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message 1: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Heiner | 1 comments I am a Senior at Brigham Young University studying applied mathematics. For a year-long capstone project, I would like to analyze data from Goodreads. As I read the API terms of service, it states that data cannot be harvested or indexed without written permission. Where can I request that permission?

Thank you!

message 2: by Dmitry (new)

Dmitry | 1 comments Im rather miffed that goodreads support doesnt seem to reply to requests like this...

Its hard to make decisions to use goodreads api based on the scant documentation and no commercial support.

Hmm i guess ill have to write to kindle or something.

message 3: by Zaporojan (new)

Victor Zaporojan | 5 comments It looks like they barley check this forum at all... There are also a lot of adjustment that could be done to the API that would make it more useful but again... nobody seems to be really looking after this API.

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