troublemakers outside but ingrates like those need it spelled out for them."

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Sakurasou | 302 comments As ridiculous as it seemed, Kiun knew the moment he saw the way "Ayeka" held herself that it wasn't Ayeka. The girl he'd met at the pool had been holding herself as politely as Kiun could imagine one to do, while this "Ayeka" held a carefree and slouchy form.
Normally, he would seem crazy for thinking someone with Ayeka's appearance and figure (which he recognized due to seeing the girl in a swimsuit before) wasn't actually Ayeka, but putting "Ayeka"'s tone and eyes into account, it really didn't seem as unreasonable as one would think. Kiun wasn't ignorant to people with dissociate identity disorders, it was something he'd learned to recognize quite early on in his medical course.
More over, Ayeka had mentioned someone named Ketsu before. He'd remembered thinking it a little odd, because if he always accompanied her he could simply stand a little ways away from the pool, so he had sort of been suspecting that something was amiss.

He listened to "Ayeka" respectively, and when he did respond, he didn't try to copy her tone in the least, replying with the same well mannered calmness as always. "Ah you're right, I should address her that way. I apologize. Are you, by any chance, named Ketsu?" He waited a moment for "her" response, but not very long. He'd gotten a gist of the situation now thanks to "Ayeka", and planned to fix it of course. He stood up, making his way to the door.
"Inmates are not allowed to resolve fights between one another. Not that I believe that's your intention. I will deal with this." He explained, and unlocked the door to leave, closing it behind him.

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Ketsu hated how this guy was already so familiar with her enough to be referring to her by her name. It wasn't something that sat well with him nor did he like. Every other male that has ever gone close to her has used and hurt her. Every time it had happened, he let it happened because he wanted her to be happy. He wasn't going to be so lenient this time.
His eyes narrowed when the guy was too calm in the way he addressed Ketsu. It was something that he quickly pushed aside to concentrate.
It took a lot of self-control for Ketus not to outwardly freak out when he spoke his name. Instead, his eyes narrowed. He knew that Ayeka had told the guy about him but confirming that first hand had him really pissed and uncomfortable. Mainly, he used his nickname which was pissing him off the most.
Ketsu didn't reply, the smile slipped off his face and his expression grew cold and frankly, deadly. He kept silent, knowing that it was enough to affirm anything he was assuming without needing to speak.
Ketsu rolled his eyes and before Kiun could exit, Ketsu's hand slammed against the open door, forcing it to shut with a loud bang. It was loud enough to draw any attention Ketsu was planning on avoiding, originally. However, Ketsu had some words to say to this fucker before he did anything. He was actually quite fine with Kiun settling this issue. It meant he didn't need to get Ayeka's hands dirty no matter how much he wanted to see blood being spilt by his own hands. It just meant that Ayeka would not need to suffer the consequences of his actions and to him, that was worth the sacrifice. However, he needed to make some things very clear.

"Katsuro, was it?" Ketsu growled behind Kiun and a bit to the side. Since Ayeka had respectfully referred to him by his last name, that was the name she relayed though even he knew that it wasn't his first. It would be what he called the fucker. Her hand was firmly planed right above the door handle and despite being about an inch shorter, the docile girl's appearance was intimidating from the change in ownership.
"I would like to make some certain things clear. If you are to call me by any name, it will be Ketsueki or Kishi- if you're feeling kinky," he hissed in a lower pitch, dark and basically a hiss between his teeth. "Second, I know you're not stupid enough to underestimate me, so take heed. Just because Ayeka seems to like you, I will kill you if I see fit to do so," he stated and closed in the space between the two. "I will make sure it'll leave quite the mess to clean up," he stated before he slid his hand over Kiun's, opened the door and pushed him out right into the group of inmates that had been after them. Without hesitation, he closed the door right behind Kiun, leaving him surrounded by them.

Ketsu, chuckling to himself, turned away from the door after locking it and went over to the desk to get what he needed. He didn't know if that guard would be able to handle them. Thus, he was getting prepared to pick of the fishes that were left behind.

((would Kiun keep a picture of Atsushi anywhere in the room?))

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Sakurasou | 302 comments (( I doubt it, but he could possibly have one of Atsushi, himself and their caretaker when younger? ))

Kiun knew it would be better for him to refer to Ayeka by her last name, and normally, that was how he always addressed girls. He only called people by nicknames if they were particularly close. However, in Ayeka's case, she had not given him a last name to address her by, and it would be incredibly vague of him to refer to her as only "miss", so he had no other options but to call her by her first name.
Despite Ketsu picking on this detail though, Kiun did not lose his composure. He was relatively calm for the most part, the only exception perhaps being when he was surprised at Ketsu suddenly slamming the door closed. He sensed his presence behind him, and since they were already fairly close, he chose not to turn around, because regardless of Ketsu's gender, Ayeka was female, and it was not polite in the least to face her at such close proximity.
He also sensed the wave of intimidation wafting from Ketsu, but being that he was a guard, he couldn't crumble under an inmate's pressure. Plus it wasn't easy to worry him too much anyways. Kiun was impulsive, but he was almost always calm in most situations.

Kiun had been planning to bow and apologize for how he had referred to Ketsu (he hadn't known it wasn't his full name) and also lecture him for that threat, but did not get the chance to before Ketsu shoved him outside. He didn't need to glance back to know he'd locked the door; he heard the click perfectly well.
Straightening up, he turned to face the inmates. Physically, Kiun wasn't all that strong, but he did have an authoritative presence, so he normally depended on inmates' obedience. But even then, he was smart, and knew not all inmates succumbed to rank. If they refused to listen, he would need to find other means. There was certainly no way he would allow them to continue rampaging and wreaking havoc.

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((Mhmmmm... that wouldn't work. But the files with inmates abilities... it would have images of the prisoners on them right?))

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Sakurasou | 302 comments (( Most likely, yes. Why? owo ))

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((you shall see ^^ and btw, totally made up person))

Unfortunately, the perfect victim for these inmates was a guard. They were rioting due to their desires to get out and lash out at the guards and staff of the prison. They seemed to have gotten a little antsy about being locked up for so long and getting quite stir-crazy. So when Kiun exited from the door they finally suspected the pretty little miss disappeared into, they're thoughts about attacking Ayeka vanished. Instead, they had a guard that they could take out their frustrations on.
With little coordination, the inmates went for Kiun, determined to beat him to a pulp and maybe even use him to get out of the prison.

There were about eight prisoners, probably lacking in supernatural ability but they weren't in Nanba for no reason. Relatively skilled in combat enough that they could work in a sort of unison after lunging for Kiun who was trapped between a rock in a hard place. Aka, cornered against a wall.
However, after they threw a few blows that didn't end up hitting Kiun the way they liked, whether dodged or blocked? They didn't get to their second wave due to a knock on the door to Kiun's office. The opposite side of course. The possibility being only Ayeka/Ketsu being behind there, and more likely that it was Ketsu from how loud the noise had been. It was enough to cause the inmates to momentarily hesitant and give Ketsu an opening to speak.
"Katsuro. Move away from the door," Ayeka's voice spoke from behind the door but the way they addressed Kiun was enough to portray that it was still Ketsu in control.
If Kiun was the relatively intelligent person Ketsu had observed him to be... just slightly... Ketsu expected him to listen, otherwise, what happened next would be no fault of his own. Sincerely, Ketsu hoped he didn't but for Ayeka's sake, he gave the warning.
He gave little time for anyone to think and react, a moment after the warning, the door flew off the hinges and collided with a few of the inmates that happened to be directly in its path. They were carried all the way into the wall. Specifically into, the wall had been hit with a force hard enough to dent it.

