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Ella (theneverlandgal) | 178 comments Mod
Before you RP you must have a APPROVED character. You use the template below and a Mod will approve them. If a Mod says to add stuff do not think they do not like your character. It just means that they want to make it as good as possible

Fairy Tale Name: (cannot be from the claim page)

Storybrooke Name:



Good or Evil:



Face Claim:



Dominate Hand:


- Relevant for your character:

Theme Song:


Favorite Color:

Favorite Food/Drink/Desert:






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Ella (theneverlandgal) | 178 comments Mod
Thanks Kimberly for the character sheet!

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((^_^ You are very welcome!))

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Ella (theneverlandgal) | 178 comments Mod
Fairy Tale Name: (cannot be from the claim page): Anna String

Storybrooke Name: Mia Filed

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Good or Evil: Good

Family: Her mother Tressa Mingi

Appearance: Long silky black hair. Emerald green eyes. Rosey red lips. She is tall and wears a orange blouse and blue jeans. She wears her hair down so it flows beautifully.

Face Claim: N/A

Personality: She is brave and strong inside. She never stops to get what she wants and can sometimes come off well, rude. Her friends know better then that though. She is kind and loving to animals. They are the only ones she can talk to.

History: Her mother did not want a child and now hates Mia for nothing. She beats her and preforms many assorted ways of abuse. Mia can handle it though. Her father died in a fire.

Dominate Hand: Left

Pet: N/A

- Relevant for your character:

Theme Song: Rey's theme

Skills/Abilities: She is skilled with a bow and arrow.

Favorite Color: Orange and baby blue

Favorite Food/Drink/Desert: Strawberry or raspberry tart

Loves: animals, friendship bracelets, lanyards, and cat ear headbands

Hates: Pink, movies, and skirts

Hobbies: Sewing, and archery

Relationships: N/A

Nicknames: M

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Fairy Tale Name: Angel Wolfe

Storybrooke Name: Kimberly Brown

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Good or Evil: Good

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Mother: (Half Native American half Guardian)
Father: Unknown winged magical being

Job: veterinarian

Angel is 5'10. Her build is average; not skinny or in particularly excellent shape, but not heavy either. She has long shoulder length curly golden blond hair that when wet curls into tight springy ringlets. Once she learns how she might intentionally causes the style, but it's naturally a large frizzy curly lions mane of hair. If her hair were straightened it would reach down to the small of her back. She has blue eyes with a swirl of green around the pupil and specks of white scattered throughout. Her face is more round in shape, Angel’s normal attire is comfy before fashionable. She prefers dark blues and purples whenever possible. She occasionally may wear jeans, tennis shoes and whatever random t-shirt she happens to have.

Face Claim:
Melissa Benoist

Angel is a kind person, but mostly keeps to herself. Not because she won't talk, but because she would often speak her mind and cause trouble. This led her to prefer more solitude acts such as drawing, writing and singing. she loves animals and has a particular weakness towards them, she can't resist helping an animal in need or wanting to lavish affection upon them. She dreads her future, because it's not in her own hands but in the hands of others.

She struggles a great deal of anger for why people do acts of cruelty or inconsideration. Though she's always had a bit of a temper. To those who have taken the time to show her respect she gave respect in return. Many would probably think she has ADD or some kind of hormone imbalance based on how she can fluctuate from perfectly calm to crying or angry at the drop of a hat. Sometimes she says things she doesn’t mean, and her emotions can often get the best of her. It's hard to force her To do anything she doesn't want to do. Because she'll put up one heckuva fight. She's naïve and the fact that she believes most adult women are good, especially elderly people male or female. And people that have pets she's more likely to trust. But those her own age male or female she's usually wary of, especially the males though.

