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Richard Parise | 105 comments FREE 10/20 - 10/22
Ruby's Escape
by Richard Parise
Amazon review,
"Interesting short chapter book centered on a pet white rat who seizes the opportunity of an open cage door to escape and see the world. After Heather leaves for school one day, Ruby, her pet rat, discovers the cage door ajar. Now Ruby has never been outside, but she is a determined, talented, and resourceful rat.
After deciding to make her move, Ruby avails herself of the cat's food and gnaws a hole through the screen door to escape into the back yard. There she encounters Crafty, a fellow rat, and Digger, a gopher. Ruby almost drowns in a swimming pool, gets trapped in a dumpster, and meets a group of mice living in the garage. When Heather arrives home and discovers that Ruby is missing, she and her cousins search far and wide. Does Ruby want to return to her cage? Will her hiding place be discovered?
While this book is short, it is fun and humorous. Ruby recites some clever poetry and can turn a clever phrase. Beginning readers will love the quirky plot and clever animals. Recommended especially for readers in the six to nine age range."

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J.J. Lair | 51 comments This sounded like a good story so after downloading it, I posted your notice here to my social sites. Hope this works out for you.

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Christine Goodnough (christinev-g) | 2 comments Your book sounds interesting --- and I really like your cover design! I have a grandson in that age range; will get his opinion and get back to you. :)

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