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message 1: by Rose (new)

Rose (raddevlin) | 17 comments Hello, I am having trouble separating two authors who share the same pen name which is only one word in length: Yohna. We have the light novel author of The Violet Knight series and a manga illustrator.

The Goodreads Librarian Manual states that in order to disambiguate authors with the same name, you should add a space before the surname or after the middle initial/s. However, these authors do not have a surname to add spacing to. I have tried adding a space before and after the name for the mangaka but this does not seem to work. Is there something else I can do to separate these two authors?

message 2: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13731 comments Single-name authors cannot be separated.

If it concerns a GR author, they can consult with Support if perhaps an initial or last name can be added to the profile, but that is not applicable in this case.

message 3: by Rose (new)

Rose (raddevlin) | 17 comments Ah, how frustrating!

Would it be appropriate to write something to clarify that there are two authors in the Yohna profile?

message 4: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13731 comments Since the profile is not claimed, I think that is a good idea, and I also believe that is allowed.

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