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message 1: by Seth (new)

Seth (sethharwood) | 2 comments I know you guys have read Clockers by Richard Price, right? I heard an interview with him on NPR and he was saying about how parts of The Wire were taken from that book (he was one of the 3 novelists on the payroll there) and I'm reading it now! Awesome book!
This book WAS The Wire ten years before The Wire even started!

message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 10, 2009 05:50PM) (new)

This was the first Richard Price book that I read. It was very influential, powerful and moving. I'll take your word (and his) on the fact that some of The Wire stories were taken from Clockers. It was a long time ago and I don't remember all the details, just the fact that any time I see anything written by Richard Price, I pick it up. Thanks so much for the information. I am now thinking about re-renting The Wire from Season 1 onward from netflix to see it again.

message 3: by Seth (new)

Seth (sethharwood) | 2 comments The Wire's about the best thing you can watch, I think. I'm sure the people in the group agree.
Things from the book that match the wire start with: the benches and the trade in the middle of the low-rises, the part about the cops coming out of the movie theater with their wives in the middle of all the hoppers, the good night moon, good night crackheads part with Keema...

Back to reading for me. More to find.


message 4: by Jackie (new)

Jackie | 18 comments Seth, Doesn't the author in the NPR interview mention the "good night crackheads" in particular as having come almost verbatim from Clockers? (c;

message 5: by Jeff (new)

Jeff (jeffschneider) Yes, the scene with Kima and the baby and "Goodnight Moon" comes straight from Clockers..the detective in the book did it with his little girl

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