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RP Here

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The playground is mostly used by Harry, Emma,and Regina.

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Emma sat there. She was waiting for Henry. She knew magic was fake, she was not a savior. If only he knew if only he would just get it, she thought. She would never tell him this. It would only make him sad. Emma knew she had to tell him some time soon really soon.

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Henry walked towards the park. He was carrying his book full of fairy tales that Mary Margaret gave him. He noticed someone in the park. He immediately got excited when he realized that it was Emma. He quickened his pace until he was practically sprinting towards her.

"Hi," he said, a huge smile on his face.

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"Hi, kid" Emma greeted him. "I need to talk, to you, it is important."She said, now sounding very serious.

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Henry sat down beside Emma. He was starting to get worried. It sounded like what Emma was about to say wasn't going to be as happy and cheerful as he originally thought.

"What is it," he asked.

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"You need to stop believing in these fairy tales." "Mary Margret told me that you were having some problems in school. Reading is great, Henry. It is mainly that you are getting yourself into trouble and putting yourself in danger. "

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Henry put his book of fairy tales in between him and Emma. He was disappointed but at the same time he knew that he had to get Emma to believe.

"But what about Operation Cobra?"

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Henry it was just a game. I can't play it anymore. I have a job and you have been getting into danger. Regina and I having been talking about it and she thought it would be best if you live with her for a bit.

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"It's not just a game," Henry replied, "you're the savoir."

Henry was more hurt now then he was before. He was now standing.

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"Henry just try to understand this is what is best for you"- she paused, and for me"

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"But what about what's best for all of us? What's best for Snow White and what's best for Prince Charming?"

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"Henry, I told you. Stop this"

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"I'm not," Henry replied. He was very upset. He knew though that he had to get Emma to believe.

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((oh yeah))

Emma knew she was getting aboustly no-where. " Look, I really need this to Stop, or else....."

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He picked up his book of fairytales again and opened it so it was in between Emma and him. He opened it to the page that had Prince Charming and Snow White and in Snow White's arms there was a baby.

"That's you," he said, pointing at the baby.

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((OMG so sorry!!!!!)))

Emma laughed, "I know you believe that I am some fairy tale character, kid. I am just a normal person just like everyone in this town" She explained, she knew that if Regina found out that was encougeing the odd behavior she be forced to leave, even though Emma would allow no one to force her to do anything she did think it was offaly crazy.

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(( It's alright.))

"Fine. If you don't believe in your destiny could you at the very least still agree to help with Operation Cobra?" Henry asked, knowing that he would try to get her to believe in him again later.

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