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BlackBettySquad | 22 comments Mod
Here is where we can talk about Chapters 1-3 of The Darkest Minds!

Ruchika | 1 comments We're finally doing this! Yay!

BlackBettySquad | 22 comments Mod
Yes we are! I read two chapters last night! I’m excited to reread and discuss this with everyone!!—B

BlackBettySquad | 22 comments Mod
So after rereading it, there were two things that caught my eye. One- I totally forgot about Ruby accidentally erasing Sam's memories. Two- the very last sentence of Chapter Three "It was the last word I spoke for nearly a year." It has honestly been a long time since I reread these books, so even though I know the main points, I have forgotten a lot of the little details apparently. Which makes me more excited to continue rereading now. But going back to the two things that caught my eye, reading about Sam and Ruby brought back a lot of feelings of wanting more out of Sam and Ruby's relationship. They were friends for 5? 6? years. I really would enjoy a little background story on Sam, or even more information about them being in Thurmond together. I personally feel like Sam's character had so much potential to be something more.

Going back to the very last sentence that was interesting to read, I have no idea why. I guess since it was just a simple sentence that means a lot. Ruby not speaking for nearly a year? That is a very huge thing to happen, but is definitely downplayed and forgotten it almost seems. Or maybe it is just me over-emphasizing a detail that doesn't need to be. Who knows. I just thought it was interesting that it caught my eye and I don't even remember reading that sentence in the first place, as if it wasn't part of the book. Anyways, that is my take on Chapters1-3 (more like Chapter 3 I know haha), but can't wait to continue on!


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Marisa | 1 comments I just reread the first three chapters and I totally didn't even realize how Ruby manipulated the doctor officer guy when she was being sorted. The first time I read it it didn't even make sense to me because I went into the book pretty much knowing nothing but after having read the rest of the series I understand it completely now

BlackBettySquad | 22 comments Mod
Carly I agree I would like more on Ruby and Sams friendship! I feel they had a great friendship!

I’ll be honest the first time I read the part where she made the guy think she was green I reread it a few times to understand it.

I kind of wish we got more on the orange boy who made the psi officer kill themselves. To me he seems like he would have been an interesting heroic character. He did what he did to try to save those kids knowing he probably wouldn’t have made it. What’s some of your guys favorite parts in chapter 1-3!?


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