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Books Like??? > injure or ill heroine and hero distrought

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I love to indulge in books where the heroine is either injured or ill and the hero takes care of her and is very worried for her. please please indulge me :)

message 2: by Antonella (new)

Antonella Licciardi | 10 comments Yep! I’m with you Claire!! Though it’s been a while since I’ve read one.. do you have a favourite you can recommend? I think I enjoy them as it shows the hero’s vulnerable side..

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I have loads and I always needs more: Deadly Obsession/Deadly Shadows/Deadly Ties/Deadly Secrets - all by jaycee clark

First and Only/House Calls/Beyond Affection by Abbie ZANDERS

The Mc Cabe Trilogy by Maya BAnks

Cold in the Shadows Toni Anderson

Lots of PAmela Clare's as well

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Antonella Licciardi | 10 comments I’ll have to have an exploring session and take a look at these, I haven’t read any of these authors. Are these contemporary or historical?

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these are all contemporary except the Mc Cabe trilogy

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Antonella Licciardi | 10 comments Cool! Can’t wait thank you 😊

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Any titles pls anyone?

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