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Winter (winter9) | 4554 comments This is the discussion thread for Commonwealth by Ann Patchett Chapter 6-7

Claire  (claire6452) | 685 comments I have really enjoyed these two chapters! It's good to see how Franny and Albie have come to adulthood with an understanding of their backgrounds and how they were impacted by all they experienced.

I felt really bad for Franny as she came to the realization that she really didn't belong in Leon's world, that his friends were completely happy to treat her like a servant. She deserved so much more! I think she's basically a lost soul who doesn't really know what she wants or needs from life.

It's also good to see her and Caroline getting along so much better than they did as kids. What they did for Teresa was wonderful, even though the outcome wasn't what they hoped for.

Alicia | 167 comments I really liked how the book and characters have evolved. Everything started out a little miserable, but almost all of the characters have found some sort of peace. We finally learned what happened to Cal, which is such a terrible thing for those kids to go through.

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