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message 1: by Heiko (new)

Heiko (vcdwelt) | 20 comments What about the naming of series with editions in different language.

Original Title:
Reaper's Run (Plague Wars, #1)

Translatet title:
Reapers Rennen (Plague Wars, #1)
Reapers Rennen (Seuchenkriege-Serie, #1)

which one is correct? Will the Series Name be also translated or should it stay in the original language?

message 2: by Lieke (new)

Lieke | 2284 comments The series should have the name in the original language. But on the translated book it is good to add the translated name to the title. Then when someone searches the translated series name they can find the books.

message 3: by Heiko (new)

Heiko (vcdwelt) | 20 comments Ok, that sounds good. Was also my preferred way for naming :-) Should be a good way to cover most of search query's...

message 4: by Lieke (new)

Lieke | 2284 comments What I forgot to mention is that you can put the translated series names in the series description like here:

message 5: by Heiko (new)

Heiko (vcdwelt) | 20 comments good point. Makes sense to me.

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