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**Note - if you haven't read the book, don't read this as there are spoilers!**

Does anyone have any idea as to why there might be three sets of twins that come up in the novel: the little boy twins who are always playing cricket in the road, Michael and his twin brother who tried to save the boy from the car and the girl who is pregnant being pregnant with twins. I have thought about it lots and I don't think it's a coincidence but I can't work out the link between them.

All I can think of is whether the girl's giving birth to twins would kind of like counterbalance with something good the unhappy death and near-death of Michael's twin and the young boy twin?

If anybody has a thought please say I would be greatly interested!

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Ben Warden Hi Lara,

I think the twins things links to the title of the book and the message that we are connected and remarkable things do happen.

Personally I think Mcgregor gives us three sets of twins to show connections and to add a little bit of 'miracle' to the story.

It's also quite odd for a story to have twins involved unless they are a tool for the plot, so I think three sets of twins have been added intentionally to draw the observation of the smart reader.

I think your suppose to not really know why they are used, but just get this feeling that everyone in the world of the story are linked in magical ways.

What do you think?

It is a great book isn't it!


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