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The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, #2)
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message 1: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Kennedy | 92 comments Mod

THE WELL OF ASCENSION IS IN LUTHADEL!??? I thought it was odd that the thumping was fading the farther Vin traveled to Terris, but I still didn't expect this! It must be in Kredik Shaw, maybe even in that small "building within a building" that Kelsier was always trying to get into. Thoughts?

And that creepy Mist spirit that tried to kill Elend in his sleep! >:(

Is this spirit a personification of the Deepness? Perhaps, the Mist does become a 'creature'?
OH and speaking of Elend, I was so happy when he decapitated Jastes. That man was a traitor to his country, and caused the death of many innocents. Elend acts on justice, and I think his move here was right. He will be a good king.

The Koloss attack was so intense! I was up late at night and couldn't stop reading! It was honestly terrifying, because I didn't know who would die! The Koloss climbing up the walls and everything, reminds me of the anime show Attack on Titan, if any of you know it ;)

Sazed held up such a good fight. I'm immensely proud of that Terrisman. I he took out a lot of Koloss before Vin came. I couldn't help feeling sad for him when he realized he doesn't know what he believes in, and of course, when he found Tindwyl's body.

Sazed just closed his eyes and held her, cursing her for staying, yet loving her for it all the same.

Originally I was happy Tindwyl stayed, as I wanted to see her relationship with Sazed become stronger. I'm so sad she was one of the ones that died in the fight :( She was perfect for Sazed, and he for her. Poor Sazed.

On the topic of deaths, let's give our respects to the other crew members who died.

Clubs/Master Cladent, a carpenter and a realist who wasn't ashamed of me speaking the depressing facts. He was a smoker, protecting allowmancers by giving them a coppercloud. He's uncle to young Lestibournes/Spook. He is killed after being cut down by a Koloss.
It was bitter-sweet to see that he wore the wooden disk with the image of a paint brush around his neck; the token that Sazed had given him to represent a religion valuing art.

And then there's Dockson. Kelsier's best friend and right-hand man. He was chosen by Kelsier to be the Governor of Luthadel after his death. He had no allowmantic abilities, but was a big part of the crew nonetheless. I wish we saw more of him in this book. He was killed by a Koloss.

Vin really pushed her abilities to get to Luthadel! What a badass! I liked how she used horseshoes to make an allowmancer highway to Luthadel, like the metal spike highway she traveled with Kelsier. I liked in A LOT more in this part then the previous one. I have to say, Brandon Sanderson does such a good job describing fight scenes. Vin tore through the Koloss ranks. And she found out she can control them the same way you can control a Kandra!! It was so odd to picture a creepy Koloss lifting Vin up to speak to Lord Penrod XD

Oh I forgot to mention one other death! Though I don't think we need to pay our respects to this man.
Straff Venture, a Tineye who was the most powerful noble in the Final Empire, and Elend's father. Boy was I glad to see him croak.

The horse fell into two pieces, front and back. What remained of the former king slid to the ground with the equine corpse. She looked at the remnants, smiled grimly, and bid Straff farewell.

It needed to be done Vin. Good job!

What do you guys think about Cett??? I still seems like a foul man to me, though maybe deep down he has some good in him? It's obvious he loves his daughter, even if he tries not to show it. Speaking of which, Allrianne ended up being a character that I was wasn't expecting. Originally I thought she was some spy of some sort, but she seems honest. She loves Breeze.

Ahh Breeze. One of my favourite characters evens till. I feel so bad for him, hiding in shock after seeing Clubs killed. He's so traumatized he can hardly soothe the soldier's around him. The soldiers that found him however, told Ham that they could feel him soothing them. I wonder how long he will be in shock.

Well it seems like we are coming to a conclusion. Elend is on his way to take back his throne. The threat of Koloss as well as Cett and Straff's armies is diminished. But there's still the BIG threat. The mist. Will Vin be able to find the Well of Ascension and stop the mist, or will this be saved for book three? Let's keep reading!

I have to say, I absolutely love this series and am so happy to be reading it.

message 2: by Dimitris (last edited Oct 27, 2017 10:18AM) (new)

Dimitris (dimitris_lianos) I was so shocked too: the Well of Ascension is in Luthandel? How can this be? It goes against all the lore, the text engraved on steel at that monastery of Seran, everything... Could two Terris experts working on this for weeks have been so oblivious to the truth lying right next to them? Zane wouldn't have sensed it either? I thought Vin had entered the Lord Ruler's inner sanctuary back in The Final Empire. There was no well in there, only a room decorated in old style objects, recreating his home in Terris 1000 years ago... I want to read more tonight! :)

