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Sarah Oksana | 2 comments Vermont

Hello guys I'm a 21 year old Law student currently obtaining my degree from the University of London. However in my sparetime I enjoy indulging in the mind of the readers through writing. I have a love for true crime stories also myths. I was inspired by a number of events I've watched , read and learned over the years. Here is the synopsis of my first book in this series.

Vermont is a supernatural/crime fiction based in a town called Unknown where the population is full of mystical creatures and there's no human existence. When a young New Yorker Diana McKenzie mysteriously gets turned into a vampire she meets an ancient woman called the Voodoo Queen who guides her to the Unknown town and helps her through her new fate. As Diana gets familiar with the strange town she bonds with a revolutionary detective to help solve a gruesome crime. This book is available on Amazon & Kindle

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Fars Yu (farswoods1999) | 9 comments btw I'm a law major as well and pleasant to meet u here :)

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Sarah Oksana | 2 comments Fars wrote: "btw I'm a law major as well and pleasant to meet u here :)"
Great meeting you

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