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message 1: by Jay (last edited Oct 22, 2017 01:48PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Kennedy | 92 comments Mod
Wow where to begin! So many amazing scenes in Part 4!
Let’s start by talking about two of the BIGGEST scenes.

- Elend FINALLY made a move! A crazy one indeed, but I had a grin on my face the whole time when he traveled to the Koloss camp and threatened Jastes Lekal (tbh I completely forgot that Jastes was once Elend’s good friend).We can tell Elend’s training has paid off, judging by his fast reflexes when pulling the dagger on Jastes. NOT TO MENTION ATTACKING A FREAKING KOLOSS. ELEND WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Hahahaha this has to be one of my favorite parts of the book. I was waiting for something crazy to happen!
Hmmm it’s quite odd how the Koloss want to be “human” and are even accepting payment, even if the coins are fake, it’s still just so weird! What were
you expecting to be in the bags they carried on them? I was guessing that maybe it was an allomantic metal that they were addicted to like a drug XD But nope! Just wooden coins!

And then there’s Vin’s “big” move. She was convinced by Zane- how does she get so manipulated by this guy so easily? – to attack Cett and his army in the night. I know I mentioned in a previous discussion that I would have loved to see a planned assassination on Cett or Straff, but this just seemed too reckless to me. It made me question Vin’s sanity a little bit! She’s been acting a lot on her emotions and being very dramatic. I don’t understand why she let’s Zane’s words take such a hold on her. He doesn’t seem that convincing to me, all he ever says is stuff like “You’re not like them”, “Why let them use you?”, “Elend doesn’t understand you” etc. THIS GUY KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT YOUR LIFE AND RELATIONSHIP VIN, SO STOP LISTENING TO HIM. But yes, back to her attack on Cett’s army, a.k.a. Keep Hastings midnight Slaughterhouse. Wow, she has definitely become more powerful! I was impressed with her fighting prowess, albeit a tad bit surprised at her recklessness. Was she so angry just because Elend went to the Koloss camp without her knowing? So angry that she went and slaughtered a mansion full of armed men? I understand she’s coming to the realization that she can’t always protect the one(s) she loves. I’m glad in the end she let Cett and his son live. I actually felt bad for their pathetic state. This slaughter scene was definitely fun to read though!

- One last thing on Vin’s insecurities, thinking that she is not worthy of Elend. Honestly, I feel like it should be the other way around. If I was Elend, I would feel quite useless if my lover was this powerful superhuman that had to protect me all the time. I would feel like I’m a liability to this person. But Elend is a smart man, and he loves Vinso much that he doesn’t let this bother him too much. I think maybe if this pounding in Vin's head was described to be making her more emotional and reckless, then I would be able to understand more.

Later on Vin actually ends up killing Zane! FINALLY HE’S OUT OF THE PICTURE! :D

I did like the insane bastard in some ways, and even wish he was in the story a bit more, but I just disliked how his main purpose was to get in-between Elend and Vin. I was incredibly surprised to figure out OreSeur was under contract with Zane, and was the traitor in Luthadel all along!! :O
I forgive him 100% though, I mean, he was under contract but he still was willing to break it in order to give Vin the winning edge; even if it cost him immense pain, and gave up the secret as to how to control Kandra. Damn it OreSeur, you’re fantastic!

Elend and Vin are married! <3
Hopefully after things settle down they will be able to celebrate a bit more ;)
And Sazed’s plan of getting Vin and Elend out of Luthadel is on its way! Finally they are going towards Terris and the Well of Ascension! Things are getting very exciting and we’re so close to the end of the book!

A few notes I took while reading:
- Ooo some important information that Kwaan set up Rashi to kill Alendi! At least I’m pretty sure this is new info?
- Sazed saying that the crew is “unaccustomed to being defeated” is a tad silly in my opinion. They are living in a world where they have constantly been defeated and stepped on, besides their huge recent victory with overthrowing the Lord Ruler (and perhaps some gang related victories), I just don’t think it’s fair to say they are unaccustomed to defeat. I think their victory on saving and ruling Luthadel just isn’t going as planned, and that can be stressing on anyone.

- What do you think is going on with the Steel Ministry? I’m thinking the Inquisitors are hiding out in Kredik Shaw.

message 2: by Dimitris (last edited Oct 26, 2017 11:34AM) (new)

Dimitris (dimitris_lianos) This has been my favorite Part of all I've read by mr. Sanderson so far. Indeed, the two last Chapters (47 & 48) were perhaps the greatest piece of literature I've ever read!!! So intense, so deep and moving. I guess that's the advantage of a Trilogy well written, one is really immersed in it and aquires a connection with the characters.

