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message 1: by Hock (new)

Hock Tjoa (hockgtjoa) | 8 comments Has anyone experience with getting a review on NetGalley.

I'm new there and so far only see how to get books to review. Just wondering if an indie writer has a chance of being reviewed by THEM.

Merry Christmas.

message 2: by Lance (new)

Lance (sportsbookguy) | 27 comments If you mean how to post a review there, I can help you. If you are,asking other authors, I can't help you there...I am a reviewer and have written many book reviews of titles obtained through NetGalley

message 3: by Thamy (new)

Thamy | 1 comments I'm sorry to intrude, seeing that I never post here. But as a Netgalley member, this thread called to me. I'm uncertain if you don't know much about Netgalley or if you just want tips for your book to attract more reviewers there.

For the former, you just need to pay them and wait for people. It's pricey, but there are some who get together to divide the fee. I used to know of an official site where NG approached specific questions for those seeing to release books through them. Unfortunately, it's no longer working. I'm so sorry...

Nevertheless, you should google the many blogs debating whether NG is worth their price. They tend to conclude it isn't. At the same time, I keep seeing a great number of indies books, so the complainers could be the exception speaking louder. You never know with the internet.

If you mean how to get an actual review, even though I'm a reviewer myself, I wouldn't know the tricks. They do have paid services like specifically advertising your book, and you can send widgets to some reviewers you think would enjoy your book. Lately, I've been choosing mine from other members' recs too.

The difference from the outside would be the badges. I'm sure you've noticed. We get badges if we review x books, if we're approved by x publishers, if our reviews are picked to be on display x times. That's when lesser known authors/publishers could attract reviewers. I myself have reviewed books just because I noticed that publisher always picks reviews of 4+ stars or auto-approves their reviewers. So there are tricks. I hope writers here can help you further should you decide to make your book available there.

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