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Who did you first suspect the killer to be?

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C.A. I'd originally thought either Bronwyn or Addy was the killer. (Bronwyn because she was smart enough to carry it out and get away with it and Addy because she did absolutely nothing when Simon was dying.)

I'd ruled out Nate because he was the criminal and that'd be way too easy, and Cooper because the death scene was in his POV and he genuinely seemed like he wanted to save Simon.

Sarah⭐ The Ultimate Book Hoarder I thought Bronwyn too!! She seemed the most suspicious to me.

Shaylene Sarah wrote: "I thought Bronwyn too!! She seemed the most suspicious to me."
lol, I definitely thought the same, she just seemed like the smartest person to set this murder up. And I actually kinda suspected Addy too, because usually in murder mysteries, authors make it least suspicious person or someone you least expect.

Sarah⭐ The Ultimate Book Hoarder Well the least suspicious person ended up to BE the murderer in this book as well xD

quq I thought it was Simon at the beginning but then I thought it was Kris and then I thought it was Simon again. . . it was Jake right? Or did Simon kill himself and then Jake helped to put the blame on Addy? Sorry I read it a while ago

Emma Foxtail I thought at first it was Addy (just crying) or some other character that wasn't in the classroom but the ending suprised me so much

Emma Foxtail Nova wrote: "I thought it was Simon at the beginning but then I thought it was Kris and then I thought it was Simon again. . . it was Jake right? Or did Simon kill himself and then Jake helped to put the blame ..."
Simon killed himself and Jake wanted to put the blame on Addy with Janae but she didn't do it and put the blame on Nate...

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Seriously-Nerdy I honestly did not think it was any of the four suspects. I suspected Simon the whole time because his death seemed so well played out.

Kelly Shamon I thought it might have been Maeve in the beginning. With all of the stuff she was able to do on the internet, I thought she wanted to stop Bronwyn's entry from getting loose so that she was still able to get into Yale and pursue her dreams.

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Safa Khan I put all my bets on Addy. But the author was smart enough to know that everyone would suspect her so she turned a "murder" into a suicide.

Elina Nicou Throughout the book, I really did believe it was Addy, as many others have shared. Towards the last 160 ish pages I knew it was a suicide. And of course, like a lot of other, Maeve was someone, I suspected after I heard her express hatred and dislike towards him. Oh and of course, I suspected the teacher! Like seriously, why was he never investigated, even if it wasn't him, you'd think he'd be put into consideration because of his detest for the online world which Simon was a gigantic part of!

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Yolomacarons To be honest, in the beginning, I first thought it was Bronwyn's sister, Maeve. Mainly because she was going through Simon's admin panel and was most curious about this whole situation more than the "Bayview Four". Then, as Addy was explaining, I suspected Janae to be the murderer as I thought Addy's explanation and insight was so reasonable, I guess it was almost inevitable to agree.

Gemma Sarah wrote: "I thought Bronwyn too!! She seemed the most suspicious to me."

Me too

Maria Lynn At first I suspected the teacher because he was such a technophobe! But as I read more into it I suspected both Jake and Vanessa (I think that's her name? The bitch that turned on Addy)

Missy J I first thought it was the teacher, but then the scene where Jake invited Addy over and was being weirdly nice and asking questions I knew either he killed Simon or had something to do with it.

Missy J Novie wrote: "I thought it was Simon at the beginning but then I thought it was Kris and then I thought it was Simon again. . . it was Jake right? Or did Simon kill himself and then Jake helped to put the blame ..."

Ya Simon killed himself and Jake helped to put the blame

Sidney Ropp My gut reaction at the beginning was Addy because of her lack of effort when Simon first started having a reaction. However, as the book continued on, I had a hitch that Bronwyn was the one who did it. I was really glad she wasn't though because I absolutely love Bronwyn and didn't want her to actually be a sociopath.

Minnie Bronwyn, then later I thought it was Janae

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i thought it was Bronwyn then I though Addy´s boyfriend had something to do with the murder.As the book continued on and i got to know every character i did not have any idea about who did it.

Cherena Kantaroski I knew it wouldn't be any of the four, so I first got a real urge that it was Jake, pretty much the moment he was controlling of Addy with her clothes. Then I suspected Simon from probably about half way through when things were too convenient and he seems so self-assured in his hatred for people. Maeve was suspicious a couple of times

Kathy Originally I thought it might be suicide but thought that would be ridiculous. Then I couldn't decide if i was Addy or the teacher, for some reason the teacher kept coming back to me. About half way through I thought it could be Maeve. I guess I should have stuck with my first gut reaction.

Bianca  Dani Flores I seriously thought it was somehow, someway, going to be Jake. The way he treated Addy made me really uncomfortable. I thought it would be interesting to see how he could have pulled it off considering he wasn't in the room. I was pleasantly surprised.

Celine Chen Heck, I feel like the author made it seem like it could be anyone, and that's what was so great about it imo. I couldn't even make a guess on who it was because there was incriminating evidence for all the characters. And tbh Simon's suicide came as a surprise to me and would never have guessed it! But I did for a moment think it was Janae when she was acting suspicious in Addy's room.

