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Vermilion Drift (Cork O'Connor, #10)
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Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7619 comments Mod
Cork is currently a private investigator and a security consultant. In earlier stories, we got the sense that he still longed for a law enforcement role. Did you get that same sense here or something different? Has he moved on?

Phrynne | 601 comments He still enjoys it most when the Sheriff lets him be part of the official investigations.

Angela | 155 comments I feel like he's moved on. As a private investigator I think he gets to skirt with the law a lot more and he's more comfortable doing so.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7619 comments Mod
I felt like he moved on, too. And, he clearly tried to stay inbounds, though he was skirting the edges of communicating with Dross. He likes his work but clearly didn’t seem to be missing his old job.

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