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Stjepan Cobets | 10 comments Hello, Beta Redear readers,

These are just three chapters of my book in English. I'll be editing the book chapter by chapter, as finances become available. The book contains six chapters. I would need the opinion of a beta reader with which I would continue the cooperation and in the next three chapters that I should translate. If someone is interested please feel free to send me a message to my author page on Goodreads. I will be grateful for every comment about my book.

With respect,
Stjepan Varesevac Cobets

“The Dream of the Forest”
It is the year 2197 and after a great cataclysm, cities have been built above the clouds. Helen lives in one of them. While returning to her hometown, she gets in a car accident and falls to the Earth's surface. Shaman Arn saves her from certain death, healing her injuries. Helen is shocked to discover that survivors live on the Earth's surface in tribes. Arn wants to help her reach the surface’s mining facility, where robots dig raw materials for the cities. This is the only place where she can contact the authorities of the cities in the clouds. However, a tribe of cannibals attacks and kills the inhabitants of a small village through which Arn and Helen must pass. To save Helen, Arn kills two cannibals. Now Arn and Helen must flee to save their lives.

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