Sazed is indeed the best. Not only the wisest and most compassionate, but also extremely powerful and effective in battle! He held the Koloss till Vin arrived and used whatever duralumin to control them (amazing scene!) I can't say the same about Tyndwil, sorry. She really got on my nerves and was very rude to Elend at the end (a big no-no for me, Elend is pure Goodness). Like Zane with Vin, I can't quite grasp this insta-love between the two Terris advisors. They practically hated each other throughout the entire novel. When did Sazed fall in love with her? When she was constantly belittling him and his specialty in Religions? Mmm, no problem with her death, I feel like she only wanted for more people (Elend, Vin) to die with her, all the time I felt like everyone's lives were totally unimportant to her... I'm convinced she was training Elend to add the info to her books and calculate the statistics against older kings and report back. She never really cared about him or the fate of the people, they were just numbers to her - the opposite of Sazed who never was a mere observant but bent old sacred rules to help the living. I could be wrong (still I have very negative feelings where she's concerned)

And as for our Elend... It seems a bit unjust that he will come back and just like that will be made King. There. I said it! He did nothing to save Luthandel (he couldn't have done anything, except have allowed Vin to go kill Straff and Cett, which he didn't allow) It's like he's becoming King by process of elimination, cause there's no one else left. He's not related to the previous Ruler, he's not the one who overthrew him, he has no powers, the people voted him out, I just don't know... His most heroic action was decapitating (very well done!) his old friend Lekal who was surrendering. I absolutely adore him but if someone must be made king it should be Vin. She's the unique Mistborn combining Feruchemy and Allomancy, just like the Lord Ruler did. Elend could be her consort, like Prince Philip, but nothing more. But this is a "medieval" world... a woman ruler wouldn't be possible...

Still, I have to wonder: she realized how the Koloss could be controlled. It required that combination of Feruchemy and Allomancy that the Lord Ruler alone had, right? Or just hitting them with this duralumin and shattering something in them? How then was Jastes controlling them all this time? He was nothing, had no powers...

The battle was superb! I agree with Jay that mr. Sanderson was a way with such epic scenes! He makes you a part of the bloodshed. Just when the wooden gates gave and howling beasts entered the city, she appeared! And yes, I was extatic as well to see her split Straff in two, it should have lasted longer! I hope she sends Cett and his annoying daughter to meet Lord Venture pretty soon. No, I don't believe she loves Breeze, she practically admitted it, boasting how she played him [second page of Chapter 50] Wow, I can't stand her... I don't even think she's his daughter. How? He's been a cripple since childhood!

We're running out of villains, have you noticed? ;) It's only the Mist and this spirit in it... When Vin and Zane were in their mortal fight in the previous Part, inside the tower, it arose and reached up to her shoulders! More and more it lingers past sunrise. I can't imagine what supernatural act inside a well could rid us of this all-encompassing, thousand-year-old phenomenon! Something new will be added by mr. Sanderson, I don't think we'll go through the 750 pages of the Hero of Ages fighting against a Mist!

Indeed, let's pay hommage to the two bravest men, Dockson and Clubs... I was so sorry to see them go, they were both amazing warriors and trustworthy people, part of Kelsier's original gang, we've been reading about them since early July... :( And it seems I was very wrong about Breeze, he's loyal and sincere to the core, my bad...

Let's finish this!

message 3: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Kennedy | 92 comments Mod
Dimitris wrote: "I was so shocked too: the Well of Ascension is in Luthandel? How can this be? It goes against all the lore, the text engraved on steel at that monastery of Seran, everything... Could two Terris exp..."

I LOVE the scene where Sazed is fending off the Koloss, I mean what a brave soul! Same with when Vin arrived, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for her to get there! I was okay with the insta-love for Sazed and Tindwyl, since they do have some history between them. And I liked her character a lot myself, I just felt like now wasn't the time for her to die. I feel like the third book should have expanded on her and Sazed's relationship a wee bit, considering their relationship just started. Alas, war is not kind or patient.

Yeah I totally understand your thoughts as to questioning why Elend should be king. Though the people still seem to hold some faith in him. When he was leaving, he told them he would come back to save them, and a lot of the skaa believed (though to be fair, idk what kept them from continuing to think he was just abandoning them). But I agree, if anything it seems that Vin should be made queen, especially with her being upheld as holy woman to the Church of the Survivor, and the one who dealt the killing blow to the Lord Ruler. I think it would be great if they made her Queen and ruler, though Elend would most likely end up doing all the decision making and ruling to be honest. She would basically just have her presence and trust in the people XD

I suppose Jastes was just controlling them by using their greed and ambition to be like humans, by dangling money over their heads :/

I have a feeling Sanderson's goal for Allriane is to make her a bit of a grey character. I don't think she's black or white, and is definitely very manipulative. We'll have to see in the third book, but I think she still has a lot of good in her like Breeze. I could be completely wrong though! I could see Sanderson having us trust her, then have her backstab Breeze :( Yesss we are running out of villians!!

Poor Dockson and Clubs :(

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