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message 1: by Ron (new)

Ron Shaw | 266 comments Hi, I'm new and as my group Intro post will show I am an avid fan of audiobooks (and the reasons why).

One thing I could not find an answer to on Goodreads, or anywhere for that matter was a good Hours to Pages conversion.

I know that for the sake of standardization, Goodreads uses a 1 hour per page system rounded up. However, while I have no desire to argue against Goodreads' policy, I found that this metric does not give anything approaching a realistic conversion.

Being that I am the type of person who becomes Obsessive when I can't find an answer or system that works, I decided to do some internet surfing for the information, and had to piece together my own rough conversion. So here it is:

Disclaimer - Due to the variations in Narrator speed, book size/format, font size, etc. and the fact that this information comes from agreeing but unverified internet sources, these are all Approximations, not hard data.

First Narrator speed: The website questions area has posted (which has been re-posted on several voice-over budget sites) that general or average narration speed is roughly 155 words per minute or 9300 words per hour.

Second Book Format: In the U.S. the low quality mass-market paperback and "Trade Edition" paperback formats seem to be the most common, whereas in the U.K. their "Type-B" format seems most common. Since the fiction Trade Edition and Type-B are near to each other in overall dimension we'll go with that.

Third Words per Page: Even though there seems to be an "Editor's convention" of 250 words per page, the publishing help and book design sites I found all seemed to agree on a range between 330-400 words per page with 350 wpp being the most frequent.

So if we take approximately 155 Words per Minute AND approximately 350 Words per page... we end up with Approximately 2.25 minutes per page.

Therefore at approximately 2.25 minutes per page, we get roughly 27 paperback pages in 60.75 minutes.

I know this is not as accurate as some people would prefer, but it was the best conversion I could come up with given all of the averages and approximations involved.

message 2: by Faith (new)

Faith | 414 comments For certain purposes on this site GR uses the number of pages in the default edition of the book to determine the equivalent pages in the audio book. That works for me.

message 3: by Stephanie (last edited Jan 02, 2018 07:30AM) (new)

Stephanie (quiltsrme) | 143 comments I found GR wasn't counting pages for many of my ebooks or audiobooks. Since I also enjoy using the Publication bar to show when what I am reading was originally published, I just regularly choose the book closest to original publication date. For someone who only reads newer novels or doesn't care about that stat, choose the most consistent format. If pages read were important to me, I would pick paperbacks since that was what I bought pre-kindle/ipod. That would give me the most accurate page count.

I do appreciate your calculation, though, as i do track pages in Calibre and some novellas are only available at Audible (not in print form).

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