Ketsu walked out but... it wasn't Ayeka's body. The reason they were constantly locked up and placed in building 13 was that of Ketsu. Sure he was intimidating and sadistic character that liked killing people but there were many criminals that were that hadn't been placed in the escapee building. No, what made them fear the MPD prisoner was Ketsu's ability. Reflection, an ability that was exactly that.
The person who stepped out of the room was someone from the files Kiun had been looking at. Specifically, an inmate with the ability to manifest weapons from handheld objects. The tall, dark and male prisoner that perfectly resembled the one in the image smirked at the scene before him and put the massive mallet they held up onto his shoulder. It was Ketsu's favoured weapon and could pack a brutal punch.
"Let's start that lesson, shall we?" he drawled, his voice still Ketsu's mainly because he had never heard the prisoner speak. A small flaw but it didn't matter to the cameras watching. His gaze slid over to Kiun briefly before back at the inmates who were keeping a cautious distance away. They had been a little shook up from the scene of some of them being imprinted on the wall but quickly realized that it was only one person against a fair number of qualified people.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments (( Oke ))

Kiun wasn't surprised that they paid no attention to the warnings he gave them, and thus, they were unable to land a hit on him because he was expecting it. Kiun wasn't exactly a skilled fighter, but he was very observant and smart, so he was able to read their movements and deduce where they would aim next, hence, enabling him to dodge all of their attacks for the most part, or block them if he wasn't fast enough. He was considering his next move to calm the inmates down when he heard Ketsu's voice from behind the door. Being that he realized Ketsu would have no reason to address Kiun unless it involved dealing with these inmates (since Kiun highly doubted he cared for his safety) it took him but a second to obediently listen, and he stealthily moved aside. This turned out to be the right decision, as moments later the door to his lab came flying and crashing exactly where he'd been standing moments prior and where coincidentally, the inmates were still gathering. His main concern at the moment was the inmates, but he was definitely going to give Ketsu a long lecture later for destroying his door.
He watched all this quietly, and was planning on checking up on the inmates if they didn't get up themselves, but fortunately they were up on their feet soon enough.

Kiun looked dumbfounded when Ketsu walked out in another inmate's appearance, and was confused at first, till he heard the prisoner speak, and recognizing the voice as Ketsu's, figured out what was going on. He wasn't entirely unfamiliar with his ability, Ketsu was one of the inmates used in the research department after all.
He stepped in front of the other inmates (not close enough for them to tackle him though), cutting Ketsu's path to them. "I will not allow you to beat other inmates with that." He stated stubbornly. That mallet in his hands looked quite heavy, and deadly enough to severely injure the other inmates, which Kiun would not allow to happen. Rowdy or not, their safety was still important. At least to Kiun it was.

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With 46 escape attempts to Ketsu's name, the merciless man's stare bore down at Kiun. Since the prisoner's form, he had taken was just an inch taller than the other man. When he not only came between him and those who had tried to place harm on Ayeka. Not only that but defiantly claimed that he would stop Ketsu from doing what these people deserved. It enraged the temperamental psycho holding a head crushing mallet. He approached Kiun, the action just keeping the other inmates at bay. Ketsu stopped right in front of the guard, his gaze meeting Kiun's stubborn one. Unlike prior, Ketsu's gaze [or rather the prisoner he was disguised as] had been cold, intelligent and amused... now, they were crazed.

"You think you can stop me, Katsuro?" Ketsu said, his voice changing to mimic Kiun's but twisted to sound crazed and dark,
and sadistically amused. "If I recall correctly, self-defence is not a crime," he continued, with his own voice this time, fortunately, "and these insects were aiming to harm Ayeka's body. So, I ask, you and what fucking army will stop me?" he demanded through clenched teeth.
Just a moment after that statement, Ketsu shoved Kiun out of the way, just as those inmates who were left had managed to reach a distance they could lunge for them at. Ketsu's stance strengthened, both hands clasping the mallet's handle and prepped it to swing the thing like a baseball bat. Fortunately, a few skilled fighters in the group were able to get out of the way but two weren't as lucky. Both slammed with the mallet, the first guy getting a few bones shattered before colliding with the other. The momentum from the bone-crushing hit had them both flying down the hall, landing hard on the floor, just skimming past Kiun from where Ketsu had pushed him. Ketsu whistled and shook his head, glancing back at those who remained which wasn't many from the initial group. "Definitely wasn't a home run. Shall we try again?"
Despite Ketsu's intelligence, he was reckless and bloodthirsty. At this pace, he would not stop until blood was soaking the hallway.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments (( Is it alright if I bring Atsushi in? ))

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((oh yeah, totally xD))

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Sakurasou | 302 comments (( Whoo! XP ))

Kiun had wanted to point out that while self defense was not wrong, it wasn't alright to do that with such a large weapon, and one clearly meant for harm. But more than that, the look in Ketsu's, or rather, the inmate's eyes he was disguised as, looked crazed and irrational. He doubted self defense was on his mind at all; he just wanted to hurt, possibly even kill, the inmates.
Unfortunately, he did not have the time to say any of that, as Ketsu merely shoved him aside and carried on with his intentions regardless. Kiun was impulsive but not a fool, even he knew perfectly well that there was little he could do to stop him from swinging the mallet; he simply didn't have that strength. This was only confirmed when he saw the condition of the prisoners lying next to him.
However, he did need to stop him. Kiun wasn't against self defense, but this was clearly not that, and his natural disposition was averse to unnecessary bloodshed or cruelty. He was planning to jump in there all the same, regardless of his own weaknesses, when he saw, with surprise, the remaining two prisoners being plucked off their feet and none-too-gently but not harshly, being tossed aside where the other prisoners were by a fairly tall and familiar figure to Kiun.

Atsushi stood there, hands on his hips, and glared unkindly at Ketsu. "I am the "fucking army", you ignorant twat." He spat, responding to Ketsu's earlier question. "I don't know what you think you're doing, but Kiun doesn't look happy, and I'm sure you know following guards' orders here is a must. Especially when it involves fights and peace."

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Ketsu nearly pouted when Atsushi suddenly came into the picture and completely ruined his fun. Kiun was clearly ready to get involved and that was going to put the cherry on this bucket of fun. Oh, he was having a hoot and he knew those last two prisoners were going to allow him to spill some blood in this uptight place. It was especially depressing that this cynical nobody decided to intervene. Clearly close to the guard he was hoping to injure-minutely. He was still very twitchy about him being so close to Ayeka in a place someone could have easily drowned her. Especially since she really wouldn't have fought against it so much.

Ketsu swept the mallet back onto his shoulder and stood in a way that was rather feminine. A hand on his hip, the weight on that same leg and his chest arched up and out a bit. It was very unusual in the form he was currently in, since it was very masculine, unlike Ayeka's body which the position would have perfectly fit for. "All I see is a annoying little shit who is trying to be a hero," Ketsu drawled effortlessly. "Very gallant of you," he mocked but he knew his place. It was too risky to continue running amuck at this point, not if he wanted them to put them in solitary. It was not a likeable place and it meant Ayeka would suffer another lapse in time. "You know the best boss. Two unconscious in the wall, another two there and you know about the last two," he drawled, "you're welcome for assisting in the outbreak," he stated. During which, like a water's ripple, the false person he had become disappeared along with the mallet. Ayeka's form replaced the taller man that had been there and they held a pen instead of a mallet. However, what was noticeable was the fact he had done this once backing sort of into the room, hiding from the camera in the hallway.
"Do we have any more problems?"

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Atsushi narrowed his eyes at Ketsu's reply, hands folded over his chest now. "I'm a guard; I keep disruptive brats like you behind bars.
So technically, I am a hero."
Atsushi honestly did not care what the male prisoner thought of him or what he appeared to be like in the moment; all he saw was that Kiun didn't look happy, and therefore, Atsushi was not happy. Especially considering for some reason, Atsushi suspected Ketsu would not have forgotten about Kiun as he carried on with his riot. That was not a safe line to pass when it came to Atsushi. He was furious, and would have liked to calm himself down by snapping the prisoner's neck, but Kiun was there. However ruthless and violent Atsushi could be, he did not show it in front of Kiun, who disliked violence of any shape or form.

