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message 1: by Redangel333 (new)

Redangel333 | 256 comments Came across the author and the author name is not a correct one as fas as I can see. In addition this seem to be audio books. Could someone fix it?
Faith-the Van Helsing Chronicles

message 2: by Empress (last edited Oct 14, 2017 05:49AM) (new)

Empress (the_empress) Good news is author name is in the librarian change log, so changed author profile name to David Russel. Maybe it is the publisher name but at least it is not the series name. Should still be checked and edited if needed.
Found the correct name. Merged author to Simeon Hrissomallis

CDs seem to have a cast though. Worldcat has that info. (Also top review on book 1 seems to have full cast)

message 3: by Empress (last edited Oct 14, 2017 06:38AM) (new)

Empress (the_empress) Ok Done.

All books moved to Simeon Hrissomallis who is the writer of the show.
All titles changed per policy.
Removed illustrators, designers and publisher from author fields.
Format changed for ASIN associated works - As per those are all downloadable works
Editions for CD's added where those were found but they seem to stop around the middle of the series.
Covers added where found.
Links removed.

Let me know if something has been missed. Some works need their "original title field" amended but I will not do that now. :)

message 4: by Redangel333 (new)

Redangel333 | 256 comments thanks a lot!

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