Elend has had this self-hating attitude from the start, he didn't like being the son of cruel Lord Venture and therefore emphasized on his scholarly side - the main reason I like him so much. Since becoming romantically involved with Vin - I still don't think they're a real couple, he blushed and turned away when her breast was exposed as Sazed was stitching her up, like he was seeing it for the first time - he's been feeling "inferior" to her ultra-human abilities. I believe that even though the Terriswoman has taught him how to appear more like a king, inside he's still frail and thinks very little of himself, that's why he went against the Koloss so recklessly: he didn't care if he would die... Losing the throne to people who were but his servants a year ago has hurt him even more than he's showing...

I believe these Koloss were recently still human. That the ones who attacked those villages somehow "infected" the inhabitants and turned them, that's why they still have on them the remains of their former clothes. Could this be possible? I have no idea why they would be so easily fooled by fake coins, it was a huge let down for me, I thought they would be carrying something filled with magic and lore that would explain their existense. Moreover, these beast-like creatures shouldn't be clever (or stupid) enough to be lured and used with something so "human" as money. This is how Lekal was controlling them? What a disappointment... This took away a big part of their raw, evil, menacing presense for me, it almost equated them to human mercenaries...

Vin's inner struggles are kinda similar to Elend's, she thinks she's not worthy of him... I can understand, it's so difficult leaving your previous life behind! But they are so good for each other, they complete each other. That was my main complaint with Zane: as Jay writes, he tried to get between them. I liked his character immensly and wanted to read more of him but the fact that he fell in love with Vin and then tried to kill her was ridiculous to me. When exactly did he fall in love with her? And how was she supposed to "save" him, she barely knows what she is. Zane was doomed from the start, this demon Straff broke him beyond repair since childhood, there was no chance for him even though he tried escaping his fate so badly. And what was that steel nail piercing his body, barely coming out in the from near his heart? Was he a failed Inquisitor as well or was it a remnant of his father's tortures to Break him? Did anyone notice this? [Last page of Chapter 46] Why didn't he kill his father that final night of betrayal but allowed him to live on? Also, call me old-fashioned but a guy never attacks a girl like that, hits her, crushes her under him, what was that?! I didn't like reading these parts at all. So it was "immoral" for him killing Straff but he had no problem killing Vin? Pity...

I keep thinking that I'd want him to stay alive longer but in reality he wouldn't have been able to evolve and contribute to the story... Vin had this huge advantage, she wasn't bred and broken by her Lord Prelan father in order to assist him, she turned Mistborn more freely and "naturally", discovering her strengths with Kelsier's help. This made her unique.

Still, it's kinda sad that she now is the only Mistborn in the world (or am I wrong?) Cett never even had one, Straff just drove his own to his death... By Zane's elimination there is no other person around who can challenge her, no real need for her to obtain atium asap etc. The only things that can stand in her way are Koloss, Mist ghosts, a Well... very vague entities. This moved the plot in a way I don't like...

Indeed: Where are the remaining Steel Inquisitors? And if they should re-surface now, whose side would they take?

The most unique and unsentimental wedding in a book, ever? ;) But it was so real and honest. It saddened me that when Sazed was left alone he contemplated on it as his last gift to the two of them... He is being right to ship them off Luthandel and he shouldn't feel bad about it. No one will gain anything from their deaths. To be honest, I didn't "catch" that he was lying to them about the location of the Well up North, till he admitted it to himself in the last page of this Fourth Part. Everything he said is based on the texts, that's how I see it.

PS: Our new dog, whenever we get one, will be named Ore'seur! (thought I won't know how to pronounce that!) What a character! I hope this isn't the last we see of him. I want a Kantra spinoff series! <3

message 3: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Kennedy | 92 comments Mod
Dimitris wrote: "This has been my favorite Part of all I've read by mr. Sanderson so far. Indeed, the two last Chapters (47 & 48) were perhaps the greatest piece of literature I've ever read!!! So intense, so deep ..."

Yess I completely agree with you! I think Elend was so reckless against the Koloss because he was at the end of his rope and completely desperate. He was tired of feeling so powerless, even though he's always had such high positions. This scene against him and the Koloss is still one of my favorites in the entire book.

That's a really interesting theory you have about the Koloss being human at one point! I never thought of that! I was also a bit disappointing that it was just fake money in their pouches, though (if they aren't human) it makes sense that by watching human behavior, they've learned that money is the thing that grants the most power, and since they want to be like humans they became lured by money. But yeah, I was definitely expecting something more magical.

I wanted to like Zane as well :( At first I thought he was going to be a really interesting character, but now it just feels like he was kinda... pointless. OH THAT'S RIGHT, I forgot to write about that weird steel nail on his chest near his heart. WHAT IS THAT???? I would love an explanation at some point! Yeah I also found the excuse of Zain not killing Straff just because he was his "father" to be stupid, I mean, the man put you through so much torture, and yet you would rather kill Vin instead of him?

Oh I definitely think there's more Mistborn in the world. Sure Straff and Cett don't have anymore, but there's still other towns and I'm sure there are other nobles out with their own armies and Mistborn.

I also didn't realize Sazed was lying about the Well being in the North!

Omg that's so awesome you'll be naming your new dog Ore'seur! YES to a kandra spin-off!

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