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message 1: by Rkdelka (new)

Rkdelka | 5 comments Hi, I have a couple of covers from books that were done a while ago. I have always questioned them but never felt confident one way or the other. Now that some time has passed, I wonder if I could get some honest reviews. The intent was for them to be a combination of humor/pulp.

Do you think they do that, or are they just amateurish?

You can see both at

They are highly political, so I hope that doest affect the assessment.


message 2: by Harald, The Swimmer (new)

Harald | 387 comments Mod
Interesting! On the three linked, the humor/pulp feel comes through, especially when there's a lot going on (Attack and Zombies); less so when it a solitary Hillary in Silence. Illustrations are tough, and yeah, they're a little amateurish, but not sure how important that is. As long as they get the idea across and are enough "in your face."

The main problem with Silence of the Dems (and the visual premise is striking) is the lack of weight of the title; its way too puny and insignificant. It needs to be more like the other two. And quickly readable at small size.

Just one humble opinion for "one of the finest authors of our time."

message 3: by Rkdelka (last edited Oct 21, 2017 07:34PM) (new)

Rkdelka | 5 comments Just one humble opinion for "one of the finest authors of our time."

haha. Should I take that down? It was an actual comment from a reader--although I have to admit, it might be just a tad of an overstatement.

But, back to the covers. I am really torn. I had a couple of people say they were amateurish, wich you agreed with but arent overly concerned about as long as they convey what I want. I can fix the title on "Silence." I think you're right. With that one and the "Attack" I copied the text from the originals. It works better on Attack. I will probably beef up Silence.

But, the amateurish thing is what I am torn on. They are parodies. So, to a certain extent, I think it may matter less. If they were a more serious work it would be different. Of course, what I dont want to do is turn people away because it is not professional. My thinking was that they would be very "pulp-like" and they kind of are but I guess that is a tough genre to illustrate. So I had some freelancers I thought could do it without paying the real big bucks. I do have some all text options. What do you think of these:

message 4: by Harald, The Swimmer (new)

Harald | 387 comments Mod
On the all-text versions...

Honestly, they don't work for me. Especially "Attack." There's no feeling for me. It looks like non-fiction (even if it says "A Novel"). "Zombies" is a tiny bit better but only because the text has a bit of artistic (illustrative) something going on. OTOH, the one thing good about the all-text covers is that the titles are easy to read small. But if I think I'm looking at a dry monograph or analysis, then you've lost me.

If you're doing pulp parody, it's gotta look and FEEL like that. Go back to your cheesy art or find someone who can improve it a bit. It's a fine line between professional cheese and amateur cheese.

Helpful? (and just one opinion)

message 5: by Rkdelka (new)

Rkdelka | 5 comments Hmm. Im surprised. I was sure that the more common opinion would be that the text is better. I only assumed that because, compared to amateur graphics, I would expect to be less... amateurish.

"it's gotta look and FEEL like that"

I agree, of course. The problem is that, without spending even more money on freelancers, Im kind of stuck. I guess this is a common problem with self-publishing. You either pony up the money for having the cover done right, or you have something second rate.

message 6: by Harald, The Swimmer (new)

Harald | 387 comments Mod
Or, how about this: just upload your all-text covers and see what happens. There's really no risk. You can always change covers again whenever you want.

One more thing... I don't know what's typical for your genre, but your prices are too high IMHO. $4.99 for a 191-page fiction ebook? Drop that to $2.99 and see what happens.

message 7: by Rkdelka (new)

Rkdelka | 5 comments At the time I hit the publish button, I had read so much about pricing (most of which I have forgotten by now) But I think I settled on 4.99 because it was a happy medium between too expensive and appearing cheap.

I am certainly willing to change the price. But, for now, I dont have enough buyers or even potential buyers to know if the price will stop sales. My gut tells me "no" if only because the books are so specifically targeted to a niche. I dont think many casual buyers will come across it and buy even if .99. I really think only highly political conservatives will buy--at least thats the target.

message 8: by Rkdelka (new)

Rkdelka | 5 comments No other takers?

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