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Here is the list of the RI&RI books that we have scheduled in so far for 2018. Let us know which ones you like the look of.

Please note the schedule could change at any time.

1st Jan
*Tenderly Toxic (Scarred Bullet series #4 ) by Serena Kearney
*Unacquainted by Leigh Lennon
*A Life More Complicated by Lizzie Steel

8th Jan,
*All the Ways You Saved Me by Jamie Howard
*Double Exposition by Jerica MacMillan

15th Jan
*Distractions by Tania Joyce
*Throwing Rules to the Wind by Thessa Lim
*Wingless (Guard Me #2) by Faith Nichola

22th Jan
*Dirty Flirting by Ava Alise
*HARD LEX (Night of the Kings #5) by Shayne Ford

29th Jan
*Defiant Attraction by V.K. Torston
*Little Darling - The Secrets of Hidden Bay #1 by Urcelia Teixeira

5th Feb
*The Vespertine By K.C. Finn
*Reckless by Lex Martin
*Libra Rising by Stacy M. Wray

12th Feb
*THORN by Xee Sambo
*Unwanted by Leigh Lennon
*London, Can You Wait?

19th Feb
*Love's Ache by Ava Alise
*LOVING LEX (Night of the Kings #6) by Shayne Ford

26th Feb
*Constantine’s Secret - The Secrets of Hidden Bay #1 by Urcelia Teixeira
*Special Minds ~ Ally K.

5th March
*The World's Worst Boyfriend (The Bad Boyfriend series, book 1) by Erika Kelly
*Up in the Air by Rebecca Sharp

12th March
*Keeping Claudia by Suzanne McKenna
*The Weight of Madness by Randileigh Kennedy

19th March
*SHADE (Golden Heir #1) ~ Shayne Ford
*Stockholm by Leigh Lennon

26th March
*The Prince's Playbook: The Crown Affair Book One by Pamela DuMond

2nd April
*Our Alternate Ending by Katie Fox
*The Holiday Package by Leigh Lennon

9th April
*His Lucky Penny by Lisa Lynn Meyer
*Only Yours by Madi Dearson

16th April
*Bloom (The Order Series, 1) by Nikki Rae
*LOVING SHADE (Golden Heir #2 by Shane Ford
*Lyrical Lights by Maria La Serra

23th April
*A Brush With Fame by Melinda Hazen
*Love Bites by TL Clark

30th April
*Enticed by you (Miraculous Love #1 ) by Meghana V
*The Matchmaker: A Playing Dirty Novel by Pamela DuMond

7th May
*Heavy Influence - The Complete Series by Ann Marie Frohoff
*THE GOODNIGHT KISS by Jennifer L. Hart

14th May
The Last Breath by Leigh Lennon
FOREVER SHADE (Golden Heir #3) by Shayne Ford.

21st May 2019
Love on Hold by Mia Miller
Reckless Treasure by Cecily Wolfe

28th May
The Baby Arrangement: A Friends to Lovers Romance by Stacey Lewis & J.L. Beck
The Exchange by Lori Gerlisky

4th June
HOCKING HILLS by Doreen McMillan
Just One Summer by Lynn Stevens

11th June
Crazy, Sexy Love by K.L. Grayson
Intricate Deceptions (Intricate, #1) by Jennifer Rayes

18th June
JADEN, (DARK HEART, #1) Shayne Ford
The Slam by Haleigh Lovell

25th June
His Majesty's Measure by Pamela DuMond
The Girl in Between (Next Door Duet #2) by Miranda Silver Book

2nd July
The Baby Mistake (Winston Brothers #2) by J.L. Beck & Stacey Lewis
Wild JADEN, (DARK HEART, #2) Shayne Ford

9th July
Edge of Glory by Magan Vernon
The Foreplay by Haleigh Lovell

16th July
JADEN Heart, (DARK HEART, #2) Shayne Ford
Better Together by BL Maxwell

23rd July
The Baby Contract (Winston Brothers #3) by Stacey Lewis by J.L. Beck
Harshville by Olivia Wildenstein

30th July
JAGGER, ( WILD HEART SERIES #1) by Shayne Ford
LOVING JAGGER, A Ménage Romance by Shayne Ford

6th August
*The Duchess's Decision by Pamela DuMond
*The American Princess Series by Pamela DuMond

13th August
*LOVING BRAXTON, (WILD HEART Series, #3) by Shayne Ford
*WILD NIGHTS, (WILD HEART Series, #4) by Shayne Ford

20th August
*As You Come Undone (The Walker Boys #3) by Molli Moran
*Love Like Crazy (Friendship, Texas #5) by Magan Vernon

27th August
*FINDING HOME, (WILD HEART Series #5) by Shayne Ford
*The Other Side of Trust by Courtney Lea

3rd September
*Bits of Violet by M. Tsuki
*Sunsets at Puerto Galera by Gem Cano

10th September
*Bailing Out by Carrie Quest
*Straight Up Irish (Murphy Brothers #1) by Magan Vernon

17th September
*A Pack of Blood and Lies by Olivia Wildenstein
*Center of Gravity by K.K. Allen

24th September
*But First, Coffee by Sarah Darlington

1st October
*Angels Can't Swim by Alexandra McCann
*Cold, Hard & Heartless by MV Ellis
*The Heartless Boyfriend by Erika Kelly

8th October
*Dropping In by Carrie Quest
*Blizzard by Mikayla Elliot

15th October
Because of Liam by Erica Alexander
Dark Mckenna by Shayne Ford

22th October
Blue Moon by Keely Thone
Hating Him by M. K. Hale

29th October
*Catching London by MV Ellis
*Wiping Out by Carrie Quest

5th November
*Risk by K.B. Rose
*RIPPED - The Price of Loyalty by Tania Joyce

12th November
*Real McKenna by by Shayne Ford
*Evoke by Danielle Simmons

19th November
*The Wrong Side of Twenty Five by Dionne Abouelela
*Serving Up Innocence by HM Shander

26th November
*Lake Effect by Nicole Tone
*Collision by Kristen Granata

3rd December
*Blood by Ruth Miranda
*Ever Lonely by Kimberly Lauren

10th December
*Something Special by Sara Massery
*Strain of Vengeance: Bixby #3 by Michelle Bryan

17th December
*Hard Focus by Vic Tyler
*Twisted Fate by Jessi Elliott

24th December
No RI&RI this week ~ Happy Holidays

31st December
*Avoidance by Kristen Granata
*Love, Music, Madness by Tabitha Rhys

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Kelsey When do the new books come out for the 19th?

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Kelsey wrote: "When do the new books come out for the 19th?"

List updated.

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New books added.

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New book added.

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New books added

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DALIP (dalipess) | 9 comments Would It Not Be Much Better If A Hyperlink Is Provided To The Book That One Can Read & Review So That One Can Connect With Author & Find Out More Of Their Titles or Just Cover Of Book That Leads To Concerned Book?

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