She can be strong willed, but she's also very naïve, she has good manners but will not hesitate to call someone out on being wrong. Her mouth continually seems to get her in trouble. But for every one time she gets her self in trouble countless others she gives encouraging words and surprisingly insightful perspectives to those she meets or sees downtrodden. on a deeper level Angel has lived a very duplicitous life, being rejected (in her mind) by her birth parents left her angry, but being cared for by Fiona made her grateful, receiving unconditional love from animals made her prefer them to human, coupled with mistreatment from her adoptive siblings. She was praised by the elderly for being curious and inquisitive, yet ostracized for being nosy and a suck up. There was a phrase that Angel learned and to this day it seems to hold true. "Damned if you do, damned if you don't." Nothing she does seems to be right which makes her second guess herself, and often make decision she shouldn't based off the perspectives she assumes others have. In truth she is a very mixed up girl who in her own way is trying to please everyone and is angered that no one ever seems happy with her.


Angel doesn't remember her life before the age of seven, she just knows being in a orphanage and being taken care of by a woman who had roughly 8 children that were not hers and three that were. The woman wasn't an evil woman like many horrible places for orphaned children, but she was incredibly strict and would keep the key around her neck on a chain limiting access to any of the pantry cabinets or food stores.

Despite this one thing the woman was very kind and not pushy about her own personal beliefs, which left the kids free to believe and do pretty much anything they wanted to do as long as they didn't wreck the house or be rude. In the end many children came and went, but Angel stayed. After three years the woman decided that she would adopt Angel herself.

Fiona was no longer ma'am to Angel, but now mom. It was insinuated that it was Angel’s inability to sit down and listen and focus that made her probably not get adopted sooner, as well as her short fuse and temper that only the most patient of people could deal with. However Fiona invested into her daughter took her to wise men, and doctors. Got her counseling and all of these things did help, but didn't cure the girl.

And Fiona being a single mom could only do so much and afford so much, and by this point her other children were teenagers. Unfortunately this resulted in Angel’s adoptive older siblings being very jealous of her attention and the money invested in the 'lost cause' as they called her. They also took to calling her names.

What Angel didn’t know was despite how problematic she was there had been many who wanted to adopt her. However Fiona stopped it from happening. You see Fiona was not just some woman, but in fact Angel’s Aunt, the girls mother had been Fiona’s half-sister and when she died they thought the child was dead as well. However the girl whos face looked like a spitting image of her half sister appeared. Fiona decided to make sure the daughter of her sister stayed within family.

The family was Native American, but not living with the rest of the tribe. Though it would seem that Angel was not blood related, she mostly took after her father, and the side of the family not related to Fiona. Except her smile, and the shape of her eyes, those were like her birth mother.

It was one summer day Fiona was contacted by her extended family that her father had fallen ill and needed someone to tend to him, the offer was given for the family to move into his house so she could be there for him.

This only made things worse for Angel as the siblings losing their friends in school now turned their pent-up aggression towards the annoying little sister they never wanted, because of this Angel barely spent any time in the house and would go visit the elders or anyone who was willing to talk with her and tell her stories. As such she gained the nickname 'story chaser' among the adults. While the nicer littler kids called her Wolfy, in keeping with Angels obvious love of anything revolving wolves. Especially the myths and legends, unfortunately her hunger for the legends in the traditions of old made her more enemies than friends among the youth. Many wondered why someone like her would possibly want to know so much and making them look bad. Not to mention with prompting from her adopted siblings it didn't take much to get a good portion of the kids to be against her. Though they really couldn't Do anything because the adults loved her. Along with the little kids.

So they decided to trick Angel by spreading a rumor about a pack of wolves that had been seen just be on the edge of the forest beyond the far reaches of the tribe grounds. True to her nickname she snuck out one night careful to stay up wind and hoped to spy on the wolves. Unfortunately what awaited her was instead of a pack of wolves a pack of teenagers. At first they said horrible things and then they did horrible things. The end result being Angel landing face first in the mud at the bottom of the steep hole. She had a dislocated shoulder and was knocked unconscious. The 13 year old was stuck in that pit for two days. The adults searched, but couldn’t find her. And she might have died of starvation (since she physically couldn’t climb out), but on the second night in the hole she sat crying, and a vine was slowly lowered into the pit. She looked up and thought she was hallucinating, but wrapped it around her midsection tied it and no sooner had she done it than she was being pulled up. To her astonishment a glowing silver wolf was her rescuer. She looked into the lovely creatures deep blue eyes, with a similar swirl of green to her own. “Thank you.” Was the only words said. The wolf moved closer, sniffing her and kissing her face, then turned and vanished into the foliage.

