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What Rhythm do you find works the best?

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Sandra I found that, while nothing in this book was new, the 'Recreate' is probably the least practiced in our churches. What is your opinion on these rhythms? I think all rhythms should be surrounded with prayer.

Ethan West I agree that Recreate is not practiced very often or sometimes even very well in our churches. A lot of times we do one or the other. We will rest or we will create but we rarely rest in Christ and create to our full potential. That being said, when it does happen it is beautiful. My church has embraced the rhythms wholeheartedly and people are using their talents in the everyday things to bring God glory and to draw people to him. One of our people is a photographer and he is using that "re-creation" to build relationships with artists in the area and then sharing the good news with them as he works with them. I think that eating is the easiest rhythm to do because everyone eats every day. I still struggle with all of them because my heart and life still have not been fully saturated by Jesus and I am still selfish with my time and my life.

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