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message 1: by Shanon (new)

Shanon (Boban) | 1166 comments Mod
Weekly Tête-à-Tête #5

My ereader has an automatic scroll function so I don't have to worry about bruising my precious little thumb on the down key when I finish the page. Until this weekend I've never used it because I'm worried I'll fall asleep and have to figure out where I was.

I decided to try to use it this weekend because I'm a SLOW reader - we're talking snails pace! I do this thing called "internal verbalization" where I actually say the words silently in my head. That means I usually don't read any faster than I could out loud and it drives me crazy! I just can't seem to break the habit. I think the auto scroll is helping but I'm not sure how much because I have to keep slowing it down so I can catch up!

This inspired a couple questions:
*Do you consider yourself a fast or slow reader?

*Do you have any quirky reading habits that annoy you but you can't seem to stop?

I found this free speed reading test if you're interested. I had 263 words per minute which is faster than the last time I did it a few months ago so I guess I'm improving.

message 2: by Melodie (new)

Melodie (melodieco) I suppose I would tend more toward fast. If I don't have anyone around bothering me I can read an average size paperback in about 6 or 7 hours.

message 3: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (Kathry) Shanon, I'm just like you. I thought I read fast but after the test, at 270 word per minute, I guess I don't read that fast after all. I never really thought about it before but I also internalize my reading. I "hear" it all in my head. Of course, there are books that I read faster or slower, depending on how immersed I am and how difficult of a read it is. I find that I read my school text books much faster than I read for enjoyment.

message 4: by Shanon (new)

Shanon (Boban) | 1166 comments Mod
Once upon a time I read really fast but I found I wasn't retaining enough information from my textbooks so I forced myself to slow down and it has just stuck. Stupid school work!

Melodie - I'm completely jealous that you can read a book so fast! Now the trick is getting 6-7 hours of solitude to read :)

message 5: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 66 comments I read at 253 wpm and 73% accuracy according to that test. Of course if acknowledges that interest in material will effect that. I'm certain I read considerably faster and with greater accuracy when I read things I enjoy.

I always try to read slower, to savor books and enjoy them. Very few last me 2 days of on and off reading with kid interruptions.

message 6: by Evangeline (new)

Evangeline (evangeline9) | 11 comments I read at 331 wpm and had an 82% accuracy. I guess thats fast, but I definetly think with something I am actually interested in I read faster than that. It seemed like it took me forever to read that little test b/c it was boring. I guess having something interesting helps.
What I do notice is that if I am really interested in a certain scene or part of a book I read it slower. Weird, I know. Just like that last bit of cake, you chew slow so you can savor it. LOL

ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ (briansgirlkate) I must be pretty slow at 283 wpm. Then again trying to remember statistics does slow one down. I can, however, read a simple harlequin romance in one afternoon/evening (about 5-6 hours).

message 8: by Shanon (new)

Shanon (Boban) | 1166 comments Mod
Evangeline wrote: "What I do notice is that if I am really interested in a certain scene or part of a book I read it slower. Weird, I know. Just like that last bit of cake, you chew slow so you can savor it. LOL "

Not weird at all! I do the same thing with books/scenes that grab my attention. I will practice reading faster until those books/scenes because I don't want to miss a thing!

message 9: by Elvia (new)

Elvia (elvb) I'm not even going to put what I had on that silly test. lol I will tell you I did so bad I didn't even finish the comprehension part. haha
I Had to keep going back because the words were so boring I couldn't get it.
I know I can read faster if the book is interesting and enjoyable. If it's boring I literally have to re-read paragraphs to comprehend what I just read! ugh

ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ (briansgirlkate) Yeah, the utterly boring content plus statistics really slowed me down. Especially as you knew you were gonna be tested on it afterwards.

message 11: by Jessi (new)

Jessi  (JessiM) I am a slow reader, it usually takes me a week (sometimes two) to finish a book. If I didn't have all the distractions (school, childern, husband) I could probably read faster.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello my name is Stephanie and i am a SLOW READER... and very Proud of it... I find if i try to read fast i skip over or miss reading parts.. so best to read my pace.. i don't mind that i read slow.. when i was younger i never read so.. any type of reading is better then nothing for me.. i had a very hard time reading.. i didn't understand what i was reading so i had to reread and reread the same paragraph over and over again... then i got to the point that i stopped reading... until my mom got me a book from a garage sale.. Anne Rice's Interview with the vampire .... i read it and loved it... i found more of her books and bought as many as i could..i read most of them..
then after a while just stopped reading again..( my life was very active then)
but last year my boyfriend made me buy a book there was a deal at chapters and i had to get something. so i got 2 books and haven't stopped reading yet knock on wood lol... i am a ok reader and my English is getting better and spelling.. and i love it.. reading rocks hehe..

ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ (briansgirlkate) I find myself rereading passages all the time. It's not that I didn't get it the first time, but there are times when I want to make sure I read something important right (and kids could have distracted me, etc.) so I'll reread a paragraph and then move on. I agree, it's more important that you are reading (and paying attention to what you read) then how fast you read. It isn't a race.

message 14: by Paula (new)

Paula (pauldajo) I am a slow reader, always have been. I don't concentrate well while reading if the TV or radio is on, either. When I was reading the Shining by Stephen King, I turned the TV on 'cause the book scared me. I didn't want to concentrate!

message 15: by Elvia (new)

Elvia (elvb) LOL Paula...I do that too when books scare me. And whatever is on the tv has to be funny. Laughing in the background somehow make the book LESS scary. Don't know why!

message 16: by Paula (new)

Paula (pauldajo) Elvia, Now watching a funny TV show is something that I'll have to try!

message 17: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Leonard (luvl8r) Funny I know I'm a fast reader but 576wpm and 91% comprehension, that seems absurd, I guess thats why I read 300page books in a matter of hours. That seems really high though. With the kids and everything around me its a wonder I got that high.

message 18: by Erin (new)

Erin (Erin-B) Most of the time I am a fast reader. Especially if it's something I find really interesting, I tend to devour the book in one sitting. It actually bothers me when I read too fast. Sometimes I feel like I might be missing something, but I can't seem to make myself slow down.

message 19: by Laura Lulu (new)

Laura Lulu (lauralulu) I'm a pretty fast reader, I took the test and got 317 wpm with 100% comprehension. I think it's the comprehension that dictates how fast you read--I can speed read through something, but I would have to go back and read it again to comprehend it, kwim? I went back and took the test again based solely on reading quickly, not worrying about being tested on the material and I got 458wpm. I slowed down a lot when I knew I was going to be tested. :)

Some of my reading quirks, hmmm...I NEVER skim, ever. I read every word--my mom is a skimmer and it kills me, I always say "what if you miss something important?" I just can't do it.

Also, I often find myself putting my hands over the pages on the parts I haven't read yet--sometimes in a good part of a book I can not stop my brain/eyes from wanting to jump ahead and see what happens--I have to physically thwart them. :)

message 20: by new_user (new)

new_user I used to read really fast when I was younger. Devour wasn't the word, LOL. But now I find myself reading internalized, as you said, Shanon, as if I'm reading a stageplay. It is a kind of savoring, I think. I could read faster, but I don't really want to. I wouldn't absorb as much. If a particular part strikes me or I really like it, I'll reread it. That contributes to a lot of my slowness too, I'm sure, LOL.

Laura, I have the same problem. Sometimes when I'm at a critical conversation in the book, like a big reveal, I'll be tempted to let my eyes slip down... just a bit. LOL.

message 21: by Shanon (new)

Shanon (Boban) | 1166 comments Mod
HA! I've been known to cover a page here and there myself! I also have to be careful not to peak (accidentally right ;) ) at the last page too much if it's an intense read.

message 22: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 23, 2009 03:21PM) (new)

I'm a slow reader, not extremely slow but I think I do what you said Shanon, "internal verbalization" I don't know why I do it I just do, it might be because I imagine the characters voices in my head along with elaborating the scenes in the books.

An annoying habit, I seem to read down the page and regret it when I do, I usually read the last page if not that the last sentence of the book. Plus I have Reading ADD (that's what I'm calling it when i get like half way through a book and then find some other book that seems great and I completely stop reading my current book and move to another.), I guess it is just another think to go with my Music Tourette's.

message 23: by Jeremiah (new)

Jeremiah Cain (Jeremiah_Cain) | 29 comments I guess I would also fall into Shannon's "internal verbalization" category. But I would describe my way as reading in "real time." I read fast bits fast and slow bit slow. Dialogue is always read at the pace the character would speak it. When I really get into a book, it's like I don't see words at all but almost dream what is happening.

I only read really fast when I'm not really interested and ready to get through it.

message 24: by new_user (new)

new_user Same here, Jeremiah. :)

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah I'm also like that Jeremiah, I have to picture averything going on in my head, and only time I will read fast is like reading a text book for school, boring...

message 26: by Shannon (last edited Oct 26, 2009 05:00PM) (new)

Shannon (theholyterror) | 132 comments So I just found this neat program called Spreeder. I tried it at 700 WPM and I was surprised at how much I actually read and understood. I was thinking of trying this with some of the online articles I have to read for school to see if it'll help with my comprehension.

Here's some info:

Spreeder is an online speed reading utility to help train you to read faster. It does this by flashing words at a rapid rate, which helps in three ways:

1. Reduce subvocalization
2. Increase chunk comprehension
3. Eliminate backreading

message 27: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (theholyterror) | 132 comments Shanon wrote: "HA! I've been known to cover a page here and there myself! I also have to be careful not to peak (accidentally right ;) ) at the last page too much if it's an intense read."

I always have to cover the last few paragraphs of the last page as I'm reading, and move my hand down a line at a time. If I don't do this I'll skip to the last sentence and read it. I can't stop myself so I have to keep it covered until I get to it.

message 28: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 26, 2009 09:45PM) (new)

I scored a 287 wpm and 91% comprehension. YAY! I am guessing I would be a good reader (which is usually 300 wpm and 80% comprehension.), i guess I'm not that slow... But I do tend to read very slow reread lines when I get tired or bored, hehe (obviously...).

Took the test here: http://www.readingsoft.com/index.html

message 29: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (wildcherry) Well I'm a slow reader with 185 wpm with 82% retention. I did take this test when I'm starting to get a headache so it might not be the best results but i do read kinda slow normally just so that I get everything I just read.

message 30: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (mspennydreadful) I'm a fast reader 370wpm with 88% comprehension.
I've found with some books I will intentionally slow down the reading process so I can make it last longer or I'll go back directly after finishing it and reread my favorite parts.
But if I book doest grab me in the first 100 pages..I'm outta there.
I have literary A.D.D.

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