Angel sat there a long time before walking back to the tribe. Strangely no longer in pain and feeling stronger. Fiona though relieved and happy to see her, refused to believe her own children were involved. And as much as Angel loved her, she wasn't going to stay in a place where she obviously wasn't wanted and possibly could end up dead. Not to mention no one believed her about the wolf that saved her. She wrote a long letter to her ‘mom’ packed what she could and ran away.

By this time she was 14 and had chosen to not bother trusting anyone again. She journeyed into the wilds of the world, stole food when necessary. Still a kind person, she became known as the GuardianWolf. As she never found the silver wolf, but began to live with a pack of wolves that didn’t mind in the slightest her being human. In fact they accepted her better than any human had. She was still a kind person, but she became the protector of the Misty Woods. It was on her sixteenth Birthday that something strange happened. Invaders came to her forest and she fought to protect as she always did. However a rain of arrows was soon descending toward her and the wolf pack fighting with her. She shielded the wolves as best she could and to her astonishment as well as the intruders. Large blue translucent feathered wings sprouted from her back shielding all of them. The men screamed and ran off assuming she was some sort of Guardian Spirit or a magical Fairy that would curse them.

After that new abilities awoke within her and on her eighteenth Birthday she met the silver wolf again. “Who are you?” This wasn’t strange as she always talked to animals and felt like she understood them. The wolf stared at her not saying a word and for some reason she knew. This was her Grandmother. Her mom had only been half a member of the tribe, on her fathers side. This was why her mother had left the tribe, been shunned.

But the wolf walked forward touching her nose to the girls forehead and she knew the whole story. Yes her grand mother was a special being a forest protector, able to take human form for periods of time, but Angel’s father had not been a normal human either, but a magical winged being. Not unlike a fairy.

Unfortunately he had vanished, and her mother had died in labor. While the child, Angel. Would also have perished, were it not for her Grandmother, who imparted her powers to the child, sacrificing her ability to become human, but giving the girl the ability to survive, protected by a powerful magic until she was taken in by Fiona. This was why Angel has no recollection of her first 7 years. This wolf who was feeble in her eighty year old human body, was still strong as a wolf. It was a no brainer sacrifice.

Life for once seemed right. Except the tales of a strange and powerful winged girl, were told. The GuardianWolf who walked with a silver spirit beast of immense power. This of course brought trouble.

Time and again however she and her grandmother were victorious. Once Angel even chased off a Hunter who shot a hawk, thankfully the wing was all that was damaged and learning things from the medicine masters a she tended to the bird and help nursed back to health to this day the Hawks days watch over her and she wonders if he's a sort of spirit guide.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) P.2

Unfortunately where there is light darkness is rarely far behind. Silver, as Angel called her grandmother. Was attacked by dark beings, Angel tried to save her, but the cost was high, many wolves died, the forest burned, and Angel was badly injured. Silver did one last loving gesture. She sacrificed herself to restore the woods, heal her granddaughter and save what animals still held life.

Angel wept for days, but her troubles were not over. More trouble makers came, this time with ropes, chains, magical cages. They did not come to kill, but to capture. Capture the guardian of the forest. As Angel had only realized upon her Grandmothers death. That was who she was. It was her duty. Her Grandmother had no longer been the guardian, but the protector of the guardian. Powers lay within her that she still did not understand, as such her situation became dire and desperate.

… (more may come or be rped out)

Dominate Hand: Right

Pet: 1/2 Wolf 1/2 Husky ‘Silver’

- Relevant for your character:

Theme Song: ‘Secrets’ One Republic

Skills/Abilities: Wings, Magic, healing, combat skills

Blood Type: A+

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food/Drink/Desert: Cheese/Milk/Icecream

Loves: Animals, Storms, nature

Crowds, small confines places, total darkness.

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Drawing.

Relationships: None yet.

Nicknames: Kim, Guardian, Wolfy

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Ella (theneverlandgal) | 178 comments Mod

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((Thank you!))

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