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message 1: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Sizemore (valerieanne84) | 2 comments Howdy, Howdy!

I just signed up for the free Audible trial (so have a credit, as I used one). I had a couple questions but as I'm new wanted to introduce myself as well.

I've been an avid reading since I was a child, all I would do is read, everywhere. People used to joke that I was never without my nose in a book. I loved it, and still love to read. As I'm getting older (I'm not old by any means but my eye-sight is getting worse. I'm completely blind in my left eye (Stage V, ROP at birth) and my right eye is getting worse every couple of years (not much, but it is). So, I finally decided to check out audiobooks. I, guess you could say, I finally got tired of making the fonts huge in an epub (as it's almost impossible to read physical books anymore, so I've donated *almost* my whole library to the.. library. lol) and hardly having anything per page lmao.

I see that members can exchange their books at any time. If I were to download a book, would I still be able to return it? There would be a very slim chance of this actually happening/wanting to do this.. but I'd like to download and listen on the actual device I would be using to make sure I like it/the narrator (so the first page or two).. as one of the main reasons it's taken me so long to join the audible/audiobooks family is because I'm very picky about the person's voice (this goes for all things, not just books).

As I'm on the trial, if I don't download the book/s I have (haven't decided on the other yet) what happens if I don't join monthly? I'm debating on if it would be best to use the Audible app itself or a 3rd party app on my phone as I'd be downloading the book.

I love all genres, woohoo. Can't wait to "meet" everybody, talk about books, e-books and audiobooks. I'm sure fun times are ahead.

message 2: by Specs (last edited Oct 23, 2017 01:10AM) (new)

Specs Bunny (specsbunny) | 427 comments Hi Valerie, welcome.
Sorry for your eyesight, it's terrible especially if you're a keen reader.

Make sure you listen to the sample before buying. When it's in your audible library after buying you can still listen to a sample before downloading.

I really like the Audible app on my phone, so I use that. You can listen to the book on your phone and still return it, even after you listened to the whole book (if you find flaws in it e.g.).

So don't worry. They will probably ask more questions if you will be wanting to return more than the occasional book, but if I understand correctly this will not be the case.

Read this forum for all tips & tricks on the Audible deals, and good luck with your audio library!

message 3: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie | 1121 comments Welcome,

I use audiobooks due to poor vision too, so I understand why you want to try them. They are really great for those of who do not see well. The cheapest method is if you buy many credits all at once. I find using the app difficult, so I use the computer and drag them over to my Iphone later. I am not terribly computer savy so others will be able to explain better than me.

Good luck.

message 4: by Jeanie (new)

Jeanie | 3277 comments Welcome to the group Valerie!
I am now blind and value audiobooks beyond anything.

Once you buy a book from Audible it remains in your Library... unless you return it. Still, many of us also take the step of downloading to a computer and then making a copy onto an external hard drive or even burning it to CD--yes, that's legal. This is a safety precaution but advisable due to computer glitches and the statement in the Audible policy that says a book can disappear.

Audible has a Platinum membership where you get 24 credits all at once and can use them any time. I have this kind of membership and usually buy so many books in a year that I have to renew it every few months! The cost of a credit using the Platinum plan is $9.56 each so each book costs lots less than the member price or a credit using the Gold Membership plan... but do pay attention and don't use a credit to buy a book that costs less in cash than your credit is worth... you can pay cash for those and twice a year there are percent off sales that might make that price even cheaper.

Be sure to watch this forum for Audible Offers and the Daily Deals to be alerted to sales and good deals.

As for devices... you aren't limited to just one. You can have up to 10 devices connected to your Audible account so a phone, tablet, computer, MP3 player... all you have can make the listening easy.

I have an Amazon Echo and listen to books using that--it streams from the cloud. The drawback is it won't play at a faster than normal rate, but it is still one good option.

Follow the Current Reads thread in this forum to see what we are reading now and you'll find lots of books to pick up immediately or put on your Audible Wish List to buy someday. If you're like me, you'll find more books than you can read in a lifetime... but that doesn't slow me down from buying them! ;P

Do listen to the sample of a book to see if you like the narrator's voice... it can save lots of aggravation. We here have a number of favorite narrators and you'll pick up on that pretty quickly.... we have high standards and don't suffer poor narration gladly. The Archives of this forum have some extensive threads on favorite narrators so you might wat to check them out.

If you need recommendations... boy have you come to the right place! There's an existing thread in the Archives with some great suggestions. If you need something specific, let us know.

Again, welcome and happy listening!

message 5: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Sizemore (valerieanne84) | 2 comments Thank you all for the welcomes! I have already added some books to my wish list actually.. :) I'm debating on using my remaining credit on one of them (a few of them are pre-order) or not. I've found a few books, that I'd like to check out the sample from but it says a sample isn't available until the book is available - even though Amazon says there is a sample available (which just says the above lol).

I'll look into the different plans, the only one I knew of was the one through Amazon, 1 credit a month for $14.95 or (sale at the moment) 100 for a year.

I'm happy to see I'm not the only one that made vision their reason/a main reason for audiobooks. Most of the people I know that read them do it because they don't actually like to read as they think it's boring or they are too busy to read yet still want to read (wow, does that make sense?).

Thank yo for all the recommendations on forum areas to check out!

message 6: by Robin P (last edited Oct 23, 2017 08:09PM) (new)

Robin P | 1063 comments Welcome Valerie! Yes, people do have some odd ideas about audiobooks (there's a whole thread somewhere on this site about how audiobooks are not "cheating".)

You are in luck as this is a golden age of audiobooks with lots of choices and great narrators. Early on it was often authors reading their own books, and with a few exceptions, that's a bad idea! And also there were lots of abridged books, because the tapes & CDs were expensive. Now almost everything is unabridged.

As far as Audible membership, I started out with the 1 credit a month for 14.95 and figured I would move to a different plan after I tried it out, since I listen to much more than that. But right away there were sales and specials. Watch this group for all kinds of deals. The best was last year some time when there was a sale that permitted us to buy unlimited credits for 6.00 each, but only 3 at a time and with a wait between them. It must have been a glitch because it only lasted for a night, but I think I bought 18 books and I've never been caught up since! I would never have known if not for this group. There are often less dramatic options, such as free classics, but they are also very worthwhile.

I have exchanged some books over the years. I am a bit unusual because I tend to exchange only those I listened to all the way through and still didn't like. Usually they were ones with a lot of hype, so I kept listening and never did like them. I felt I deserved a credit back for my time! Listening to the sample helps me a lot, as I usually know within a minute if I like the voice or not. After while, you'll find some narrators you like. If you try to exchange everything after you listen to, you probably will be required to call and explain yourself. I feel like if people take advantage of the policy unreasonably, it may disappear for everyone. But if a book really doesn't work for you, it's nice to know you can exchange it.

Reviews here and on Audible have helped me a lot to discover books I would never have considered, but loved, like The Martian.

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