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About the author:
Rebecca Smith teaches Creative Writing at Southampton University. She provides a brief biography on her university website (http://www.soton.ac.uk/english/profil...) and on her publisher's website (http://www.bloomsbury.com/Authors/det...).

Some things to ponder...:

The author has been described as '... the perfect English miniaturist'. From this book, would you agree with this sentiment? What were your thoughts on the scope of the novel?

There is a lot of botanical detail in the book. Did this help with your enjoyment of the book / did it lessen your enjoyment / did you find that it was any more (or less) believable as a result of the detail?

The book is described as a novel about "love, loss and loyalty". How does it compare to other books about loss and grief?

Did the ambiguous setting of "a redbrick university" somewhere in the Southeast bother you? Would you have preferred the novel to be linked to a particular geographical location?

What did you think of the change in narration -- were there any characters that worked more for you than others? What was it about them that made them successful as a narrator?

Some basic ones, perhaps, but.. did you enjoy the book? If so, what was it that you particularly liked? If not, what was it that you didn't like? Would you read any more of her books?

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Becky Hi all,

Just a quick change to one of the questions, which I didn't spot when I sent them out (apologies!). The question about characters shouldn't be phrased as a change in narration (as that doesn't really happen), but more a change in perspective as you see the viewpoints/opinions of the different characters.


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