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Page Numbering Requests > 978-0-679-76786-2, The Collected Works of Billy the Kid

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message 1: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (igem36) | 2 comments Goodreads lists this isbn as having 105 pages, when it actually has 121 (see link):

Sorry that I didn't put the book title in the space provided for it, but the wrong edition kept coming up.

My edition has a different cover as well; I'll start a thread about that in the appropriate folder.

Thanks so much!

message 2: by Roee (new)

Roee | 665 comments done

message 3: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (igem36) | 2 comments Thanks!

message 4: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42044 comments Mod
Reverted page count change. Not clear that applies to the edition with this ISBN and the other cover.

message 5: by lethe (last edited Oct 18, 2017 01:49AM) (new)

lethe | 13669 comments Due to a pub date change against policy (by a bot at first, in 2011), both editions had become mixed up.

This is the first Vintage edition, cover and page count:

This is the later edition, cover and page count:

Margaret, please confirm the edition number and publication date in your copy.

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