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Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy
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Heather (heathersnerdylife) | 10 comments Mod
Discussion board for the October 2017 BOTM - Because You Love to Hate Me.

Please remember to use the spoiler tag and warn if you are posting spoilers about any of the short stories in this book.


Heather (heathersnerdylife) | 10 comments Mod
So I've read the first 4 stories and this anthology is not what I expected or was hoping for.

I have to say Shirley and Jim was a welcome surprise. I enjoyed that short story a lot.

Gwen and Art and Lance is easily my least favourite. Hoping it will stay that way, because that story gave me a major headache. I also feel it lacked any true villain. It was like a bad teenage drama - too much whining not enough villainy.

What are your thoughts so far?

Shelby (shelbysosp) | 3 comments Mod
So I actually wasn’t too much a fan of Shirley and Jim. From a big Sherlock fan, I don’t think that was a good ten version of Sherlock in the least bit. They dumbed her down significantly. Jack was the darkest thus far that seemed fluid.

I actually didn’t mind Luc and Gwen and Art just because it was a quick read. While there wasn’t much of a ‘villain’, it was interesting to think - even in high school there was minor villains in the drama jungle world of teens.

I’m interested to see how the rest go. I’m onto the next story and so far I’m intrigued by the beginning of the plot.

I agree that I’m not too impressed by the stories thus far so I hope it picks up (or at least Schwab doesn’t let me down).

Heather (heathersnerdylife) | 10 comments Mod
While I agree that Shirley wasn't a great reimaging of Sherlock, compared to the stories that came before it was great. Jack was interesting, but it wasn't for me. The world of the giants ... the modernization just didn't work for me.
The one about the witches was so intriguing, but I have so many questions. Maybe I'm missing something....

Hands down The Sea Witch is the best story so far imo. Mind you Marissa Meyer is the queen of retellings. Was so happy to have a fleshed out villain backstory in this anthology. It was what I was expecting for the whole thing to be.

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