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The Differences Between Movie Bella & Book Bella

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message 1: by Katherine (last edited Oct 20, 2017 11:47AM) (new)

Katherine I've only had brief discussions with others about the differences between Bella from the movie and Bella from the books. I wouldn't mind talking about compare and contrast of all other characters in the movies and books. Spoilers are welcomed, but please let others know so that they can enjoy the books/movies if they want to.
From my perspective, the major contrast between the movie version and the book version of Bella is personality. In the movie, her personality is completely serious and mostly dry. Even when she makes a sarcastic remark or joke, it's so lifeless. Whereas, Bella in the books was much more sassy and actually make me laugh a few times; not hysterically, but a chuckle. I also noticed how she seemed more loyal and not quite obsessed as she is in the movies. Maybe it's because we're more inside Bella's head, but she seems more reasonable in the books. However, in the movies she wasn't as...sexually charged? In one of the books (Eclipse?), she gets frustrated at Edward for wanting to wait until marriage to have sex. She ripped open her button-up shirt, and argued with Edward about the insignificance of marriage and so forth. I actually liked that they avoided that scene in the movies because it's a little cringe-y to me. I think the most obvious comparison is the physical traits they share.
I plan on reading the books again and taking note of the differences between the movies and books. I don't know when I'll get around to it and when I'll finish that little project.

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Tizzy Martin Also, movie Bella didn't blush once!!!!

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