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Climate Change > Projected Warmer Winters In US - Third Year in a Row

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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling | 2001 comments Forecasters Predict Warmer-Than-Average Winter In Majority Of U.S.

message 2: by Jimmy (new)

Jimmy | 1577 comments Mod
The planet Earth just had its 400th! month in a row that was warmer than normal.

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling | 2001 comments Over the past 5 years, its been pretty easy to see. Seems to be mainly dependent on what direction the wind is blowing from. Many places with traditional winters have been warming up, shortening the cold spells during the winter months to the point where it can't stay cold all winter long, always warming up after each cold period starts. Many other places with normally mild winter seasons have been seeing increasing numbers of winter storms, but again, it is the same pattern, it doesn't stay cold, always goes back to warming up. At the same time other places are getting steadily warmer over the entire 12 months. That means that for now, until the ragtag pattern of change finally starts a smooth transition, there must be some areas where it is steadily getting colder. So far they're not showing up in web searches.

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