At the moment, he wore an irritated scowl, but as soon as Ketsu returned to Ayeka's body, it became a look of surprise. Atsushi was not usually rude to ladies, in fact he was quite the gentleman when around them. Unless you were Qi, of course. But other wise, he was fairly tame. Hence, the sight of Ayeka did cause his temper to lessen and his features to become calm. "No, no more problems. After I clean up here, I'll take you back to your cell. Until then, don't move." He said, his final sentence delivered in a demanding tone, as if an order.
He bent down and hoisted two of the inmates onto his shoulders, one on each. However, he didn't leave right away. Instead, he turned to Kiun, the look on his face resembling that of a puppy waiting for its owner to give it a treat. He stood there, obviously expecting Kiun to thank him for protecting the inmates and Kiun himself as well.

Sadly, what he got from Kiun was nowhere next to that.

Kiun returned his brother's gaze harshly, his jaw set. "Atsushi! Don't go calling people twats, it's not nice. Apologize to Ketsueki."

Atsushi stared at his brother with incredulous, wide eyes, dumbfounded. "... Kiun, this guy- well, it's a girl now- just tried to kill you and the rest of these prisoners. And you want me to apologize for calling him a twat?"

"Yes," Kiun replied, stubbornly. "I do. Now apologize to him."

Atsushi turned his disbelieving expression to Ketsu now, as if silently asking him to put some sense into Kiun. Kiun was intelligent, the smartest Atsushi knew, but his priorities could be a little unique sometimes.

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"Already in prison, dingbat. Lost your calling card a while ago," Ketsu sassed without hesitation. No way was he going to give up on a wit-off. He was acclaimed at trash talking before slaughtering assholes. It was his pride to do so. "No heroes here, just a wannabe. Sad." However, he left that much alone. He wasn't an idiot. Two guards against him were not odds he'd chance. Ayeka could be hurt and he would never forgive himself for. You only pick the fights you know you will win. That's how Ketsu made it this far, nine whole years.

Ketsu smirked and winked at Atsushi. He was not a guy that was selective about what gender he developed a sexual interest in. Both the brothers were fine looking specimens but Kiun was a bit too goody-two-shoes for someone like Ketsu. Though, he wouldn't miss a chance to have a fling with either of them. It was clear enough to Ketsu that Atsushi was much 'softer' towards women. Sexist but effective for someone like Ketsu- being in a woman's body and all.
"I'd rather go to the cafeteria. We were off to get food when those assholes targetted us. Unless you want us to starve," he drawled with a whole lot of attitude and sass. "But sure but, I'll plop a seat at the desk right here. Your friend there can keep watch," he said, looking at Kiun with a smirk.

Ketsu was amused when Atsushi resembled a puppy waiting for the blonde guy. Clearly close, friends possibly or... maybe related? He didn't know, he frankly didn't care. He was smug that Kiun seemed to be scolding the guy for calling him a twat. Considering the amount of times he'd been called a psychopath or worse... this was nothing.
He whistled, "while you too have your family scrabble, I'm going to just sit over there and maybe I won't contemplate running off to get food cause I'm fucking hungry," There was no way he was getting involved with this weird ass fight. Especially after seeing Atsushi shooting him a look.

He held up their hands, "I would just apologize. The guy's stubborn, apparently," Ketsu drawled, considering the guy was very adamant about dealing with the prisoners himself.
He sat himself down on the chair Kiun was sitting on just before this whole incident occurred, Ketsu was there laughing to himself. Once those bitches were handled, he'd probably give control back to Ayeka. He didn't want to take too much of her time away, as long as he was around and can take back control, it should be fine.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments "In prison, but not in your prison cell. Which is where most people probably want you." Atsushi grumbled, sassing right back. "And for the record, I am a gentleman, not a hero. Heroes are savages."

Kiun raised an eyebrow at this, whether the "gentleman" part or the "savages" part Atsushi wasn't sure, but he did studiously ignore the very obviously disbelieving expression Kiun wore.
He was about to shoot another glare at Ketsu when, surprisingly, the other winked at him, surprising Atsushi so much that he nearly dropped the inmates he was carrying. Normally, he would've returned it with a glare, considering he did not like Ketsu in the least as of yet, but since it was Ayeka's body he saw, it was fairly difficult to do that.
He did still narrow his eyes suspiciously at him, but at least he wasn't glaring as hard now.
"I will not escort you," he stated flatly, the instant Ketsu mentioned the cafeteria. "I have bigger priorities than stuffing your face. You can do it, Kiun."

Kiun said nothing in response, which Atsushi took as a 'yes'.

He was about to turn away when Ketsu mentioned the apology, which Atsushi did not wear a kind expression in response to. "I," he began, "would rather have all my limbs chopped off and my eyeballs sizzled in a frying pan before I apologize to such a tw-.. brat."

"Don't be rude, Atsushi." Kiun scolded.

Atsushi huffed and turned away, beginning to make his way to the inmates' cells.

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"How rude," Ketsu drawled to his rejection to guiding them to get food. Everyone had to eat, and how dare he claim that Ayeka would stuff her face. She is a woman of painful grace and properties. He plopped himself down, looking at his nails after tossing his weapon- which was noticeably dented- the pen onto Kiun's desk.
"Seems like this gentleman doesn't have enough respect to feed people. Did you let your pets die too?" he mocked and glanced at the unusual duo.

He could be bashing some heads in right now. That's what he wanted to do right now but alas, that fucker had to come in and ruin the little amount of fun he could have in this fucking place. It was good that he was leaving. Which wasn't smart in the least. Ketsu clearly would have an outrageous advantageous. If his earlier example wasn't enough to prove that. It was simply foolish but Ketsu wasn't going to complain. He had no reason to do it at this point. In fact, if Atsushi left, Ketsu could retreat.

"I can make that happen if you really want," Ketsu nearly sang, his lips curling up devilishly. "You'll have to find me a cannibal. Can't let good eyeballs go to waste."

Ketsu waited until Atsushi was out of sight before he turned his attention to Kiun. His gaze narrowed, "can't hold this incident against me, Katsuro. But I suspect you won't hold it against Ayeka. Don't mention what happened to her and get her something to eat," he instructed, jaw clenched. He didn't like doing this but most prisoners shied away when there was a guard about. The threat hidden behind his words were clear, easy to pick up for someone like Kiun. "Yes?"

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Sakurasou | 302 comments "I never had any pets!" Atsushi snapped, calling it back since he was already pretty far. Hence, he did not hear Ketsu's last sentence directed towards him. Though if he had, he would have surely shot Ketsu another glare. Truthfully, he would prefer to do more than a glare, but alas, Kiun was there, and Atsushi would not be violent in front of him, knowing his brother to be the type to jump in harm's way for another even if they deserved it.
For that same reason, he wasn't sure it was a good idea for him to go ahead like this, but then again he would return soon enough to pick the rest of the inmates; he figured Kiun could handle himself till then. Plus if Ketsu did anything to him, it would be more his disadvantage than advantage, as Atsushi would no doubt hunt him down till he regretted everything. Which would not be a pleasant experience for poor Ayeka.

When Atsushi was gone, Kiun turned to Ketsu as soon as he spoke, listening respectively. However, instead of looking intimidated like he probably ought to be, he looked very curious more than anything, full of questions. He picked up the folder of files in front of Ketsu and put it away before he came back and stood by the other end of the desk, his curious but perceptive gaze trained on Ketsu.

"Do you normally switch with Miss Malayeka this often? I am guessing she does not realize nor remember when it happens. Why do you do it? For her safety?"

