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lorien | 403 comments Mod

»Please ask for a character thread to create your character.

»Only moderators can Approve characters. If a mod asks you to change a few things while you're in the process of getting your character approved, don't make it a bigger deal than it is and correct it. And mods, if you're messing around with a member's character while approving it, you will be kicked out.

»There will be a limit of ten characters.

»Please don't have all of your characters be boys or girls. Mix it up a bit. I guarantee you, it will be a lot more fun this way.

»For your history, include how they manifested their abilities or who taught them how to shapeshift

»When typing in the appearance, history, or personality of your character, don't give it bullet point sentences. Type out well thought sentences that talk about your character smoothly. A paragraph will suffice for any of these three.
Don't: Emerald green eyes, long neck, delicate
Do: Mari, belonging to the royal family, inherited the traditional green eyes along with a slender neck and graceful features.

»For appearance, include what it is they wear, where are their weapons located (if any), as well as if they'll have any indication of what side they're on.

»For your history, write it out at least three paragraphs. Think about it, you could write your whol ife using more than three paragraphs, the same goes for your character. Be detailed!

»Above your character sheet, please add whether he or she is ready to be approved or if you are working on them.

»Include everything that is on the template. Anything else you may want to add, is up to you.

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lorien | 403 comments Mod

»Any major plot changing rps need to be brought up to a moderator.

»While the moderators are in charge of the main plot, you members can help us too! So you have any suggestions be sure to ask!

»Keep an eye open for any available plot important characters!

»Main plot characters must be approved by a mod as well.

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lorien | 403 comments Mod

»In this group, we'll treat each other fairly. Not a single person should have to feel intimidated by the other members and we'll try to keep it that way.

»Do not make a thread without a moderators permission.

»Disobey any of these rules above more than two times, and you will be kicked out.

»I totally understand that people will want to take a break from roleplaying (because real life really is more important) because it's just too much for them or whatever but (dun dun duuun!) if you take a break for. . . two months, and you are the owner of a PLOT IMPORTANT CHARACTER, that character will be up for adoption. But please, do not be intimidated by this. We just want to make sure we can keep the plot moving smoothly. This does not apply to people who have non-plot important characters.

»Be kind and courteous to your fellow members. Remember, they are people just like you and they will not be treated like idiots.

»Please welcome new members to our group!

»Be patient with one another please. :-)

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lorien | 403 comments Mod

»This is not a super duper detailed group but please stay away from one liners. When roleplaying with someone, add in thoughts and movement with your character instead of typing:
Hattie stared at Rio blankly. "So what?"
Stay far away from using that example. If a mod sees that you're doing that, he or she will gently ask you to edit your post. Now this is not because, "Whatever us mods say go." It's better than that. When roleplaying and taking a mod's advice, you and whoever you're roleplaying with, will have more fun that way. ^.^

»When roleplaying, at least reply with a paragraph (i.e. 4 - 5 sentences)

»When talking out of character, put your question or statement in brackets like ((this)).

»If you know something is about to happen but your character does not, don't suddenly add in something that he or she did not Roleplay about. It'll just make things tricky and complicated if you do.

»At least reply back with a paragraph.

»All romances must between a male and female

»If you're waiting patiently for someone to reply back to you, please wait a week and then remind them to reply. People are busy so they may not have the time to reply back. And besides, nothing's more annoying than having constant reminders every ten minutes.

»Absolutely NO power play. This is where you control the other person's character without their permission. Let your roleplaying partner decide whether or not they got hit.

»Invincible characters are a big no no.

»Anything above PG-13 and you will be kicked out. This includes romance and violence.

»When roleplaying, write it out as though you are actually writing a story. Now your post doesn't have to be super long, but it must be engaging enough to read so other people can enjoy your Roleplay as much as you are.

»These rules will be changing constantly. So please, check this thread every so often so you're not missing out on anything.

»Sign your username below if you agree to follow the rules above. You can not Roleplay until you sign your username.

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lorien | 403 comments Mod

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