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Liberty Stone | 3 comments I am hoping to get as many review as possible for new romance/ inspirational book. Please, if anyone can help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated.

It is free on amazon kindle
Life Upside Down by Jacey Rhodes

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Marie | 30 comments Please can I have a Summary and or a PDF copy of the novel for our Book Review Club

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Marie | 30 comments Please can I have a Summary and or a PDF copy of the novel for our Book Review Club send to :

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Michael Smith (michaelsmith) | 4 comments Hello, Liberty! I see you need book review for Amazon. A also need a book review for short guide "How to overcome shyness". What if we send each other a free copy and then make a review for Amazon?

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Joannes Rhino (sethlestath) | 112 comments Hi all, does anyone interest to review a book of poetry? I just published As The Rest Heal My Heart, and am looking for reviewers.
As The Rest Heal My Heart

Joannes Rhino

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Team Golfwell (teamgolfwell) | 25 comments We do free book reviews but only review books that interest us. Here is the link to our site
Kind regards,

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Julia Simpson-Urrutia (julia_au_chateau) Hello Liberty!

I love the cover image of your book and I would be willing to read/review your book but I would like a reciprocal review of The Red Sea Bride by Sylvia Fowler (my pen name). It is a memoir of following love to Saudi Arabia. Several reviewers say it has a fairy tale (dark/funny/magical) quality.

If you or anyone is interested in a reciprocal review, please message me. I can offer a pdf file.

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Brian Gates | 17 comments Julie,

I'd be interested. Email me at

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Brinn Colenda | 10 comments I need reviews for my thriller, Homeland Burning.
Short blurb:

Summer 2000: Wildfires destroy mountain watersheds and municipal water systems, breached dams release tidal waves of water to obliterate farms and towns, and stone-cold shooters target helpless civilians as international environmental terrorism comes to the United States.

USAF Colonel Tom Callahan struggles to convince a skeptical U.S. intelligence community that enemy attacks on American soil are not only possible, but inevitable.

I can send a PDF...Amazon page included for a view of the cover and some additional info...thank you.

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