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♚ Prince Peter "The Voice of Reason (Cookie WIP)
Prince Alexei "The Loveable" (Lorien)
Princess Vika "The Eccentric One" (Abby)

Saphira Annabelle Diane Silver (Elizabeth)
Kenneth "Kenny" Arthur Silver (Bubbles)
Rosalind Leanne Silver (Alexandria)

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Seraphina Elizabeth Farrow (Bubbles)
Danny Castellano (Bubbles)
Tegan Beverly Lans (Elizabeth)
Laura Taylor (Max)

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Arisha Sable (Ilsa)
Aster Macklin (Ahana)
Angelica Faye Merritt (Maya)
Callan Wayland (Kya)

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Duchess Corra Lockwood (Lorien)
Lady Demetria Silverwood (Abbigail)
Valentina Talon Ruiz (kyra)
Sergei Alexander Havelock (Elizabeth)
Olivia Katarina Korina Miranova (Alexandria)

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Star Children - We are as pure as the moon itself

Leader (Ilsa WIP)

Luna Milagros Pheonix (Bubbles)

Third-in-command (open)
Apprentice (3x - one for each command operative)
Members (infinite)

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