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Zoe (zo-ereader) | 490 comments

What is a Book Stack Challenge?
Basically, it is small groups of members in a team who read and discuss books, record them for "points" in order to compete against other teams.
It doesn't matter if your yearly goal is to read five (5) books, fifty (50) books or five-hundred (500) books. Anyone can join! We will be balancing teams randomly (using an online generator)!

This is NOT a read-a-thon and WILL go for a few weeks, so please only sign-up if you are a consistent goodreads user and are willing to discuss books with your team mates over a period of a few months.

Goal: Read! Read! Read!

When: Starts January 1st, at 5 PM (EST Time) and goes for 3 months ending April 1st at 5PM.

How: We will take all the people who sign-up and divide them equally (randomly) into SMALLER groups.

Challenge requirements
To be a part of this challenge you need to be able to:

* Create a special shelf for the challenge for the books you are reading

*Check-in on your team's discussion thread at least once per week

* Have fun!

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Zoe (zo-ereader) | 490 comments

For reading books
Books between 100 and 160 pages (100 pages or 25,000 words is the minimum) = 5 points
Books between 161 pages and 350 pages = 20 points
Books between 351 and 500 pages = 40 points
Books between 501 and 650 pages = 60 points
Books between 651 and 800 pages = 80 points
Books between 801 and 900 pages = 100 points
Books over 901 pages = 130 points

For participating in BOTM discussion
Your team will get 20 points for every member that reads the BOTM and participates in the discussion thread

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Zoe (zo-ereader) | 490 comments

-Those people who want to keep their Profiles Private, must be willing to "Friend" their Team Captain(s), the NBRC Mod account, or one of the Moderators, to allow page count verification and to assist you if you are having difficulty with your bookshelves.

-Books must be started after the start date of the challenge to count towards the challenge

-Books must be />100 pages. For page number questions, please check with your captain who can ask a moderator for clarification.

-Audio books are allowed. (For page numbers, use the "default" GR book page numbers.)

-No graphic novels. (Sorry.)

-No little children's books less than 25,000 words.

-Any genre counts.

-Any book in any language will count, as long as it meets the criteria.

-"Re-reads" will be allowed, if it has been six months since you have read the book. This includes listening to the audio version, if you've already read the book.

-This challenge involves adding a special bookshelf to your personal GRs bookshelves other than "read." Title your new shelf "Book Stacks Challenge I"

-Please wait to be told to which Team you are assigned. It might take awhile; however, you will be able to count the books you have read from the START date of the challenge.

-Once you actually join, please check-in with your team discussion thread by posting the name of your bookshelf.

Discussion threads for each team will be in the normal Pen Pal Readers Group.

- We understand Real Life gets in the way. However, please plan to
"check-in" in some manner at least once every week. If we don't hear from you for two weeks, you may be replaced with another team member

Team Captains:

-We need people to volunteer to be Team Captain(s) whose duties include:
- Filling out a Google spreadsheet that that all members can view (we will provide you with a template)
- checking team members books read and page counts
- communicating with a Pen Pal Readers Moderator
- communicating with all Team Members
- making sure Team Members are staying active
- notifying a Mod if someone drops out
- have effective and kind (this is a game, remember) on-line communication skills to help members having trouble
- making sure Team Members belong on your team
- posting weekly status updates/reminders
- dealing with minor issues that arise
- post little challenges within challenges, if desired.

You may rotate/share these duties. We would suggest you have at least one Co-Captain.
You may have as many Captains and Co-Captains as you like.

-Please let us know, when you make a request to sign-up, if you are interesting in being a Team Captain.

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Zoe (zo-ereader) | 490 comments Sign ups are live!

Please fill out THIS FORM!

To check that your submission went through check here!

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Zoe (zo-ereader) | 490 comments

Do all the members of the team have to read the same book for the entire 3 month period?

No! Absolutely not! You can read the same books as some of your team members if that's what you'd like to do, but what this challenge is really about is setting a personal or team reading goal and meeting some fun new teammates to discuss your progress with!

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