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A Closed and Common Orbit (Wayfarers, #2)
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Nicole D. | 1490 comments I'm real torn. There was a lot of this book that was real interesting. But there were some things that were a real drag.

This tells the story of young (real young) Pepper and how she grew up and became the (real different) person who she is, and what happened to Lovelace after the end of book 1.

At one point I was real confused because I couldn't remember what happened to Jenks at the end of the last book. Anyway ...

The story was real good, the storytelling was real entertaining, but if you haven't caught on yet, some of the writing was "real" irritating (though deliberate.) Also, there was a bit which was so (real) disturbing to me that I fast-forwarded through most mentions of it. Unfortunately, I'd heard enough for it to stick. There was no (real) reason for it, and frankly I think it was just there for shock value.

Chambers has created a truly unique world with fun characters, but some restraint and editing would have been appropriate. Still fun though. Real fun.

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Jgrace | 2944 comments Funny, I 'real'ly didn't notice that. But, Sidra was annoying.

Nicole D. | 1490 comments Jgrace wrote: "Funny, I 'real'ly didn't notice that. But, Sidra was annoying."

Did you read or listen? I think it had to do with the narrator.

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Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7782 comments I loved the first book but I am pretty good with one and done on these. For realz.

Jgrace | 2944 comments Nicole D. wrote: "Jgrace wrote: "Funny, I 'real'ly didn't notice that. But, Sidra was annoying."

Did you read or listen? I think it had to do with the narrator."

I listened. I liked the ethical questions about the definition of sapient life, but I tired of the adolescent whining and rebellion.

Nicole D. | 1490 comments haha. Yep!

annapi | 5069 comments I liked Sidra. Sure, there were times she was annoying, but isn't any teenager when growing up? I thought it just made her more believable as a developing sentient being that was effectively reborn.

Ladyslott | 1880 comments Well I bought it when Audible was having a sale so I will 'read' it at some point.

Karin | 7202 comments I have to get to this. It is now overdue, but I am slated to read it for a challenge (a fun clean the tbr one with these cool rules for how and/or where you find them on your tbr) so have to get to it. However, my reading time has been greatly eroded this fall--busy, busy, busy.

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