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Nawfal (nawfalaq) | 7 comments I failed last year; proposed to climb some miniature hill, and forgot I was climbing. Like a stuck avatar in an MMORPG that mobs end up destroying. I just forgot totally. This year, I have reminders everywhere around my house! LOL .... but I'm not silly enough to attempt more than Pike's Peak!

1. "Dwarves" - Markus Heitz.
I feel like this has been on my TBR forever! Sheesh!

2. "Mindship" - Gerard Conway
Another longtime TBR-resident

3. "The Crack in Space" - PKD
I stalled out on PKD at this one years ago. I just need to get through it.

4. "Brother Assassin" - Fred Saberhagen
Why can't I read this? I enjoyed book #1. I must make the effort this year!

5. "Count Zero" - William Gibson
I read "Neuromancer" in 2012. I liked it once I got the hang of it (if you have read it, you know what I mean). But I keep reading the first page of this one and then avoiding it.

6. "Time's Arrow" - Martin Amis
This book ended up on my tbr mess from a discussion back in 2001 with a particular Professor for Ancient Philosophy, K.U.Leuven.


Hilary (A Wytch's Book Review) (knyttwytch) Every peak climbed means less books on the TBR list - so happy climbing!

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Jessika (jessika_56) Haha, nice. Better luck this year!

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Nawfal (nawfalaq) | 7 comments OK.
It is nearing the end of February, BUT I am roughly halfway through a book that has been collecting moss on the TBR mountainside for about 17 years!

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