Bochra998 At first i thought it was Nate 'cuz he was mysterious , he didn't have anything to lose and hated the rest of them 'cuz they had the life he didn't have , then i thought of Cooper 'cuz when his first secret was out it wasn't true .

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zosi I thought that it was Simon the entire time, or at least a character that wasn't previously mentioned because it was all in their point of view, and their should've been more clues left behind if it was one of them.

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Meg Nicole I went back and fourth so much on who I thought was the killer. At first I assumed it was the teacher, then I thought it was some mystery person who we had not met that planted it in the classroom (because of the whole car ordeal outside). Overall, I was really surprised by the ending!

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Kat Lund At first, I had thought it was Bronwyn, but then it seemed like it was actually Simon because unless someone put the peanut oil in his cup before he got in the room, it was unlikely to be one of the people being accused. I mostly flip-flopped on who I thought it was throughout the book though.

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bre I thought Bronwyn.

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SNuraa I thought it was Addy who did it because the author usually makes the murderer the person who is least likely. Then I thought it was Bronwyn as she is smart and could've done it. After that I just flip flopped on who it was

Celine I thought it was the teacher at first!But then as I read I end up throwing my suspicions to Bronwyn and the further I get to read I got lost on who might be the real killer.Still can't believe Simon did it though...but the most surprising part is when I know Jake being one of the bad guys and hurt Addy.

✨ Y.♡ˎ´ Missy wrote: "I first thought it was the teacher, but then the scene where Jake invited Addy over and was being weirdly nice and asking questions I knew either he killed Simon or had something to do with it."

Agreed!! I was so sure it was the teacher and I thought: man, that's gotta be it.

Grant Fieldgrove Had this book figured out right after the "murder" happened. Maybe I'm just old and have been in the murder game since I was old enough to read, but ya know... Don't call a book One of Us is Lying when you give us all their inner monologue with no reason to be lying. If it was told in the third person, at least, MAYBE, it wouldn't have been so predictable.
Just me, though. : )

Adriana I thougth it was Addy. I don't really know why.

Maggie I actually thought it was Bronwyn's sister Maeve as it is always someone you don't suspect and she was always on the sidelines.

quq I thought it was Janelle (or whatever her name was)

Sarah ♥ (sarahreadss) I was suspecting Bronwyn to begin with and then as the book went on I just couldn't believe it was any of them. That's when I thought well Simon always wants a big story, and I thought he could have done it to himself. Was so shocked when it actually turned out to be him though!

Sylvia-Alexandra I was suspicious of Jake from the very beginning but I was also curious to why Bronwyn wasn't on the back of the cover?! That threw me off a little

✨ Aaron Jeffery ✨ I thought it was The goth girl I think her name was Janae (can’t remember)

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JUAN when i read the description in the back i automaticaly thought it was bronwyn, but as I was reading the book my opinion shifted from Maeve, Keely and Cooper for some reason

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Amy I straight away thought it’s was Simon from the way he was described because especially before he died, he acted very suspicious and throughout the book I always thought back to that moment and had a feeling he was behind all the horrible things those lot had to go through. I think the ending could have been better because the ending didn’t really surprise me that much. Not the best mystery book by far, but at least it was something.

Caitlin Old post, but joining in to say I thought it was the teacher. I was so sure of it until the lawyer suggested it. Then I knew it couldn't be him haha.

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I got suspicious of the teacher because he was in the room but was never really mentioned

Obesehomingpigeon I always start a mystery by reading/watching the first chapter/10 minutes and picking three people I suspect committed the crime. In almost all mysteries you can solve the crime in the first 10 minutes. So, here were my original guesses before reading the first chapter.
1) The teacher
2)Simon's friend
3) Simon himself

After reading the first chapter though I realized there was no way for the teacher to commit the crime. So,

Now we're getting somewhere, at this point I had some classwork to do so I put the book down. It had been about a week and I hadn't really thought about the book that much and had kinda forgotten about it, so I reread the first chapter. That's when I saw something I had skimmed over, the car wreck. That was the only moment someone could've snuck in. However, there was no way none of the five people in the room wouldn't notice someone come in walk to the sink(which is near the window) and fill a cup with peanut oil. That's when I came to my conclusion.

1) Simon w/assistant suicide

Audrey Glaser I thought it was Mr. Avery at first. He left the room and that made it suspicious.

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Jame I thought it would be bronwyn or cooper in the beginning, but as the book went closer to the middle part, I had guessed Simon because of all you found out about him, but it really surprised me that Jake would be Simon's accomplice in the suicide.

Alicia I actually did suspect Simon did it to himself!

Layla Risse I thought it was Simon. Then I thought it was Bronwyn. Then I thought it was Simon again.

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Damien I initially thought it was all a setup by Simon. I realised quite early on that Cooper was going to be secretly gay and thought maybe it'd turn out to be him for a brief while, but they outed him after a bit and then I just didn't really overthink it.

I thought it was a cop-out to have the four main suspects be innocent.

Merricat I thought it was Simon really quick. And then i thought Addy's ex boyfriend was the one sending the message because he was the least probable one. And he was an asshole.

megan oakley I figured it was never going to be one of the four main characters. Honestly, I would have been disappointed if it were. They were the first suspects in our eyes, and in the eyes of the other characters in the books. Like in a crime TV show, it's never the first person (people) suspected!

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