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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. HQN Romance [s]

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Heather Lire (heatherlire) | 5 comments This book came out between 88 and 92 maybe as late as 93.

Heroine (Kennedy is her name I think) is a single mom with a 4 yr old daughter (I want to say her name is Dakota). H is a realtor who has been asked by the mayor to make sure the guy who is bringing a lot of business and jobs to their community finds the perfect house. Big wig is her ex-husband who was flat broke when she divorced him.

Hero had no clue ex-wife was pregnant when they got divorced. She's the reason he's there. Everything he's done since the divorce was to get her back.

I want to say it takes place in Canada as the book may have been a Mills and Boon release as well. It may also have been a HQN super romance.

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Lobstergirl | 38154 comments Mod
Heather, please add some plot details to your header since about 870 other people are also looking for Harlequins in this group. This could help your query get solved faster. Many people skim headers quickly and only click on the ones they think they know.

Heather Lire (heatherlire) | 5 comments Ayshe THANK YOU SO MUCH! That is the book. how did you find it so fast? I've been searching for YEARS

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Nina Marie | 21 comments I'm thinking she is a miracle worker myself! She helped me find a book that I had been searching for for 10 years in a matter of a couple of hours after I posted!

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Ayshe | 4162 comments You're welcome! It was the third result in google books search for realtor ex-husband harlequin subject:fiction (year range 1975-1995)

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