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Winston's capture
Tamar Tamar Oct 21, 2017 02:41PM
The novel clearly states that O'Brien was watching Winston for 7 years. What alerted O'Brien to the fact that Winston was a thought criminal?

I have posited in an older thread that Winston's job exposed him to Inner Party lies and hypocrisy on a daily basis, yet he was Outer Party and, therefore, didn't enjoy any of the perks that might help reconcile his cognitive dissonance. In and of itself, this made him someone to watch. Or, perhaps, fear.

Good question... it's been 437 years since I read the book but IIRC Orwell never explains that. Maybe he wants to imply that Big Brother sees everything, everywhere, and is constantly "profiling" *everyone*...

You notice, though, that Julia makes a big display of throwing her shoe at the image of Goldstein, and then implies that so doing provides her "cover" for her subversive activities. I.e., she's implying that The State notices *everything* and continually monitors and assesses *everyone*'s attitudes for conformance to expectation, deviation, "heresy", whatever... You'd have to know what they "picked up on" seven years before, that clued O'Brien in to Winston's potential for deviancy...

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