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Ketsu didn't like the look in Kiun's eyes. It made him feel like a bug under a microscope. It made him want to bash pretty boy's face in and he was hanging on just by a thread. Which tore slightly just a second after when Ketsu's desire to have confirmation was completely ignored for a Q&A that he didn't give the interview any consent to begin. Wasn't he just the luckiest mother fucker in the whole wide world. He was going to be a lab rat for a wannabe scientist that was curious about MPD. Ketsu would much rather deal with Atsushi. He could fend for himself when it came to combat. With nosy people, he liked to shoot first and walk away, no questions asked.

Ketsu, being the hard-headed piece of shit that he was, simply returned it in kind. "So that's a no? Good to know. Hope I never see you around, kid," he drawled, heading for the door and offering Kiun and half-hearted way over his shoulder. He was not going to answer his questions, not if he didn't like the kid, which he didn't. Especially not when it was personal like that. It may not seem too personal but it was the reason he had been born, created, developed. Whatever word you want to use. It was too revealing for a stranger to know and could be taken as a weakness. Ketsu made no hesitation to show that he'd kill anyone who harmed Ayeka but delving into any deeper meaning would have consequences Ketsu did not want a guard to know. Not in this lifetime. You'd think that someone having those types of files like this guy would be more interested in his ability than how his existence tied to Ayeka and vice versa. Whatever, Ketsu didn't care and he could tell they were starving so that's where he planned to head, with Kiun or not. Though, it wasn't like Ketsu made any attempt to completely cut Kiun off or prevent him from following. He was little curious to see what the guard would do. Sue him, he liked playing with his food.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Kiun watched Ketsu quietly as he stood and walked to the door, his expression calm as ever. He did not seem very bothered to have his questions ignored either, as his respectful aura did not falter.
"I did not say that," he replied softly. "I am willing to escort Miss Malayeka to the cafeteria if you must go." As if to prove his point, he stood up and slowly made his way over.
By "go", he was not referring to Ketsu's physical leave from the office, but rather, his mental leave from his control over Ayeka. Kiun was not blind, he had noticed a while ago that Ketsu did not like him in the least. It did not make Kiun dislike him though, nor did it affect how he would have acted towards him either. But he did know that Ketsu probably wasn't a fan of leaving Ayeka in his care, and yet the fact that he had practically ordered Kiun to get Ayeka something to eat implied a dire situation. In other words, he suspected Ketsu couldn't control Ayeka's mind for too long, and that perhaps he would leave soon. He could think of no other explanation for Ketsu being willing to leave Ayeka with him. Either way, regardless of whether Ketsu wanted it or not, Kiun would have helped Ayeka out anyways, just to make sure she got to her cell safely, since he saw no other guards around.

But then again, that was with Ayeka, Ketsu was much more difficult to deal with. He wasn't impossible, because he did resemble Atsushi in terms of his behavior little, but obviously, he did not share the same views on Kiun as Atsushi did. Kiun found it a lot easier to relate with Ayeka, since she and himself shared many similarities.

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Ketsu exited the hallway and glanced back at Kiun. His eyes narrowed, jaw clenched and fists clasped tight. He didn't want to do this and he suspected Kiun knew exactly that. He'd had years taken from Ayeka, he couldn't take any more time from her. Well, he could but he didn't want to. His feelings and emotions were never what was important. His job was to protect her. Despite disliking this guard immensely, he wasn't blind enough to ignore the fact he knew the guard wouldn't do anything to Ayeka. A goody-two-shoes by heart. It didn't make him like the guy any less.

"Fine," he drawled, lowering his arms which had been raised up behind his head. "Keep my words in mind," he warned and he went over to the wall. He sat himself down, leaning against the wall and gave Kiun one last warning glare before he closed his eyes. Ayeka's body went slack against the wall and after a moment she jerked a bit. Her eyes opened and she blinked a bit, her brows furrowed in confusion. She looked around, trying to collect herself and then turned to look at Kiun. Her eyes widened in surprise before she gave him a smile. It was polite but happy as well. She straightened up, fixing her clothes and hair a bit, "Mr. Katsuro," she greeted softly. She glanced around once more, brows furrowed and lips pursed a bit. "What..." she drifted off, biting her lower lip feeling cold. She knew it was better not to ask.
She stood up, gently clasped her hands together in front of her and looked back at Kiun. "I was going to the cafeteria..." she explained softly but she did not recall what happened after reaching that hallway.

((Wonder if Atsushi will get whiplash when he meets Ayeka xD))

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Sakurasou | 302 comments (( I assure you he will. ))

Kiun watched Ketsu curiously, from the point where he left his place near the door to sit, up until he disappeared. Kiun knew the instant Ayeka's body opened her eyes that it was Ayeka now, not Ketsu, simply by her expressions and the way she composed herself in comparison to Ketsu. He only confirmed this when Ayeka smiled at him and spoke. He returned her smile warmly with one of his own, giving her a polite nod of greeting. Moving away from the door, he approached her politely.
"Miss Malayeka. It is good to see you again. If you'd like, I could escort you to the cafeteria and explain what happened while you were gone." He offered considerately, having analyzed her situation enough to realize she knew nothing of what had occurred while Ketsu was in control. He saw no reason for her not to know, and besides, she did look quite confused. He figured he owed her that much for making a rather bad impression on Ketsu. Kiun personally didn't mind, but he did worry it might have an effect on Ayeka later. He would rather she not hate him as well.

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((yesss xD I hope to laugh))

Ayeka blinked in confusion when he addressed her so formally. She knew that she was as well but she honestly didn't mind him referring to her by her nickname. However, with the blacked out memory and Ketsu being eerily silent, she could only assume that he had something to do with it. He was always so overprotective.
"Same to you," she responded honestly, her voice soft and kind, "I would love that," she answered him, "thank you very much. She then bowed towards Kiun, "I am sorry for any trouble Ketsu had caused," she said. "He was only trying to protect me," she said, her tone a little pleading. So many people misunderstood her counterpart. When he didn't hate someone or could care less about them, he was nice. In his own way but charming and attentive. He was a good guy... just misdirected.
Occasionally, Ketsu didn't cause amuck when he was in control, that much she knew but after seeing the dent in the wall and the busted up door on the floor, she could only assume that this was not one of these times. She then straightened up, her posture proper and her eyes bright and big. "Thank you for the offer Mr Katsuro but I would rather not know..." her voice grew quieter as she finished her statement, looking down at the ground. It was hard for her to hear. She was a pacifist by nature and didn't like violence. Ketsu's command for Kiun not to tell Ayeka anything is because that is what he promised her. She wouldn't need to think about the blood on their hands, never again. It was obvious by how white her hands had become from clasping them so tightly together, that it was fear driving her to say it. A fear of herself and her actions.
"It's okay Ayeka. Just go get some food." Ketsu's voice sounded in her head, relieving the slight tension she had despite knowing he was there. She nodded in response to him and looked at Kiun, unsure if she should just start walking or wait for him to.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments (( I will do my best ^^ I am sorry if I disappoint though >< ))

Kiun returned her bow respectfully, and gave her a reassuring smile afterwards. "Do not worry, I understood that quite well. He cares a great deal about you." He replied cheerfully, meaning he had noticed Ketsu was only trying to protect her. It was quite obvious after all, at least to him it had been.
When she said she'd rather not know, Kiun respected her wish and did not further dwell on the incident. He did, however, study her expressions and body language quietly, noting how tense she was. He guessed it was because she was unaware of what Ketsu had done while she was gone, so in an attempt to relax her, he softly said: "It's alright Miss Malayeka, you have not done anything to worry yourself about. Please rest assured that everything is okay." His tone was as reassuring as he could make it, and he hoped it would calm her nerves.
With a polite wave forward, he made his way to the door and after Ayeka walked out, closed the door behind her and began making his way to the cafeteria with her.

