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Destiny Brown | 804 comments Seeking Bloggers for a Spiritual Self-Help Book
October 21st

The Principle of Oneness A Practical Guide to Experiencing the Profound Unity of Everything by Russell Anthony Gibbs
The Principle of Oneness
Winner of the 2017 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for

Best Book in Spiritual Self Help

message 2: by Karen (last edited Oct 20, 2017 09:19PM) (new)

Karen Puma (klapuma) | 4 comments Hi.Congratulations on winning the best book. My name is Karen La Puma, and I too am a spiritual self=help author with a series entitles, A Toolkit for Awakening.
I'm coming out in January with my first book, Awaken A New Myth, then following with 3 others every 3-4 months. Just thought I would connect. I am just building my platform and do not have a big list, but I would love to help you if I could. Let's stay in touch. as we have a similar genre.
Many blessings, Karen

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