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message 1: by Boel (new)

Boel Bermann (boelbermann) | 3 comments Hi there!

The short story anthology "Zonen vi ärvde" only has Fruktan listed as author, which is a writers collective. Is it possible for you to add the individual authors names to the title?

ISBN13: 9789187222481
Goodreads page:

Authors: Fruktan, Boel Bermann, Eira A Ekre, Malin Gunnesson, Martin Gunnesson, Erik Odeldahl, Patrick Ogenstad, Markus Sköld, Fredrik Stennek, Joel Arvidsson, Olle Söderström, Niclas Karlsson

Free League Publishing - product page:

Let me know if you need more information from me!
Would be very happy if I could get some help :)


message 2: by Boel (new)

Boel Bermann (boelbermann) | 3 comments Tim... Splaining wrote: "Working on it.

Contributors added. I left Fruktan because even though it is a collaborative it is also listed on publisher page. (Another more experienced librarian or moderator may remove if I’m ..."

Thank you so much!
That looks absolutely perfect and I think you are absolutely correct, Fruktan should most likely remain in the author list.

I appriciate it immensly, thanks a bunch :)


message 3: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 41715 comments Mod
Collective or corporate authors should only be listed if no individual authors are known. Removed.

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