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((I am positive you won't disappoint. Atsushi being Atsushi is gratifying in itself xD))

Ayeka smiled at that, glad he understood it, despite how glossed over it can be. Ketsu's rough around the edges, she knew that but she trusted him and loved him unconditionally. "He does," she agreed with one of her happiest expressions. It was still mild and delicate but it didn't hold the same tone as most of her usual ones did. Unabashed contentment for her alterego that made it momentarily seem like she had forgotten Kiun was even there.
"He's just a sweet talker, Ayeka. Take it with a grain of salt. Ketsu warned her, having the desire to punch the guy's face in for pretending he knew anything about him. It nudged him the wrong way.
Ayeka peeked at Kiun, a bit unsure after Ketsu's additional warning but was put at ease by Kiun's statement. He didn't have any reason to lie to her, though she wouldn't have been able to tell if he had been or not. She gave him a polite and grateful smile, nodding her head an inch, "thank you," she said. She did feel more at ease, glad to know that Ketsu hadn't gotten completely out of control.
With little hesitation, Ayeka followed Kiun out the room, waiting for him to continue before proceeding down the hall with him. However, her graceful walk was paced so she would remain by his side but a little behind. Ayeka was mindful about manners and her role in the situation which was lesser. That and Ketsu continued to tell her to be a little behind him for reasons she didn't know or understood but as usual, followed his instruction.
Not too far behind that Kiun didn't have an eye on her but enough so that it would be awkward to suddenly grab or attack her without Ketsu being able to react to it.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments (( I gotta agree with you there XD ))

Kiun watched her curiously, noting her prideful response. He smiled faintly; it was always nice to see that sort of thing; holding pride in those close to someone. It was a pleasant sight. He too was proud of Atsushi, though he did not normally showcase it. As for Atsushi, he never mentioned it, so Kiun did not really know what Atsushi thought of him in that regard. It must have been nice for Ketsu, knowing that Ayeka was proud of him just like that. He was glad for Ketsu, and though he did wish Atsushi would tell Kiun what he thought of his own actions sometimes, he did not envy Ketsu. Envy was not a component of his personality; he respected others for what they had that he did not, and that was all, he never envied people for something.

Kiun in all honestly really did mean what he said, though it may seem he was lying to an outsider. He trusted Atsushi would deal with the inmates accordingly, and all would be well again. He saw no reason to blame Ayeka for something she played no part in, and something that wouldn't stay around for too long anyways. The doctors here were quite well known for being exceptional, he was sure the inmates would be just fine soon enough. Plus Atsushi's earlier interference had stopped Ketsu from being able to cause any terrible damage.

Kiun had initially been planning to simply walk by Ayeka's side, since he could make sure she was alright better that way, but it did not take long at all for him to realize Ayeka didn't plan the same. He walked a bit ahead of her as he guessed she wanted, his gaze trained forward. Kiun did not think Ayeka any lesser than him, he saw them as equals, and hence would have been fine walking side by side. But it was not his place to try and change Ayeka's views, albeit he really did not want her to see herself as below him. He disliked being superior to others, it did not quite fit his moral beliefs that people were all essentially equal.

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Ayeka didn't speak much as they made their way through the hallway. She didn't know what to say to be quite honest. She knew many people took to learning about Ketsu unwell. They always seemed to be scared of her from that point on or at the very least creeped out that she was mental. It was for this reason that Ketsu didn't like her sharing information about him- not only just for the reasons he said he did. He was too big of an embarrassed softy to admit it. He wanted her to make good friends with people he could trust enough to be in her life and not screw her around. Too many men in her life used her and taught her she was incapable of anything more.

Reaching the cafeteria, Ayeka tensed at how many people seemed to be there. There wasn't an enormous amount like how main meals were but there was enough to have her and Ketsu to growing unease. They moved closer to Kiun, not by his side but almost right against him, nearly hiding behind him. Holding her hands tightly together in front of him, her gaze went towards the line for the food and paused.
I won't let anything happen to you Ayeka, it'll be fine. Just go get some food. The chicken looks great today.
Ayeka nodded silently to Ketsu and action itself confusing to anyone unaware of her condition. She glanced at Kiun, biting her inner lip before she spoke. "May you wait for me?" she asked softly, her voice more quiet than usual. She was being selfish and asking much of him. All he needed to do was bring her here as he said but she was asking him to stay for longer. It was rude of her, knowing he must be busy but despite knowing Ketsu was there for her, she didn't want to be left alone. That and she did wish to ask him about something but knew Ketsu would scold her if she did not eat anything now. He often looked out for her like that, making sure she was taking care of herself when she often neglected to.

Her request didn't please Ketsu in the least. It meant she depended on this nobody and it ticked him off. He was silently fuming in the back of their mind, grumbling to himself.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Kiun glanced back at Ayeka for the first time since they had left his office when he noticed her move closer to him, and though he did of course first look over her expression, his gaze fell more on her hands. He noticed how tightly she was pressing them together, and that alone was enough to communicate her nervousness to him. He also noticed when she nodded, though having met Ketsu already, and seeing as no one had spoken to her, he assumed she could only be communicating with Ketsu. Hence the action did not stir confusion in him or bother him, he was aware of Ayeka's situation, after all. It also made him realize that if she really wanted to know what had happened while she was gone she could simply ask Ketsu, which meant she truly did not want to know. Perhaps she feared hearing it. He wished he could ease her worry somehow, but he did not know how to, and was unsure if it was his place to. When he had met Ayeka the first time, she had been quite open and trusting of him, but now he noticed, she was a lot more cautious of him, so he felt he too had to be more considerate of her.

He nodded when she asked if he'd stay; right now, she was his priority rather than his work back at the office, he could finish that afterwards. He would not leave Ayeka like this when it was so clear she was uncomfortable. He turned to look over to where the line for the food was, quietly noting how many people there were. Then he turned back to fix his gaze on Ayeka and asked considerately: "Would you like me to get some for you? It would save you the trouble of waiting there yourself."

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Ketsu was definitely in a mood by this time. He was aware of the fact that Kiun was rather, unfortunately, intelligent and was rather preceptive. Ketsu would give the guy that much. Plus, he seemed to actually be considerate of Ayeka which didn't help Ketsu's irritation at all. He wanted anything, any sign to use to command Ayeka to stay away from him. He hadn't seen one yet besides the fact he was guard opposed to them being a prisoner. It was itching Ketsu the wrong way. Highly probably due to his dislike towards men for Ayeka at this point. Too many of them had done her wrong and he didn't want to see her in tears anymore. He'd be keeping an eye on this guy but for now, he eased off a bit after reassuring Ayeka once more that he was here in case she needed him.

Ayeka, on the other hand, felt a little more at ease with Ketsu's words. She could tell he had distanced himself, something that rarely happened ever since they had gotten to Nanba. It was a telltale that he trusted Kiun enough to accept that he wouldn't try to do anything. It rarely happened. Plus, Kiun agreed to her selfish desire for him to wait for her. It had her feeling a bit more comfortable at that fact. She loved to interact with people. Meeting new people was something she usually enjoyed but in crowds, she couldn't help but grow tense with the fear of getting hurt, even by accident.

So, when Kiun offered to go for her instead, her eyes widened in surprise when she looked up at him. She didn't make a habit of meeting people's gaze, not too often unless told to. Her eyes then slipped close while a smile replaced her shaky expression. It conveyed her gratitude in an almost glow with a prominent show of happiness that was often absent with her polite ones. She gently shook her head, "thank you for the offer Mr Katuro," she said, her tone quiet but earnest. "But I cannot ask that of you. I will be back as fast as I can," she promised him. Steeled with the knowledge of Ketsu and Kiun had her back, for the most part, she steadied herself and headed off to the line.
She distinctively stayed away from people, avoiding touching but stood proper and poised as she waited patiently for her turn. She was a little tense but otherwise, surprisingly unaware. She was rather naive and offered a small polite smile to anyone who walked by and glanced at her. When it came to her turn, she received her food and thanked the staff behind the counter with a curtsey. She usually did a slight bow but knew it wasn't the best choice when she was holding food. Well, Ketsu warning her not to bow made her think of that. He meant it for her not to acknowledge them at all but Ayeka being Ayeka didn't clue in.

