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Pivot Points
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T.R. Connolly | 7 comments Here’s what Book Review Directory had to say about Pivot Points:

“The collection is most interested in relationships—in what brings people together or tears them apart, what binds them and draws them to each other—and in this department, the stories shine. Every character has something that matters to him, a relationship she wants or needs or cares about, and you get to know these people through their interactions and decisions.
Despite the differences in backgrounds, gender, and age, these aren’t primarily people who sit by and let life happen. They are faced with a moment that has or will change their life, and they generally do something about it, even if they don’t realize how significant their choices could turn out to be. The stories are very immediate and realistic, full of strong, fairly diverse characters. Each cast is different in morality, background, and personality, and the dialogue and attitudes are their own. The pacing varies, from quick and ominous to slow and thoughtful.
Ultimately, Pivot Points is a celebration of life in the Americas, from big cities to small towns, from islands to the urban “jungles.” Its tales were quick, poignant, and interesting, revealing characterization through speech and action without belabored description, exposition, or details, and its tone is optimistic yet believable. The collection will provide perfect light reading for those who enjoy contemporary and literary fiction.”
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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