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The Dragon and the Lotus (Chimera #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy, two heroines, one blind nun, one healer, magic powers from dragon bite. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Tiamat100 | 2 comments I'm looking for a fantasy novel which I read within the last two years. I read it in ebook format. I do not remember the cover or when the book was published.
I think the novel was likely aimed at teens or older. It was a fantasy setting, led by two female characters. One was a healer with an intense dislike of doctors, and the other was a nun who had a visual impairment.


The other details I remember are that the healer woman travels to a village which is suffering from some kind of curse, possibly the rivers drying up. The woman has some kind of special intuitive powers due to a dragon biting her ear. The curse started after a child died decades before. A religious woman travelled to the place where the child died to try and end the curse. She did not return, but the curse was stalled for many decades. There has begun to be trouble again as the heroine (her name may begin with A and be something similar to Asha?) comes to the village. She finds the nun trapped in a cave nearby, with the spirit of the dead child keeping her trapped and alive and connected to some kind of plant?
The heroine rescues the nun but the curse remains. The two women leave to travel together.
They see various places, and as they travel it comes out that the healer woman was experimented on by cold, knowledge obsessed men calling themselves doctors, and that is why despite her healing skills she refuses to be called a doctor. There is a scene with a boy sitting under a tree, needing no sustenance, while a village crowd and begin to worship him, and it turns out that it was a doctor who put a dangerous creature there to see what would happen. I am sorry I can't remember more details.
I would appreciate any help anyone could give.

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Tiamat100 | 2 comments Yes! Thank you so much! That's great. :)

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