As she was returning to Kiun, she realized something. She had no idea where she was going to eat. She wasn't really allowed to stay in the cafeteria, only on special days when there weren't many people in there. They didn't trust Ketsu to not do anything if triggered and he was easy to trigger. [Though Ketsu knew better, it was also to ensure she never overheard any of her trigger words. It would cause unimaginable problems if someone dangerous managed to use her as a weapon here]. This realization made her hesitant in place for a moment before she continued until she stood before Kiun. She would have to ask him if he could escort her to her cell. She knew she was being such a bother and felt incredibly guilty for causing so much trouble for him.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Kiun wasn't sure what response he had been expecting from Ayeka, but her response did not surprise him. From what he knew of her, she was a polite girl that disliked causing others even the slightest bit of trouble, so it would not be stranger for her to decline an offer made in her stead. He would've taken to assuring her that it was really no bother for him, but she seemed determined enough to do it herself, so he held his tongue and only nodded respectfully, leaving her to run off and fetch a tray of food herself. He remained where he was while he waited for her, hovering patiently there till at last she returned.
He knew, when she was coming back to join him, that she would not be eating here. He'd seen Atsushi escort enough prisoners out of the cafeteria to know that they did not normally stay here to eat. He himself didn't normally escort any out, just because Atsushi never allowed him to and always insisted on doing it himself. Kiun figured he thought he would be unsuited for the part if one of the prisoners were to act up, and though he did wish his brother would let him aid him, he had never complained before. But he truly could not see Ayeka acting up, and he did not think Ketsu would come back so soon, considering he had went out of his way to ask Kiun to look after her. So, he saw no reason not to take her back. He trusted her enough, and had no reason as of yet to mistrust her.
He wasn't sure if that was what was on her mind, but he did notice that she stopped once on her trip back and seemed to be hesitating. It could be for an entirely different reason of course, Kiun didn't knew her well enough to know what, but he would gamble it was a location to eat at for now. When she did come back, he spoke first so she would not need to, worrying she would deny herself again because she didn't want to trouble him.
"Do you wish to go back to your cell for now? If so, I would not mind taking you there." He said politely.

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Ayeka looked at Kiun a bit in surprise, though her eyes did not meet Kiun's gaze. She blinked a bit in surprise, Ketsu chuckling at how startled she was. She was adorable.
"I would actually love that. If you could. I do not want to be a bother to you," she murmured, shifting on her feet a bit. She kept her tray easily balanced but other than looking shy and bashful, she was happy but trying to hide it.

Keep calm Ayeka. You have to eat your food. Get him to take you back to the cell. Ketsu instructed her. Ayeka blinked and nodded.
"Sorry, Ketsu," she apologized and glanced at Kiun, up until his mouth. "Could you take me there now?" she requested softly, feeling bad for being so direct about it but there was no other choice. She knew she needed to eat and Ketsu was reminding her of that very fact. It would be rude to disregard him, especially since he meant so much to her.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments "You are not a bother to me at all; please rest assured about that, Miss Malayeka." Kiun replied gently. He felt a bit bad because Ayeka seemed nervous and fidgety, with how much she was moving about, and Kiun feared it was his fault. He disliked making anyone uncomfortable, and would have normally been disposed to apologize to her had he known whether or not he was actually the cause. He would have asked, but from what he had learned of Ayeka, he speculated she would kindly assure him that he was not so as not to make him feel bad, even if he did happen to be the reason. But then again, he did not know her, so he could be entirely wrong. But he thought it was a better idea to ignore the topic then to bring it up, for Ayeka's sake.

As a aside note, she also confirmed his theory that she was indeed conversing with Ketsu when she apologized to him aloud (Kiun doubted she'd even noticed she had), which could be either a good thing or bad thing, he was unsure which. Maybe a bad thing, since Ketsu disliked Kiun, but then again perhaps a good thing; it meant he could lead Ayeka as well and help her out.

He nodded at her request, replied with "Let's go, then" and then proceeded to lead her out of the cafeteria and towards the cells.

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Ayeka wasn't so sure that she wasn't being a bother but she wasn't someone who believed people intentionally lied to her. Not unless Ketsu pointed it out. She nodded and gave him a small, polite smile, "I am assured Mr Katsuro, thank you very much," she said honestly. Him confirming the fact she wasn't a bother did have her much more at ease. Which was a good and a horrible thing in Ketsu's mind. Either way, she needed a guard to escort her. Ward off other inmates and kept her from getting into any trouble by the building occupants.

"Thank you," Ayeka said and followed after him, moving to catch up with him and actually walked by his side this time. She was happy and silently enjoyed the walk. Ketsu was rather quiet, she had food and Kiun was a very nice man. She didn't really have any reason to be unhappy. It wasn't obvious from the outside that she was feeling this way. Quiet and collected while walking with poise and grace but there was an almost serene expression on her face that portrayed it enough.

About halfway to her cell, her directing Kiun on the way there, she recalled what she wished to ask him earlier. "Mr Katsuro, I was wondering if there was something I could do to repay you for your kindness?" she asked, glanced at him with a soft, gentle look. "I can't do much in here but if I ask, they might let me sew something. I think I have adequate skill in it..." she drifted off, a bit embarrassed.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Kiun beamed gladly when she took assurance in his words, relieved to learn that she was no longer looking down on herself as a bother. Not only that, but as he lead her back to her cell, he noticed she was walking by his side this time, and not behind him as she had done before. This made him quite happy, as it implied that Ayeka no longer saw herself as lesser than him, but on equal standing with him, enough to walk by his side. That was what Kiun had always initially viewed Ayeka as, but he was glad the girl was sharing in his viewpoint. She really was a lovely person, in his eyes, and he wished she would not put herself down so often. He had the temporary thought of what a girl like her could possibly be doing in a prison like Nanba, but a quick flashback to his earlier encounter with Ketsu answered his all questions for him. He saw no reason to confirm it either; there was no other explanation he could think of. He sincerely doubted Ayeka could harm anyone.

Kiun turned his gaze to her when she spoke, blinking faintly at her suggestion. "Thank you for the generous offer, Miss Malayeka, but you really do not have to trouble yourself. I do not need anything in return; it is my duty after all to ensure inmates are safe." He responded calmly.

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"Please Mr Katsuro," Ayeka requested softly but with a bit of firmness behind it. She would not be able to handle it without giving him something, anything in return. He not only had helped her this much today but also because of his offer to take her swimming. Even those words itself was enough to make her so happy. "It would not be any trouble," she assured him and offered him a brilliant smile, although small in appearance. "I enjoy sewing and it would give me something to do," she added in an optimistic tone.
She had experience in making all kinds of clothes, accessories and even items that can be stitched together. Stuffed animals were the most tricky but adorable. She'd made and fixed up bags, covers and blankets too. "If you have anything torn or needing to be resized, please request my assistance?" she asked softly, a bit hesitant.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Kiun hesitated, mostly because he really did not want to burden her with any sort of trouble, but when she mentioned it was something she enjoyed, he eventually gave in with defeat. He knew how dull this place could be, especially for prisoners he assumed. There were activities available for them, but not all prisoners were offered them, and considering how Ayeka was restricted in the prison, he doubted she participated in them very often. If agreeing gave her something to do, to keep her away from boredom from however long, he saw more reason to accept then continue to gently decline.

"He offered her a sheepish smile. "I don't have anything in particular to request; I'm not very picky when it comes to clothing you see, so you are free to make whatever you wish. I'll be happy to gratefully accept whatever you make." He said honestly, and nodded at her question, confirming to her he would do that if the situation came up.

