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message 1: by Muslim (last edited Oct 14, 2017 05:54PM) (new)

Muslim Alinizi (dkalinizi) Hey guys, I take a heavy interest in studying different "Christian" and Christian denominations alike. I realized that one obscure denomination I knew nearly nothing about was Seventh-Day Adventists. So, after a brief online search I found one of their churches about 20 miles away and saw that they Worship and consider Saturday the Sabbath instead of Sunday. So I thought having researched a variety of denominations that this was awfully convenient because I could do an in depth study of the religion without having to sacrifice my Sundays away from my home church. After walking in the door I was greeted by several people and went straight to their Pastors office. I told him my intent, (learning about the religion) and asked him what set the Adventists apart from other Denominations of Protestantism, he handed dozens of small little pamphlets that he said would tell me almost all I needed to know. And told me what he felt were the three main things that set Adventists apart from other denominations.

1. They observe the Sabbath on a Saturday.

2. They believe that the Present Heaven is not full but believers are currently in a State of Sleep. Same thing with the present Hell. I pressed him on this, and got out of him that they believe Enoch, Elijah, and Moses are in Heaven. When I brought up the parable of Lazarus and the Rich man he told me they interpret it allegorically so there is no Lazarus in Heaven or Father Abraham to his knowledge, and no "Rich Man" in hell.

3. The third and final point he stressed to me their belief that hell is not eternal, but that Satan, his Angels, and all who go to Hell will be destroyed after the Seventh Day-Adventists Millennial Doctrine of Christs return, which is accepted by most Evangelical Churches (Aside from Hell not being eternal, which is almost strictly a Mormon and Seventh Day Adventist belief to my knowledge anyway).

So what do you guys think? Would you classify Seventh-Day Adventist group as heretics? If so why? And do you have anymore information on the group that would help me in my so far rudimentary venture into studying this religious group? Any input would be much appreciated. Love you all, The peace of Christ and love of God the father be with you all.

message 2: by Wade (new)

Wade J. | 177 comments Thanks for such a well thought out opening statement, Derrick. Here are my thoughts ...

Although the SDA's seem to believe in the same Jesus, the citations above show just how deeply their eisegesis is. Many SDA's believe that salvation is contingent on Saturday sabbath worship. This is heretical, for sure. The soul sleep is so horrendously eisegetical and ridiculous, it hardly bears addressing. As to eternal damnation ... well ... the bible is clear about that also.

When investigating sects and cults, I've learned to search for the false prophet in the mix. For the SDA's/Adventists, it's Ellen G. White. Do your research (from non SDA sources) to see just how heretical their "prophet" was.

Almost all sects/cults/false religions will have a singular "prophet" who received a "revelation" from God and/or an angel. There is obviously no way to verify this. On the other hand, biblical Christianity was given to many people and the savior/prophet Jesus Christ empowered these people to take His message out to the world. That is verifiable and trustworthy.

Think about Islam, Mormonism, and Adventists. They all had a singular "prophet" who received their false revelation.

The other thing about SDA theology which I find so objectionable is their intense hatred for Catholicism. Although I have some strong disagreements with several Catholic doctrines, I know they worship the same Jesus as I do. There's no reason to hate Catholics like SDA's do.

The snake in the grass with SDA's lies with Ellen G. White. Check it out.

Blessings to you....

message 3: by Muslim (new)

Muslim Alinizi (dkalinizi) Wade wrote: "Thanks for such a well thought out opening statement, Derrick. Here are my thoughts ...

Although the SDA's seem to believe in the same Jesus, the citations above show just how deeply their eiseges..."

Thanks very much Wade I will definitely do an in depth study on Ellen G White, your are totally right when a religion claims they have a "Prophet" it throws out a HUGE red flag to me. Blessing to you as well.

message 4: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle Fun stuff.
Yes, look into the insanity and ridiculous claims of Ellen G. White. They won't say it - but they basically worship this nut job false prophet.

They are one step away from being a cult. The sabbath issue makes them slightly abusive... but you can still find the Biblical Jesus hidden in their swampy marsh (similar to the fringes of Catholicism).

My guess is that every denomination is running about 5% now. So you probably get as much Gospel there as you do at a lazy Mormon gathering. Even less at a Joel Osteen gathering.

message 5: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle I just heard a really good podcast from John MacArthur on why we don't consider Saturday to be the Lord's Day (or the Sabbath for that matter).
I wish I could remember it all...

Jesus rose on Sunday is a good start. I believe the New Testament church no longer held to Saturday regulations.

message 6: by Wade (new)

Wade J. | 177 comments Every day is a sabbath. The sabbath was created by God for rest. We can now rest in Jesus Christ. It's just that simple.

I agree with Rod's comments about the fringes and swampy marsh. Well said.

message 7: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle Resting in Jesus...

Very good.

message 8: by Muslim (last edited Oct 15, 2017 08:23PM) (new)

Muslim Alinizi (dkalinizi) Rod wrote: "I just heard a really good podcast from John MacArthur on why we don't consider Saturday to be the Lord's Day (or the Sabbath for that matter).
I wish I could remember it all...

Jesus rose on Sund..."

I definitely know what your referencing Rod, although I haven't listened to that particular podcast. Jesus dying on Friday and remaining dead on Saturday I've taken that to mean that if we observe the law we die with it like Christ was dead on the Lawful Sabbatical day. Living in the Gospel however we live and rise with Christ, he stayed dead on Saturday (The Old Sabbath) then rising on Sunday (Our Sabbath) so we rise with him. Interestingly enough he rose on the first day and the OT Lawful Sabbath was on the Seventh. This illustrates to me a duality between Law and Gospel namely us dying with the Law and the Law being on the last day and us rising with Christ on the First day not because we lawfully have to worship on this day, but because we want to worship and celebrate the day of our risen Lord. The law is abolished and dead just like Jesus was and out of his sacrifice came life to us and him through the Gospel. So basically if we observe the Sabbath out of ceremonial traditionalism like the Jews on Saturday we die with the Law because we think it earns us salvation, however if we observe the Sabbath out of delight for our risen Lord because we get to NOT have to, this makes a huge difference.

John 5:16-17 Now because Jesus was doing these things on the Sabbath, the Jews began to persecute Him. 17 But Jesus answered them, “To this very day My Father is at His work, and I too am working.” This Scripture is to prove my second point.

Interestingly enough I went to Strong Exhaustive Concordance and realized that the only time it says God rests like he did on the Sabbath is in Genesis 2:2. My point being this, creation at this point had not been corrupted by sin, and while the earth is imperfect and sinful God will not rest like he did in the aforementioned scripture. (God never has rested like this again since the earth has been corrupted with sin.) To conclude, yes Rod you really hit the nail on the head as far as why we now celebrate the Sabbath on the day Christ rose then on the day he remained dead, even though God never really rested again after the first Sabbath, which really invalidates the Adventists argument against other denominations worshiping on Sunday; and strengthens our position on the matter.

However, the Seventh-Day Adventists would come from the presupposition that Jesus Christ observed the Sabbath perfectly because the Jewish Sabbath started on Friday, he (slept or rested) because to the Adventist death is simply sleep or rest, and then culminating with him rising again and not resting on Sunday, they would say that this perfectly proves their point.

Sadly Wade is right about how deeply eisegetical the Adventists are starting from supposition to interpret scripture rather than scripture to interpret supposition. Thanks both Rod and Wade for adding to the discussion thus far.

message 9: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle Fun stuff eh?!

Only cults love The Law which condemns us. (Although some laws are awesome and wonderful)

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