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Silver Post really long run-on error sentences here. Try to make each one longer than the last one. Caps are allowed but not encouraged. No repeating letters like thissssssssssssss to take up space. Use as many conjunctions as you wish.

Hi I'm like Silver and I'm like totally cool because I can write haikus better than Apollo even though I know he's not real and I disagree with anyone who says but whatever that's not the point and I bought this watercolor paper but then we saw some that was less expensive but we had already bought it and I found my latin-english dictionary and right now it's sitting on my desk and my room's really clean because my sister is throwing a pajama party today and our mom said if we both cleaned our rooms and did violin then we could have it and I just realized that I don't know if my sister's outside or not but she's playing her suzuki book one cd and I just remembered I have to look up Concerto in A minor first movement by Bach so bye!!

Christa (is on top of the world!) (obsesedwbooks) Hi I'm Christa and I'm like extremely excited for the end of this month to come around because I'll be turning 17 and I'll also be able to see this one guy that I really really like I can't seem to get him out of my mind because not only have we known eachother for like ever but he's the sweetest most gentel guy I know Anyway I start my Seinor year of high school this september and I'm really anxtious to find out what my official scheduel is plus I can't wait to see some of my close friends and hang out with them like almost every day like we used to Oh crap now I have to find out what to wear for the first day maybe a skirt or a really rockin pair of shorts with a cute layered tee oh man my hands are getting sore from all this typing I got to go and flex the muscles to get rid of the hand cramps!!!

message 3: by Silver (new)

Silver Cool I'm younger than you but I don't go by peoples' ages because I have a friend who's ten but I knew someone my age who acted like she was seven and anyway I'm older than Susie so that should give you my age range I think Callum thinks I'm sixteen and some people on neopets thought I was in my mid twenties and someone else thought I was in second grade but that's just because she was mad I wouldn't let her take over my guild and change all the html well actually I let her change it but I didn't realize she'd completely redo it and I said it wasn't really my style as a nice way of saying I didn't like it and she was so mad at me and she said my poem wasn't good at all but I don't really believe her because my poem won second place in a poetry contest at my library that's city-wide and I live in a big city and the public schools entered the contest too but I think only one person from the school won and some of the poems were really good I was kind of glad I wasn't in the older group because I love their poems but their poems are more advanced than what I can write and then let someone read because usually I only let my best friend read anything I write which is why I don't have any good written things on goodreads especially since one of my "Friends" is my bff's older sister and it's really hot here and my hands are sweating and I need to do my piano theory because I have a lesson tomorrow and I haven't really practiced but it's mostly violin with like two minutes of piano so I should be okay and I thought I was the best sister ever for buying my sister candy without even going to see how much it cost but now I think she's the best sister ever because she cleaned off the living room table all by herself but now I need to do my theory and then maybe roleplay a little bit I don't know...

message 4: by Silver (new)

Silver Oops my friend is actually my bff's YOUNGER sister because she doesn't have any older sisters and she's not 10 anymore.

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