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Ayeka's expression lit up. Well, it was clear she was overjoyed by his acceptance of a possible gift from her. However, there was a certain glow of happiness but it was mild. It seemed she was someone of moderation and did not express outbursts of emotion. Not to the degree others would. Docile in nature prevented it. Despite, she was still content with the prospect of making something for him.
"Thank you, Mr Katsuro," Ayeka said happily, holding the tray of food tightly that expressed enough of her excitement. "I hope you will enjoy it," she said, unsure what she would do as of yet but she wanted it to be something he would like.
Smiling to herself, she turned back to face forward as they ventured further, sticking closer to Kiun when other people happened to come by. She still nodded and smiled politely but she was hesitant for reasons rather unknown to her.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Kiun smiled warmly at her when she thanked him, glad that his agreement had brightened her mood (which wasn't hard to see, with how her face lit up). He then faced forward as well and continued guiding her to the cells, making sure to stand a close but not too close distance from her whenever others passed by.

By the time they were in the hall that held the cells, Atsushi sauntered in from another hall, no obvious burdens on his shoulders as had been when he'd left. Upon spotting Kiun, he immediately called out what he knew his brother wanted to know and was probably silently worrying over. "I took care of the prisoners, they're back with a couple of doctors and should be fine."
Kiun flashed him a grateful smile, and secretly hoped the news would lessen any worry Ayeka may still have had.

As he approached, Atsushi's eyes immediately narrowed in distaste when he noticed Ayeka, or rather "Ketsu" in his eyes, standing by Kiun. A bit too close for his comfort. Normally Atsushi wouldn't have cared, but he'd seen the way in which Ketsu regarded Kiun, and it made him dislike the idea of his brother being anywhere within 20 meters of him. He did notice though, that strangely enough, the intimidating, harsh aura that had surrounded him earlier was gone, and his expression was much softer (he was even smiling), but Atsushi gave it little mind. He was probably acting or something. Atsushi would not be fooled. He glared at Ayeka all the while that he approached them, never once breaking eye contact with her.

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Ayeka was disappointed in herself to admit that she did wish that Kiun would stay longer as they reached the last stretch to her cell. It was purely selfish of her and it wasn't very fair but she enjoyed Kiun's presence and viewed him as a friend at this point. She never had many friends over the span of her life, even during the time Ketsu had taken over. Ketsu's clear reason being he is hard to get along with if he could care less about you.

However, Ayeka being Ayeka, she wouldn't mention it and just decided to fully enjoy the small amount of time she had with Kiun. That is until another man approached them mentioning something about prisoners. Ayeka naturally moved a bit closer to Kiun but otherwise, her expression was open and curious. She liked socializing, even if it was hard enough to believe at this point in time. However, due to her influence of Ketsu and her insecurities plus horrible past experience, it was body over mind more times than not.

Ayeka didn't understand what he was talking about with prisoners but was a little worried about the fact they seemed to have needed doctors. However, she didn't clue it into the earlier incident with Ketsu like most people would have. Mainly due to her positive viewing of Ketsu that many people didn't have. Ketsu of course knew and was making his presence in Ayeka's mind a little more known to her than earlier during the walk to her cell. He wasn't needed, after all, not unless something happened that little pissass couldn't take care of. But with the arrival of the hostile brother, Ketsu was on guard and ready to protect Ayeka if he tried anything.

Ayeka greeted the newcomer with a soft gentle smile, polite despite the glare she seemed to receive from him. She didn't understand but she felt bad if she had done anything to wrong him. Did he not appreciate the fact she was a prisoner? It made sense, prisoners were criminals and shouldn't be treated so well. Unlike Atsushi whose gaze did not waver, Ayeka never met his gaze. Her eyes only lifting to at the very most his mouth but mainly stayed more trained on his chin. Even if she had met his gaze briefly, she would have immediately ducked her head and reacted to the point where she would have stopped walking until she received some sort of go ahead.

Ayeka bowed her head a bit in greeting, "hello," she said, her voice as quiet as docile as ever, matching her posture and general appearance perfectly. It was a 180 compared to Ketsu and frankly something that could get a few screws loose in confusion. Ayeka then briefly glanced at Kiun. She didn't know if she was allowed to stick around or if she was allowed to know who this other guard was. She did recall Kiun having a brother similar to how Ketsu was but since they didn't look all too alike, that little tidbit hadn't clicked yet. She was wondering if she should continue to her cell to leave him and the guard alone or if she should just wait silently for their discussion to finish. She wasn't sure but she didn't want to be a bother or interrupt anything.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Atsushi of course, glared some more when Ayeka moved closer to Kiun, a clear warning in his eyes. He did not trust Ketsu around Kiun, and as he had never met Ayeka, he still believed she was the same person from earlier. The same person whom had looked ready to injure his brother, and therefore Atsushi did not take to their close proximity kindly.

That is, until he noticed Ayeka's stranger behavior and her response to him (that he didn't reply back to; he was a bit too shocked to even register it), which had him taken aback, his eyes flashing wide open. He lost his glare for the moment, squinting his eyes suspiciously at her (or in his head, "him"). She was smiling. He didn't know much about Ketsu, but he knew enough to know he would never smile so nicely at him. The only smiles the creep had were malicious smirks, Atsushi was sure. Not only that, but he would have definatly met Atsushi's glare head on with one of his own; their earlier encounter had proven that.
He continued to stare at Ayeka suspiciously, as if he were trying to read into her mind and soul. Maybe 'he' had hit his head on a wall or something when Atsushi was gone. He probably got amnesia, and so naturally, had forgotten what a douche he was. That had to be it. There was no other explanation.
While he continued to rudely inspect Ayeka as if she were some sort of lab rat, Kiun kindly introduced them.

"Miss Malayeka, this is my brother, Atsushi. Atsushi, this is Miss Malayeka." He waved a hand at each individual as he mentioned them.

Atsushi's eyes grew even wider now, it was honestly a bit funny. He looked utterly lost and confused, something not often seen in his expressions. He usually liked to pretend he knew it all.

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Ayeka felt very uncomfortable under Atsushi's scrutinizing glare, unsure what she did to receive such a look. Maybe he really didn't like prisoners and her being so close to a guard was angering him. She didn't want to displease anyone was about to move away from Kiun in case that was the prominent issue here. She didn't want to cause a conflict but before she could, Kiun was introducing him to her. She looked at Kiun and then the name clicked. He mentioned having someone similar to Ketsu in his life back when they were at the pool. Her eyes widened a fraction in realization and her expression turned from her nervous polite smile to an infectious beaming smile. "Mr Atsushi," she greeted brightly, shifting the tray in her grasp balancing it easily with one hand from experience to hold out a hand for him to shake. "It is quite a pleasure to meet you," she told him. "Mr Katsuro has told me nothing but good things," she told him.

Ayeka was quite oblivious to how shocked he was and how utterly lost he was. Since she had no context of why he would be surprised to see her act this way. However, Ketsu was fucking dying. All Ayeka could hear for a little while was Ketsu roaring with laughter in the back of her mind even to the point of chortling. It was such a rarity for him that it caused Ayeka to freeze in surprise and bring her hand up to cover her mouth as she began to giggle. She didn't know why Ketsu was laughing but the rare and joyous [although at the expense of Atsushi] was something contagious... unfortunately only for her to hear. Due to the timing, it could be mistaken for her to giggle at Atsushi's expression but considering her gaze hadn't met his long enough to even see it was implausible besides the fact it began a few clicks after the initial expression was displayed. Still, her soft giggle was beautifully sweet to the point of almost sounding musical.

Though, after Ketsu heard her laugh, he soon quieted and tensed, waiting for the asshole's response. Ready to jump in at a moments notice.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Atsushi was only further confused when she greeted him, mostly because she mentioned it was a "pleasure to meet him" when 1, he knew Ketsu had most certainly not found it a pleasure meeting him (that much he had made obvious in their short meeting) and 2, they'd already met before. He would've been inclined to link this to his amnesia theory, and claim that he had been right, but Ayeka also mentioned "having heard nothing but good things" about him, and if she did have amnesia, then she wouldn't have remembered details told to her about him. Which meant that now, the only one theory he had managed to come up with to explain this whole situation was false, and he was truly lost in all this.

