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message 1: by Ian (new)

Ian Bott (iansbott) | 263 comments Let me make sure I understand this: this organization specializes in this field, and asked you for a copy of your book so they could review it, and they are now asking you to help them find a reviewer because they don't know of any?

That sounded a bit weird so I had to check I got that straight.

I agree that this feels awkward. One approach would be to be up front when contacting your groups. Explain that this publication wants to include a review of your book but they don't have the highly specialized connections needed. Another thought would be to pass on contact information for the groups you know to the publication, and let them do the legwork.

message 2: by Lionelson (new)

Lionelson N.Y. | 31 comments Perhaps you could ask for help in social media? I'm sure a lot of people would leave a review in exchange for a reward. I once got the sweetest review simply after giving him a free e-copy of my book :)

message 3: by John (new)

John Hruby | 3 comments "It is a reputable organization, so my assumption is that they're short-staffed, or something along those lines. I may go the route of passing on the contact information."

I recommend you do the work. Do NOT pass on the contact the info especially if you think they may be short staffed. This is your book. You are looking for reviews and publicity. I'm assuming your book is good and I'm assuming you know what you're talking about. I encourage you to OWN it. You have to KNOW that you are an expert here and what you have is valuable.

NOT from a braggy or egotistical way but from the honest and authentic point of view of, "I've got something really good here that will make your life better if you deal with xxxxx. I'm looking for reviewers so they can let others know how valuable this book is for the people looking for this book."

I'm a parent. I've read parenting books. I'm glad someone got someone to write the reviews that got me to read the books. My life and my kids' lives are better for me doing that. This is where you are. Be strong. Be positive. Know what you wrote is good. OWN it. Now go out there and find reviewers which will assist the world in knowing what you wrote is valuable to others.

All the best.

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