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message 1: by CMLE Libraries (new)

CMLE Libraries | 29 comments Mod
This one was pretty obvious...libraries are the greatest!

message 2: by Aileen (new)

Aileen Swenson | 8 comments The Book of Speculation
I read this book last month and it was very engaging. The main character works in a library and a book is part of the plot line the whole way through. I highly recommend it!

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary | 34 comments Reading this, the books sounded good; and when I went to add it - I've already read this one! :) I read it with a book group a while ago, and I enjoyed it too - so thanks for the recommendation, and the reminder!

message 4: by Mary (new)

Mary | 34 comments Dangerously Divine (Broken Riders, #2) by Deborah Blake

I just finished this one - the second book in this series. It is a companion to a three book series, and I really liked that one. (I like this one too.)

I was very surprised to start this one and discover it takes place in Minnesota! The official main character, Gregori Sun, is a Rider (a sort-of magical companion to the Baba Yagas living in the US); but half the story is told from the perspective of Ciera Evans - librarian at the U of MN!! I liked the whole story; but really enjoyed reading about Gregori needing all these rare books to do his research. And then being impressed by Ciera's massive librarian skills! (And when a massive blizzard hits St. Paul, I could clearly feel the cold and snow blowing!)

You probably do not need to start at the beginning of the series to get the storyline - but I'd recommend it anyway, because I did enjoy it! If you like urban fantasy - magic happening in our current world - these are fun books!

message 5: by Kate (new)

Kate Buechler | 10 comments One of the protagonists of the graphic novelEmpire State: A Love Story works in a library, though it is not really a major part of the story.

message 6: by Annie (new)

Annie I just read Air Awakens. The protagonist is a library apprentice in a castle, and highly magical!

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