It was probably a good thing that Ayeka raised her hand to her mouth before laughing, because Atsushi was not going to shake her hand anytime soon. He was too confused about all this to accept things and just shake her hand.

Just when Atsushi was convinced he could not possibly be more shook than he was now, Ayeka started laughing, and his puzzlement heightened to its max. He had not the slightest clue why she was laughing, and what was even worse, was that mere moments later, Kiun was laughing as well.

Kiun had been trying hard to contain his laughter all throughout this time; watching Atsushi's clear obliviousness to this entire situation, and never having seen his brother look so mentally baffled in all their time together, he had somehow been able to keep it in, not wanting to be disrespectful, but as soon as Ayeka began laughing, he could not hold it in anymore and began laughing as well.

If Ketsu had been expecting Atsushi to be rude and act meanly towards Ayeka or anything of the sort, that was not what he got. Instead, he just got a more than ever bewildered Atsushi standing there as everyone around him dissolved into giggles. By this point, he could only assume they were messing with him, no matter how hard it was for him to believe it (Kiun had never done such a thing, even in their childhood). Which was not very kind of them.

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Ayeka's giggles soon died off, her cheeks flushed with red and an honestly happy smile lit her features. She put her hand back under her tray which had been jerking very questioningly as she had dissolved into laughter. Correcting the balance before she smiled at Kiun. It was such a pleasure to see him laugh. People being happy was the greatest gift this world could ever give anyone. Laughter was oddly enough, often the best medicine for certain situations. She had originally been surprised when Kiun joined in on laughing, hence why her giggles had continued far past when Ketsu had ceased.

Finally, she turned the very confused Atsushi, though she didn't see that picture fully in the slightest. However, she could understand that he would not know any of the context of why this was occurring and did not want his to assume she was laughing at him. "I apologize," she began softly, her expression earnest and trusting to anyone that probably wasn't Atsushi. "I was not laughing at you, forgive me if I had made you think as such," she apologized, her head bowed. "It has been a long time since I had heard Ketsu laugh like this and I couldn't help but to join in..." she drifted off, her head lifting in surprise. Eyes wide and mouth slightly agape as she realized what she'd said. Once again, there goes her mouth. Ketsu continuously told her not to go about talking about him. She knew he had good reasons for her to keep that to herself but being cautious and secretive wasn't her strong points.

What surprised her the most was the fact that Ketsu didn't seem to overly be bothered when Ayeka had mentioned her. She only got the faint detail of his grin in response which had her expression and body relaxing back into a relaxed smile. If he wasn't upset then that meant that Ketsu was okay sharing his existence. It was unusual but could only probably mean Atsushi already knew of Ketsu's existence? She didn't know how he knew but she was beginning to suspect it had something to do with the events earlier today. The ones she didn't want to know anything about, especially if that prisoner comment Atsushi had first stated had something to do with it.

Ketsu, on the other hand, was very amused. Once Atsushi finally was made aware of what was going on, he'd come to realize that Ketsu was laughing at his confusion and that shit was as sweet as cherries. He could already tell the fucker wasn't going to be overly impressed that he was practically tricked by Ketsu who had a ball at his expense.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Kiun broke off from his laughter around the same time Ayeka did, a smile on his lips when he straightened up properly afterwards. He focused his gaze on Atsushi as he listened to Ayeka apologize, knowing she had nothing to worry about. Atsushi normally would not appreciate being laughed at, but in a situation like this, where he was frankly at a loss of what to think, it would be the least of his concerns and he likely would have never particularly been bothered even if Ayeka had been laughing at him.
This time, he managed to maturely keep in all of his laughter, even when seeing Atsushi's dumbfounded look at Ayeka's words and apology.

As Ayeka apologized, Atsushi paid little attention to the apology itself, but more so to her last little slip-up.
"You mean to say you're not Ketsu...?" He began, making a face at her and narrowing his eyes.
"Are you playing with me?" He demanded, his tone accusatory.

Meanwhile, Kiun was not interfering in all this because he had gotten distracted by the substance of it that he no longer saw it as a priority to explain. He could always explain to Atsushi later if need be. For now it was not necessary for him to intervene, and Atsushi was more focused on Ayeka than him anyways.

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Ayeka did look very confused when he asked about her not being Ketsu. "My name is Malayeka," she reaffirmed softly, brows furrowed slightly but otherwise still polite. She was sure Kiun had given her name so that much should have been known. Having lived with Ketsu for so long, she didn't understand fully the outside perspective of someone who would be faced with this situation.
Ayeka looked a little hurt when he accused her of playing with him, shaking her head and senses Ketsu bustling in the back of her mind. Displeased with the tone and attitude Atsushi was giving her.

"I am not tricking you if that is what you mean," she said quietly, her head bowed. "I don't know how you know Ketsu... but I apologize if he has done anything to wrong you," she told him. Significantly mentioning the gender identification of the one who called himself Ketsu. Ayeka was incapable of explaining who exactly Ketsu was. Unlike the most of the world labelling her as having MPD, a term she didn't really know. Even if the condition was explained to her, she would not use it to label what she and Ketsu were to each other. Ketsu was his own person and the only thing tying them together was the body they were forced to share. He was his own person with rights and feelings, not just a personality in addition to her own.

Ayeka shifted the tray so she was able to properly bow, "please forgive him," she pleaded, "whatever he was doing, he was most likely only trying to protect me," she tried to reason for him.
"Ayeka, do not apologize to this brute! You did nothing wrong, nor did I. He's just a grumpy piece of shit" Ketsu stated, prickled by the fact she was bowing to the guy. "Lift you're head, I haven't done anything wrong Ayeka," Ketsu assured her and honestly, no one died so he wasn't entirely wrong.

"But he is still very upset, Ketsu," she murmured out loud softly in response to Ketsu. "I don't want people thinking bad of you," she muttered, straightening up and clutching the tray tight.
"I don't give a shit, Ayeka. They can hate me for all I care. As long as you're fine. You know this," Ketsu grumbled.

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Sakurasou | 302 comments Atsushi still had not gotten a full grasp onto what was happening and was still quite confused, but he at least was not showing it in his appearance any more. He stared at Ayeka silently, obvious suspicion in his gaze, but he was he was a little more trusting of her. More so to recognize her apology and swiftly dismiss it, for she had nothing to apologize for.

It was now Kiun intervened, not wanting to leave the burden of his brother's dislike on Ayeka. Atsushi was normally behaved very well, but if he disliked someone there were little chances he would like them anytime soon, and Kiun did not want him to feel that way towards Ayeka. She had done nothing to deserve it.
He walked forward and gently tapped Ayeka's shoulder to request that she raise her head, assuring her softly: "Miss Malayeka, please do not worry. You have not wronged either of us, and neither has Mr Ketsueki. We do not think badly of him; we know very well that he was only trying to protect you. Please do not fret about it."
He then stood up and waved a hand in front of him slightly, indicating for Ayeka to proceed on her way. He didn't want to bother her here any longer, and moreover the food may start to get cold. He knew Ketsu worried about her health; he'd made it obvious earlier that Kiun was expected to at least have her eat.
He began walking first, expecting her to follow, and Atsushi stepped aside right away, leaving their path clear. Kiun would explain to him later, that much he knew. He wasn't keen on leaving Kiun to escort Ketsu alone of course, but Malayeka, as she'd said her name was, was much calmer and gentler and did not arouse Atsushi's concern. Even if that were not the case, she didn't appear particularly strong, so he was positive Kiun could easily restrain her. He didn't think there would be any need to do so, however.

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