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message 1: by Theda (new)

Theda | 6 comments I think this author should be deleted

Also,about the book that is shown:
I changed the author's name into the right one,
but it still exists in the wrong authors page
as well as in the right authors page.

this is the right author

message 2: by Paula (last edited Aug 09, 2009 02:02AM) (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7029 comments Mimthe

Sometimes the page does not refresh straight away, at the bottom of the list of books is there a link that says "More books by..." if so click on there and look at that list - generally I find that the book does not display there.

I also merged the incorrect author in to the correct one, there is no way to delete author profiles that I know off

Edit: If you look now it is gone, I went in to Combine Editions to make sure nothing was there and when I exited out the book was no longer under the profile

message 3: by Theda (new)

Theda | 6 comments Great! Thank you very much!

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