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message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew McBride | 68 comments Forgive me for giving my horn a final toot for 2017 with this review of my reviews. My western novel THE PEACEMAKER - about an attempt to make peace with the great Apache chief COCHISE - has received wide acclaim: between, and Goodreads it has 22 reviews/ratings – two 4 star, 20 5 Star! From Pulitzer-prize nominated author Ralph Cotton: ‘This relatively new author has thoroughly, and rightly so, claimed his place among the top Old West storytellers.’ Robert Vaughan (another Pulitzer-prize nominated author) ‘A great book.’ Other reviewers: ‘A first-rate, meticulously researched, deeply felt Western novel.’ ‘Riveting Story of the Apache Wars.’ ‘Great historical western… This is the best western I have read for a long time (and I read a lot.)’ ‘Simply superb stuff.’ and

Frank Kelso (frank_kelso) | 38 comments Hey Andrew: You have toot your horn here - your neighbors would complain otherwise.
Glad to see you getting some well deserved kudos for The Peacemaker.
Is the follow up book released and available on Amazon??

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew McBride | 68 comments Hi Frank Thanks for your kind words about THE PEACEMAKER. There may be a follow up book but I haven't written it yet! In the meantime there are 5 other Andrew McBride westerns out there. I hope your novels continue to have success. Andrew

message 4: by Ash (new)

Ash Lingam (ashlingam) | 4 comments Are you interested in swapping a review? I have a new Western Novel I am launching in the next days. If interested you can contact me at

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